How to wear a scarf in the winter? Check out the methods and styles that will inspire you!

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Sometimes, we spend hours and hours choosing what to wear in the winter, since we want to be warm but also fashionable. However, instead of focusing on what you actually have in your wardrobe or need to buy, it’s better to focus your energy on styling the different clothes and accessories. In the winter, our accessories are mainly scarfs, hats, gloves and things that will give us the cozy feeling that we all need. It’s those little details that change every year according to the trends that are important. Today, let’s talk about how to wear a scarf in the winter! What are the best ways to style it?

How to wear a scarf? Check out how to accessories in the winter!

how to wear a scarf in the winter outfit ideas inspiration

There are new ways to wear your scarves to make your look more current. We looked to influencers for inspiration. They show us that we can wear scarves any way: wrapped in the traditional way, spotted on one side only, combined with a chignon or loosely layered around the neck without wrapping it. Experiment and find your favorite way to wear them. Now let’s check out some of the most popular ways to wear it and be fashionable in the winter. All you are going to need is your favorite scarf and a pair of UGGs for the winter to be cozy and in style!

How to wear a scarf? Check out different ideas to help you find your favorite!



Unlike thin silk scarves, which are easy to tie with twists, twists and all kinds of knots, winter scarves are thick, bulky and require more care to stay beautiful. Of course, we can just throw the scarf over our necks – it will still be warm and will stand well. But it’s another matter when the details are tasteful and stylish. This video will show you many different ways to wear your winter scarf and look absolutely stunning. The good thing is that you can make so many looks with using only one scarf, which allows you to safe time and money when thinking about what to wear.

How to tie a loop scarf?

how to tie a loop scarf ideas for winter outfit inspirations easy DIY


The simple loop scarf has proven to be particularly popular and practical. This is basically a big loop. So the scarf has no ends. And although at first glance you may get the impression that there are probably hardly any design options, you will be surprised at how versatile such a model can actually be. It not only warms the neck, but can also warm the head and thus the ears as well as the shoulders – depending on how you tie the winter scarf.

how to tie a loop scarf step by step tutorial easy winter ideas outfit

The easiest way to tie this type of scarf is to wrap it around your neck, cross it in front and then pull it back over your head. This is also the perfect basis for pulling it over your head from behind like a hood or down over your shoulders. You can even tie elastic models like a normal winter scarf by first laying them twice and then from the back around your neck and over your shoulders. In the two pictures you can see some great tying and wrapping variations.

How to tie a scarf with a belt?

how to tie a scarf with a belt in the winter looks outfits inspiration

For some wrapping techniques, you can use brooches and belts as additional accessories, which not only serve to hold the scarf in place, but also decorate it additionally. Especially if you tie a scarf as a jacket, such accessories prove to be very helpful. Simply place a wide shawl or scarf over your shoulders and fasten it at the hips with a belt. A smaller cloth can in turn be wrapped around the neck, covering one shoulder. Simply pin the short end with a brooch.

how to tie a scarf with a belt ideas and techniques step by step tutorial

In order to wear the belted plaid scarf, you must first drape it over your shoulders as shown in the collage. All you have to do is add a thin leather belt at your natural waistline and you’re ready to go! The most important moment is walking down the street with full confidence, unless you want to avoid questions like “Are you wearing a blanket?”.

How to make an oversized single know plaid scarf?

ideas on how to wear a scarf in the winter and tie it tutorial step by step big knot single plaid

We always start with the plaid scarf folded into a triangle and resting nonchalantly on the shoulders. Then, we make a turn of the neck and we make sure that the tip of the triangle is oriented forward and down. Take each end of the shawl in your corresponding hand and pull them a little to lengthen them. Finally, tie the two ends together without making the knot too tight, as shown above. You’ll get a cool big bow that will not only keep your neckline warm in the cooler months but will also make even the simplest outfit look super artistic.

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Ideas on how to wear a scarf in 2023: Outfit inspiration

big fluffy pink scarf fashion inspiration ideas on how to dress in the winter to be warm

In the 2023, it is all about the colorful scarfs!

colorful scarf winter fashion 2023 ideas on how to style it pink green and blue

Bella Hadid hot pink scarf 

bella hadid pink scarf prada winter jacket how to dress in the cold and be cozy and warm

Long green scarf 

cos long green scarf how to style it in the winter fashion ideas and inspiration

Wear a colorful scarf this winter!

long scarf and uggs outfit inspiration for the winter how to dress to stay warm

Scarf and a coat: Winter outfit inspiration 

how to wear a scarf new york style fashion inspiration for the winter stay warm and cozy

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