Are Uggs still in style 2023? Let’s find fashion inspiration for the perfect winter shoes!

by Gabby

Winter is coming! Sorry, but that was a completely intended punch line from the most famous TV show! On a serious note, winter days are almost here. I am a lady who always has cold feet, and I am not afraid to say it. I have spent so many days searching for the right winter shoes, because I don’t want some regular winter boots that will make me look chunky. I want something cute, trendy, and fashionable that will match most of my outfits! Uggs are thankfully back and will rescue us this winter? Are Uggs in style in 2023? How can we style them to look like a true fashion queen? Let’s find out the answers!

Are Uggs still in style in 2023?

how to style uggs winter boots 2023 fashion trends outfit inspo

I remember in the 2000s, seeing my favorite pop stars rocking Ugg boots with almost every outfit. Back then, we only had a few models to choose from. Growing up in Canada, having these boots made my life way easier than you think. They were bulky, but they kept me warm during winter time. Are Uggs still in style in 2023? The answer is, yes absolutely! They are not only back, but they are a winter 2023 must-have item for your collection. Ugg designers came up with many new models in their collection, such as Ugg Mini, Fluff Yeah slides, Tazz Mule, etc. That makes them one of the most common fashion choices among celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, Kendal Jenner, Hailey Bieber and many others.

Why are Uggs back in fashion?

Uggs are back in fashion, since their cozy vibe can turn your outfit into this laid-back, seamless masterpiece. You can wear them with sweatpants, jeans, leggings, skirts, dresses, and even suits. You can get really creative and style them, however you like and still be fashionable and trendy. If you want some inspiration, just check the latest paparazzi pictures of your ideal celebrity. I can assure you that everybody will be wearing them in winter 2023.

are uggs still in style 2023 how to wear uggs fashion trends winter boots


What Uggs are popular now?

The most popular Uggs currently are the Tazz Mule and Uggs Classic Mini Platforms, that Bella Hadid turned into a huge trend when she was photographed in September. She escaped from the classic leggings and Uggs look and paired her Tasman Uggs with a leather jacket, slouchy socks and shorts. If you search Tasman Uggs outfits on Instagram, you will be amazed how many models are currently rocking them. You can spark your imagination with a picture or two. The Fluff Yeah Slide slippers also gained a lot of popularity recently. You can find them in so many shades, even in animal prints. The Classic Ugg boots are always a good choice, however, what we see in fashion trends is that Ugg ankle boots will be the must-have items for every “it girl”. The Disquette Slippers are also among the celebrities most worn Uggs.

uggs mini classic platforms bella hadid fashion trends 2023 winter boots

How to style Uggs boots in 2023?

are uggs still in style 2023 fashion trends celebreties winter boots trendy shoes

Styling Uggs is actually not hard at all, and it can be fun! You can create the trendiest outfits just by adding these shoes to your personal collection. The other great reason to run to the store and get them, is that keeping your feet toasty and warm during winter is very important for your blood circulation, which will help your entire body to feel comfortable. Now let’s see some of the best Uggs outfits!

Wear them like Hailey Bieber

uggs fashion trends 2023 hailey bieber style winter shoes

Hailey Bieber is rocking the Fluffy Yeah Slide slippers with one of our must-have fashion item – a black blazer. Of course, anything that Hailey wears, we love. However, let’s talk about the star of the show here – the Uggs. They are giving this outfit this cozy, but at the same time cool and modern vibes. Combining a blazer, which is a business item with slippers is genius. It will make your outfit more casual.

How to wear Uggs Mini Classic platforms

uggs mini classic platform outfit inspiration how to wear fashion trends

These Uggs are Bella Hadid’s favorites, and you can see why! They have this classic brown boot color, and are so stylish and cute. Adding white socks will definitely make your legs look longer since ankle boots can make you look a bit shorter than you are. You want to run some errands? Or you are in a hurry for brunch with your girls? No matter what it is, these boots are the most comfortable shoes ever! On the picture you see, you can still pair them with a skirt or a dress and still look chic!

Ugg boots in sage green

trendy fashion shoes 2023 outfit inspiration cozy winter

You want to switch up the classic brown boots? These sage green Uggs are simply stunning! The sage green is very trendy this year, not only for interior design, but we see it more and more in fashion. It goes so well with beige, brown, nude, white and many other colors.

How to wear the Disquette Slippers

disquette slippers how to wear outfit inspo fashion trends

These are slippers that are made for outdoor wear. Have you heard of anything more comfy? The platform gives edge to the slipper and makes it more retro. Adding oversized sweaters and dad jeans will make you look simply in style.


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