How to look taller and slimmer? 5 magical clothing tips!

by Kremy

How to look taller and slimmer without going to the gym and avoiding a strict diet? It’s possible by making the right clothing choices! Here are 5 easy to apply tips to make your move a success. Don’t thank us, we love to please you!

How to look taller and slimmer? 5 clothing tips to follow!


Dressing is of utmost importance to look taller and slimmer. Indeed, it is your ability to choose the right pants or dress that will make the difference. Moreover, the way you wear them will play an undeniable role in this quest. Here are 5 clothing tips that should meet your expectations!

Choose the right materials and the right cuts

jeans with pockets on the buttocks trend 2022


First of all, avoid thick fabrics, as they tend to increase the volumes, and therefore, to enlarge. In this case, try to avoid satin and velvet. On the other hand, light and fluid materials such as silk, cotton, muslin or wool will make you look slimmer. In addition, the choice of the cut is essential when you want to look slimmer. The safe bet is high waist and pleated pieces. Also, banish tops that are too short, too tight or too wide.

How to look taller and slimmer 5 magical clothing tps

To refine your legs, the important thing is your pants! Finally, it is cut once again! Here are 3 suggestions:

  • flared jeans (flared at the bottom) which make legs longer
  • tapered pants
  • jeans with pockets on the buttocks to slim the hips

Wear heels to elongate your silhouette

wear heels to look slimmer

Our little secret for getting a slimmer figure? Heels! Heels are great for slimming and lengthening your legs. Choose them with spikes. Be reasonable, choose a height that you are comfortable walking with. Also, forget about shoes that are too thin: they will unbalance your entire line. As a general rule, according to fashionable women, the equation is: 1 cm = 1 kilo less. Not bad, right?

Bet on jewelry

wear dangling earrings to stretch the face

Jewelry is an accessory that can draw the eye to your favorite parts of your body. Choose small bracelets, a short or long necklace, taking care not to add volume. Dangling earrings for example will stretch your face. The main thing is not to overdo it!

How to look taller and slimmer? Wear a belt!

go for a belt to look slimmer 2022

This is the simple yet essential trick to look slimmer: the belt. It will allow you to draw attention to your waist. To succeed, choose a belt that is wide enough. Thus, it will cover your belly. In the same line, the belted trench coat is an essential piece in the wardrobe of all women. For the plump ones among us, tie it in the back instead of wearing it on the front. Result guaranteed!

What is the color that makes the silhouette slimmer?

red dress to look slimmer

You know: “white that grows” and the “black that thins”. Indeed, black has been the reference color for generations when we want to wear clothes that slim our body. Also, here is a small list of colors that can fulfill this role:

  • brown
  • anthracite grey
  • Grey blue
  • chocolate
  • candied chestnut
  • deep blue
  • midnight blue

However, in 2022, the situation would no longer be so clear. One color is making an unusual entrance and that makes us happy: red. Indeed, it brings a real touch of cheerfulness and seduction that black is not always able to offer. This color is on the rise and this in all its vibrant tones: carmine, mango or garnet, let yourself be tempted! To make sure it works, we recommend combining black and red. For this purpose, opt for black clothes on the areas such as the buttocks and thighs, and play with red at the neckline and bust. You will thus emphasize your chest. Finally, we recommend the long red dress, heart or straight neckline, which in addition to refining your silhouette will also wreak havoc on your way.



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