Headband Hairstyles – Trendy Hair Accessories for Any Occasion

by Kremy

Headband hairstyles are the simplest and easiest way to style your hair. Headbands can be used for any hair length – short, medium, long and will look equally good. This original hair accessory will suit any type of face, any haircut and any style.

Kate Middleton Headband Hairstyles Trendy Hair Accessories for Any Occasion

Girls and women from ancient times have been trying to improve their appearance, inventing more and more new ways to distinguish themselves. Hair has always been one of the most attractive accents. In search of perfection, a lot of hair accessories were invented – hairpins, elastic bands, headbands, etc. One of the simplest, but effective things has been and remains the headband. Due to its softness and flexibility, it is able to transform any hair, make a woman look more feminine and tender. The right headband hairstyle will create the most unique and romantic look.

Headband Hairstyles for Everyday and for Special Occasions

Headband Hairstyles for Everyday or Special Occasions


Headbands are suitable for all occasions. It will enliven your outfit for a social event, pool or garden party with friends. It is up to you whether you accessorize your hair with thick, thin or decorated headbands. Wide fabrics are ideal during the day, the more decorated ones for evening events.

Basically, absolutely any hairstyle can be styled with these trendy hair accessories. Most modern women prefer to wear it with loose hair. You can of course combine a headband with a classic ponytail or an updo. But make sure that you do not look like a schoolgirl or too strict.

A headband is a great way to add zest to your hairstyle. No special skills and imagination are required – just put it on over your hair. However, like any other accessory, the headband will draw the attention to the hairstyle – especially if it is a hairstyle with loose or semi-loose hair. So you need to make sure that your curls look great.

How to Choose a Headband?

How to Choose a Headband Trendy Accessories

Today you can find a huge number of different headbands. These can be headbands made of fabric, leather, lace, headbands with elastic or with metal inserts decorated with stones. You should choose the headband that you like best and that matches your outfits. Then you will look simply irresistible.

In order not to break the style, it is important to remember that headband hairstyles should correspond not only to the clothes, but also to the circumstances. For example, narrow discreet hoops are suitable for a business suit. The headband should not stand out from the general business style and draw too much attention. On the contrary, rhinestones and sequins are suitable for evening and festive outfits. Romantic headbands with flowers, ribbons, lace and bows will make a special impression.

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Trendy Headband Hairstyles – Loose Hair

Trendy Headband Hairstyles Loose Hair Jessica Alba

You don’t have to create any complicated hairstyles with a headband. You can use it on loose hair. This hairstyle is super easy, but it looks very cute. It can be done for a walk, for work and even for a holiday. However, in order for your hairstyle to be noticed, use original and bright headbands.

Headband and Ponytail

headband ponytail hairstyle rachael taylor

Add a headband to your ponytail, this is a great way to accent your face features. It can be high or low ponytail, the combination is never out of style. For a little more volume, tease your hair at the crown of your head and place the headband behind your hairline to create volume between the band and the ponytail.

High, Low or Messy Bun with Headband

High Low or Messy Bun with Headband

A low bun with headband looks classy and exceptionally elegant. This headband hairstyle is suitable for both special events and everyday styling. The low bun is versatile and you can wear it with any kind of headband.

A messy bun with headband looks casual and effortless. This hairstyle is suitable for straight, wavy and curly hairs. All you need to do is sweep your hair on top of the head, secure the bun with bobby pins and put a thin or tufted headband.

Half-Up Half-Down with Headband

Half Up Half Down Hair With Headband

Half-up half-down is among the most popular wedding hairstyles. A beautiful headband adds to the glamorous look of the bride. However, for a casual look, just split your hair horizontally at the back and make a bun. The hairstyle looks great on short, straight hair or wavy, long hair.

Headband Hairstyles – Updo

Headband Hairstyles Updo

Thin or chain headbands look awesome on updos. For an elegant formal look or as a part of a bridal look, styling an updo with a headband is always a good idea!



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