Hide a High Forehead: Tips and Tricks with Suitable Hairstyles, Accessories and Light Makeup!

by Kremy

Many women feel insecure because of their prominent forehead. The magic of cosmetic hacks as well as the magic of special hairstyles can help you if you also have a high forehead. How to hide a high forehead then?

Bangs that cover the entire forehead are not the only option for people with a big forehead. There are several fantastic hairstyles, accessories, and makeup tricks for a high forehead that will draw people’s eyes away from your face and toward your eyes, cheekbones, lips, and jawline. Read on to see our favorite options and get ready for a visit to the beauty salon.

Hide a High Forehead with Makeup

hide a high forehead with makeup

You can use optical illusions to make a large forehead appear narrower. To conceal it, you can either distract the attention from it with your hair and accessories or use a little makeup.

Contouring Is a Simple Trick

contouring is a simple trick

If you want to instantly slim down a specific area of your face, contouring is a godsend. A natural shadow created by applying a contour color or bronzer to the outer edge of the forehead visually recedes that area.

Applying bronzer (a shade darker than foundation) to the temples and hairline with a brush is a quick and easy way to achieve a healthy glow. Next, add some shimmer highlighter to the center of your forehead. You can use this method to make a large forehead look smaller.

The Right Shape of Eyebrows

Do you love bold eyebrows? Raising your face with a higher arch or larger eyebrows will make your forehead appear smaller. The shape of your eyebrows can have a big impact on how your forehead looks. Therefore, the right shape is crucial. To fill in your brows, always use an eyebrow pencil or powder that is close to your natural eyebrow color. This makes the eye area appear larger and more awake. You can further reduce the apparent distance between your eyebrows and hairline by shaping and brushing your brows into an angular shape.

Emphasize the Eyes with Makeup

New eye makeup is a quick and easy technique to create an eye-catching effect and distract attention from other things. Highlight your eyes by applying bright and vibrant makeup all over the lid and blending darker tones into the creases. Finally, apply your favorite eyeliner, kohl and mascara and highlight the brows with neutral tones.

Lipstick Is a Must

lipstick is a must

If the rest of your face is more subdued, your prominent forehead will stand out even more. Lips in a bold color, like red or cherry, attract attention. This advice is helpful in two ways. For one thing, your lips are the center of attention and not your forehead. Secondly, it will make your face more symmetrical by emphasizing the lower part.

Use Eye-Catching Accessories

use eye catching accessories

Accessories are a great technique to distract the eye from something else. Wearing big earrings, for example, balances out the face, as well as bold lips. Another way to hide a high forehead is to wear a headscarf or bandana. This way you will be modern, chic and also elegant! You should just experiment with different bandana hairstyles and find the right one for you.

Hide a High Forehead with Trendy Hairstyles

Do you want a hairstyle that covers your forehead and does so much more at the same time? Instantly spice up your look with the right haircut!

Curtain Bangs for Long or Short Hair

hide a high forehead with curtain bangs

Try modern bangs – the curtain bangs! They cover your forehead while drawing attention to your most beautiful facial features, especially your stunning cheekbones. Curtain bangs are universally attractive and flatter women of all ages. Whether you have short or long hair, these bangs are perfect for high foreheads.

Shaggy Hairstyle with Sassy Bangs

shaggy hairstyle with bangs

You can achieve a drastic change in your appearance by cutting your hair short or medium length. Medium-length hair with trendy layers and thick bangs suddenly make your forehead appear narrower without anyone noticing.

Naughty Blunt Bangs

blunt bangs hairstyle

This hairstyle is a bit daring and adventurous, but it is perfect for women with high foreheads: short bangs for thick hair. It is best suited for people with straight or wavy hair. If you have curly hair, you should stay away from it. And don’t forget to condition your hair to avoid dry ends.

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Try Side-Swept Bangs

try side swept bangs

Side-swept bangs are back in trend and you should try them out. These bangs are one of the easiest and most natural techniques to hide a high forehead. They are also suitable for short, shoulder-length and long hair as well as various haircuts such as pixie, bob and layered hair .

Curly Hair with Volume

curly hair with volume

This haircut with volume and curls is a real eye-catcher that immediately makes you look younger and hides your high forehead!

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