Bandana hairstyles: These are the best summer 2022 hair accessories for short and long hair!

by Kremy

A headscarf not only helps on bad hair days, but also gives every hairstyle an unmistakable swing and gives women a youthful appearance. Bandanas instantly upgrade your look, whether you have long straight hair or short curly hair. Although this fashion dates back to the 90s, we have compiled the following bandana hairstyles that still look brand new and are modern right now. Just choose a hair accessory and a styling that suits any occasion and instantly grab the attention!

What Is a Bandana?

What is Bandana

A bandana is a piece of cloth that you tie around your head. These hair accessories come in different fabrics, prints and shapes, so you can choose one according to your taste.

bandana hairstyles current summer trends 2022


The accessory can make you look chic and attractive!

Where Do Bandanas Come From?

Where do these hair accessories come from

The hair accessory has been around for centuries and originally comes from Asia (from the Kashmir region in the Himalayas). “Bandhnati” means “to tie” or “knot” in Sanskrit.

Bandana styling for short hair current trends 2022

The classic prints that we know from today’s bandanas go back to the prints common in the culture of Kashmir.

Bandana hairstyles – Current Summer Trends 2022

Bandana Hairstyles for Long and Medium Length Hair

bandana hairstyles for long and medium length hair


Your braids are about to get an upgrade. If you’re lucky enough to have Rapunzel-worthy tresses, we recommend making the most of your tresses with this pull-through braid that has a pretty bandana braided into it.

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Combine the Hair Accessory with a Braided Bun

hair accessory with a braided bun long hair

If you prefer braided updos, check out this ash blonde styling with bandana to her hairdo. That would be the perfect festival look!

Ponytail with a Headscarf – Stylish Ideas for the Summer of 2022

Hairstyles with bandana for straight or curly hair

We had to include this hairstyle in our bandana hairstyles article. This bandana wrapped ponytail is just what you need to feel like a model.

Ponytail with bandana ideas for summer 2022

Make your ponytail shine. Once summer arrives, you can spice up your high ponytail with a bandana, like this one.

A Braid for the Hot Summer Days

Braid for the hot days in summer

Whether you’re going to the gym, taking a walk in the park, or doing house chores, a bandana headband will keep you cool.

Bandana Hairstyles – Messy Bun

bandana hairstyles messy bun

Bandanas are your hair’s best friend on day two and are great for adding charm to an otherwise simple hairstyle, like this messy bun hairstyle.

Rockabilly Hairstyles with Bandana

Rockabilly hairstyles with hair accessory

This vintage hairstyle is for the girls who like the idea of hair accessories but don’t have enough time to bother with DIY hairstyle.

Hair accessories for summer 2022 long hair

Slightly wavy tips and a deep side parting are enough to make this hairstyle look glamorous and delightfully retro.

Simple Princess Hairstyle

Simple updo with hair accessory for summer

This princess hairstyle is ridiculously simple. Normally you would need a headband for this, but a bandana adds an unexpected and modern touch. By wrapping your hair strand by strand around a headband or bandana and pinning it up, you can easily create this adorable updo.

Glamorous Turban for Short Hair

Glamorous turban for short hair

Need a quick but glamorous short hair idea? Choose a headscarf that matches your clothes, your accessories or your makeup. Wrap it around your mane in a turban style and secure it with some bobby pins. You can forget about bad hair days forever!

Hairstyles with Bandana – Pixie Cut

Bandana hairstyles Pixie Cut

If you have a simple pixie, you can use a bandana to create some volume. Tie the scarf around your head and pull it up and back with your hair.

Bandana Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Medium length hair with accessories

This is a great hairstyle for medium length hair with a headscarf that keeps the bangs out of the face. Brush the bangs back and secure them with a wide headscarf.

Straight, Long Hair with a Bandana

Straight Long Hair with Bandana

Bandanas are your hair’s best friend and are great for adding charm to an otherwise simple hairstyle. Putting your hair back in a bandana style and leaving a strand at the front to frame your face creates a summer vibe.

Style Your Curly Haircut: Volume on Top

Style your curly haircut with a bandana

Keep voluminous curls in place with a strategically tied bandana that folds in half and ties above the hairline. We love the pink headscarf, which is of course combined with red lips here.

Bandana Hairstyles for Loose Hair

bandana hairstyles for bad hair days

This is the new best hairstyle for bad hair days. For this look, fold your bandana in half and place the straight edge on your forehead just below your hairline. Then tie the corners so that the back corner of the bandana triangle is held in place.

Bandana with Pigtails

Bandana Headband with Pigtails

There are other ways to be chic. Since the bandana is a great accessory, you can combine it with braids, curls and all kinds of long hairstyles. Try to match it with your hair color so it can really spice up your look.




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