How to Organize Hair Accessories in a Drawer? Here Are 10 Practical and Simple Ideas!

by Radost P.

No matter the type of your hair, accessories are a great way to elevate your hairstyling routine. They can enhance your personal style, as long as you choose the right ones that fit your preferences. Hair accessories come in many varieties, and this is why it is important to organize them properly. Otherwise, you will lose sight of what you have, or you may even forget completely to include it in your routine. Due to this reason, we collected cute and easy ideas on how to organize hair accessories in a drawer. So, check them out below!

10 Ideas on How to Organize Hair Accessories Properly

ideas on how to organize hair accessories no matter the type these are a great way to elevate your hairstyling routine they enhance your personal style as long as you choose the right ones

Hair accessories add interest and color to your daily hairstyles, don’t you think so? Especially when you are going to an important party or event, and you want to look your best. You can go for simpler and more neutral options or colorful and sparkling ones. There is an option for everyone that wants to experiment with their creativity while enhancing appearance. It is not a good idea to leave our accessories messy, so find out 10 ideas on how to organize them in the right way.

Don’t Throw Away Your Glass Jars

One idea is to categorize and put your hair accessories in glass jars. Then, leave them in a drawer, where little kids cannot access them. The advice is for safety measure. In this way, you will know where everything is since you will find it easily. Besides, small glass jars look really cute, don’t you think so?

How to Organize Hair Bands?

how to organize and store hair accessories simple idea is to use storage boxes with dividers that can be put in bedroom drawer categorize your items and divide them


Why don’t you re-use your old pill boxes, instead of throwing them away? These work for particularly small hair accessories, like hair bands and clips. It is best if the boxes have lids, as your items will be more protected that way.

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Box with Dividers

Another simple idea is to use small storage boxes with dividers that can be easily put into your bedroom drawer. Do not forget to categorize your items beforehand and divide them properly. This is especially practical if you possess several kinds of hair accessories, like clips, ties, and elastics.

How to Store Hair Accessories – Drawer Dividers

how to organize your hair accessories one idea is to categorize and put them in glass jars leave items in a drawer where kids cannot access them advice is for safety measure

You can create a drawer divider on your own by putting several boxes into the drawer. Each of them will contain only one category of hair accessories. Another option is to use differently-shaped and extendable containers, like the ones for your bathroom.

Use Your Glass Bowls

Similarly to glass jars, bowls are aesthetically-pleasant to look at, and they provide a great solution to storing your hair accessories. Just make sure that the bowls are small enough so that they can be conveniently placed in your drawer. In case you have a lot of items, consider a stacking organizer as it provides compactness.

Storing Your Hair Ties

how to store hair accessories how to make a hair tie stand on your own diy projects cheap alternatives to store your items the right way large collection

A hair tie stand is made from metal or plastic, and it will not take much of the space in your drawer. This organizational tool is relatively cheap and can be found in almost any store. Yet, if you want a free version, you could use your paper towel holder as an alternative.

Use a Makeup Bag

Except for your makeup, you could also buy a specific bag for your most used accessories, like clips and elastic ties. This is one of the most convenient ways to store your items, especially while packing for travel. Look for a makeup bag that has compartments so that you can easily categorize all things.

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Ice Cube Tray

how to organize your hair accessories good and simple cute organizational tools ice cube trays with lid lidded tray prevent spilling

For the small hair accessories that are easy to be lost, like mini hair clips, you could easily arrange them into small ice cube trays that can be placed in your drawer. They should have lids in order to prevent spilling everything if a tray accidentally falls on the ground.

DIY Pull-Out Drawers

Organize the hair accessories that you use less frequently into DIY pull-out drawers. In this way, you will save space for the more important stuff that you are using on a daily basis. To categorize and divide things properly, put them into different baskets or small lidded tins.

Storage Baskets

how to organize and store hair items and accessories how to organize and divide them so that you can find easily what you are looking for put labels

These are universal and you can use them for literally everything. Storage baskets can be made from different materials, so choose those that are most suitable for hair ties and clips. The advantage is that if you have larger hair accessories, like headbands, you will also have a place to store them.

To summarize, hair accessories bring positivity in our lives since they make us happy and improve our appearance. We hope that you have found inspiration on how to organize them after reading this article!

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