Garage Shelving Organization – Storage Ideas to Help You Declutter the Space

by Kremy

The garage is not just a place where you keep your car, it is also a kind of special place where you can do almost anything – from raising pets to building supercars! Garage shelving organization allows you to create a great storage system and keep all you need easily accessible.

Garage Storage Ideas – Organize Functional Zones for a Neat and Tidy Space

garage shelving organization storage ideas to help you declutter the space

At first glance it may seem like a difficult task and many people simply give up the idea to tidy and organize their garage despite the fact that they lose a lot of time searching for the right material or tool. The truth is that it is super easy to find the right place of all the stuff with proper garage shelving organization.

Generally, shelves are designed to store and organize tools and other things, allow you to use the space of the garage and save as much floor space as possible. Items sorted into shelves are much easier to find and you will always find them easily. In addition, proper organization reduces the risk of fire, because it is in garages that flammable substances are usually stored, which, if not stored properly or in proximity to other substances, can lead to a fire.

garage storage ideas organize functional zones for a neat and tidy space

For a functional organization, it makes sense to arrange separate zones. Obviously, the most important zone is the parking spot.

Another functional area in the garage is the workplace. The best option would be to purchase an inexpensive metalwork table or worktop. With the help of additional accessories and organizers like roll-out tool cabinets, trolleys and racks, you can make the workplace as convenient and comfortable as possible for work.

The garage also performs the functions food supplies and hobby accessories storage space. For example, fishing or gold equipment, seasonal items like pool inflatables, etc.

What Do You Need to Store Your Items in the Garage?

what do you need to store your items in the garage

When choosing shelves for the garage, you should take into account the available space. Some designs may be too bulky for the parameters of your garage, or, on the contrary, not spacious enough. Before choosing a model, think about what you need to store, because different types of storage systems withstand different loads. Garage shelving organization depends on you and your individual needs. Here are some suggestions that may be useful:

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Think Vertical

garage vertical storage organization ideas

Many homeowners do not realize how much space they actually have. Use the walls of your garage. Install wall-mounted cabinets and drawers, add a variety of baskets, containers, even office organizers to your shelving system. This will allow you to find a place for all the stuff that lies around.

Overhead Garage Storage

If there is not enough space in the garage, take advantage of the space under the ceiling, which is usually not occupied. Overhead garage storage is ideal for skis, bicycles, snowboards, etc.

Storage Containers Are Ideal for Organizing Your Garage Shelves

storage containers are ideal for organizing your garage shelves

Plastic containers are the perfect option for storing children’s toys, seasonal decoration, shoes, etc. They can be used as overhead storage or simply arranged on the shelves. It will be a good idea to add labels which will make finding what you need a lot easier and quicker.

Storage Baskets

Square wire baskets, rattan baskets, plastic baskets – all of these are a great option for garage storage and organization and can accommodate work tools, sports and garden equipment, etc.

Get Enough Toolboxes and Tool Storage Boxes

get enough toolboxes and tool storage boxes

Special divided containers are ideal for organizing all the screws, nails and similar small items that every DIY-er needs. Whether it is plumbing tools, electrical or anything else, such easy-to-manage kits have their place on your shelves and will help you organize your garage.

Garage Shelving Organization Ideas – Cardboard Boxes and Wooden Crates

Something as simple as a cardboard box or a wooden crate can be a real game changer. When we talk about garage shelving organization ideas you can be creative and use crates and boxes for storing almost anything.


Using buckets to organize your garage shelves is super easy. They are perfect for storing the toys of your kids. For example, you can have a bucket for water toys, a bucket for balls, etc. Label them and just grab the bucket that you need at the moment.

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