How to Store Coats in a Small Space: The Ultimate Organizing Guide

by Gabby

With the arrival of Fall, we start doing one of the most annoying things for most of us…  I’m talking about getting out the jackets, sweaters, and Autumn clothes and starting to put everything in order. Yes, but what happens when we have a lot of clothes and little space? How to store coats in a small space? How to organize and maximize our closet?

How to Store Coats in a Small Space: The Ultimate Organizing Guide

how to store coats in a small space 2023

Ladies, we all know we love to shop. Especially when the seasons are changing, we love getting new clothes to be in sync with the fashion trends. And if you have a family, we can all imagine where you store all of your Fall/Winter clothes. When it comes to the coats, they are one of the hardest things to store in a small space. We don’t want to ruin them by folding them, hence we have to hang them somewhere. Of course, the access should be easy as well. But… not everyone has these big closet spaces, where you can let your imagination and organizing skills run wild. With that being said, let’s check out how to store coats in a small space with ease, according to the organization gurus.

How Do You Store Coats in a Small Space?

First, we should start by determining what exactly do you have as a storage space. Some people have wardrobes, closet, under the bed storage, etc. If you have a small closet space, then you have to maximize the space with a few tricks that are going to help you out. These are the steps to follow and the results are guaranteed:

  • I always like to start with the Marie Kondo method, where the first step is to get rid of everything old and make space for the new clothes. Get everything out and check out coats. If there’s something that you won’t wear anymore donate it or sell it.
  • Maximizing the small space is essential. You can buy hangers for the door, where you can put small coats. For example, if you have kids, their coats can be hanged on the door. You can try adding a few more rods for the shorter coats that you can place below the long ones.
  • The hangers that you are going to use are super important! Use slim ones, that are sturdy but it will allow you to place more coats in your closet.

how to store coats what hangers to use organization skills ideas

  • Use one hanger for 2 or more coats, depending on the style. If there are coats that you are not wearing frequently, put them first on the hanger and then layer with another coat that you wear often.
  • If you have an additional wall space in your closet, you can install more rods, so you can hang more coats.

How to Store Coats in a Small Hallway?

how to store coats in a small hallway

What to do with your coats, if you have a small hallway? If you have to hang your coats right by the entrance, it could look pretty messy. If you live with your family, you can already imagine that coats will be all over the place. It is essential to find the right storage space for your small hallway. Another piece of advice is NOT to hang many coats in your hallway. Try to keep it minimalistic as possible and hang only the coat you are using basically every day. You can install more rods and use tiny hangers. If your coats are big and fluffy, don’t store them in the hallway… Your place will look dirty and messy that way.

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Utilize the Space Under Your Bed

utilize the underbed space storage bins

Even if your bed doesn’t come with an installed storage under it, you can buy bins that will be perfect for storing coats. There are do’s and dont’s when it comes to storing coats. You should NEVER use the vacuum bags and place them under the bed, because you might end up ruining all of your coats. There should be enough space for them to be folded in half. Don’t ever fold them a lot, since they might be wrinkled afterwards. Search for underbed bins that are large enough to fit the coats. You can find many models on the Internet that will go with your bed and your interior design. They are not only particle, but it will add to the ambiance of the room.

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