How to fold bed sheets using the Konmari method and save space (+ store bed linen sets compactly)

by Kremy

After giving you a simple guide how to fold the annoying (but also practical) fitted sheets, let’s keep the rest of the linens tidy in the closet as well. We shall explain how to fold bed sheets using the Konmari method, with a few tricks on how to store the bed linen sets in a space-saving manner.

How to fold normal sheets – Here are the options

How to fold bed sheets Marie Kondo method save space in the closet

Admittedly, folding a plain sheet is not exactly complicated. If necessary, you can simply spread it out on the bed, table, or floor, and then work your way step by step until you have a compact sheet sheet to put in the closet or drawer. But aren’t there a few tricks that can make the whole thing even faster and easier and maybe even more space-saving?

How to fold fold bed sheets – the classic method

Normal sheets folded on the table instructions

  • Take the two corners of one long side of the sheet in your hands and spread it apart in the air.
  • Now place one corner on top of the one in your other hand and hold it with the same hand. When folding, you can run your free hand through the sheet to the crease to tighten it.
  • With your now free hand, take the hanging end of the sheet, where two corners should also be together by now.
  • Again, line up the corners well, then grab them and fold them together with the first two corners of the sheet. You should now have four layers of fabric.
  • Keep doing this, always corner to corner, until you get a square or the desired size.

Fold lengthways and then fold over

Fold the bed sheets into strips and then fold into a square Marie Kondo method

Alternatively, you can also fold the sheets as follows:

  • Start with a corner in each hand, but this time on the short side.
  • Lay one corner on top of the other corner so that you fold the sheet in the middle. You will get a long strip.
  • Now lay the fold over the folded corners to create an even narrower strip.
  • Depending on how big the bed sheet is or how narrow you would like the fabric to be, you can repeat this step one more time.
  • Then fold one of the narrow ends inward, several times, to end up with a flat square or rectangle. Viewed from the side, the layers of fabric should have formed waves, so to speak.

How to fold fitted sheets – you can find out here.

How to fold bed sheets using Marie Kondo method (Konmari)

fold bed sheets using Konmari method from Marie Kondo roll shape

Marie Kondo is known for her practical organizing tips and she doesn’t stop at bed linen. So if you want to fold a bed sheet, you can follow Konmari method. Here, clothes and home textiles are usually rolled up, so as to be more compact and, above all, more accessible (no need to pull sheets out of a pile and mess up all the others).

How to store bed linen sets to save space?

Tuck quilt cover and pillow case into sheet

Are you in the mood for this specific bed linen, but you can’t find the right sheet color again? You can avoid this problem in the future by simply always putting the sets together (i.e. pillow cases, duvet covers and sheets). And no, we don’t mean just stacking them on top of each other, because even that way they can get messed up over time. Instead, make “packages,” so to speak. Martha Stuart demonstrates:

Option 1

First you need to fold the bed linen: fold the sheet and duvet cover according to one of the first two instructions. You should end up with rectangles or squares that are a little smaller than the pillowcase. Insert the bed sheet and cover in this pillowcase. Packed like this, place the set straight into the cupboard.

Option 2

Instead of putting sheets and linens inside the pillowcase, you can do something else. Once the sheet is folded into a strip of the desired width, place the folded duvet cover and pillowcase in the center and then enclose them with the sheet (the folding method in the second tutorial).

how to fold and tuck bedding sets in the pillowcase to save space

Option 3

Of course, the principle also works if you choose the Marie Kondo method (Konmari). To do this, simply roll up all the parts, or place the bed sheet and cover in the pillowcase first and only then roll everything.

Option 4

If you prefer to hang up the bed linen, you can do this with the whole set as well. Use one hanger per set, pre-folding the parts and then simply placing them over the hanger. Start with the pillowcase as it is shorter and could fall off easily. However, if it is at the bottom, it will be weighed down by the other pieces.


How to fold normal sheets and store in closet to save space

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