Women’s haircut 2023: We love the layered curtain bangs that flatters all faces

by Kremy

Brigitte Bardot’s signature hair style in the 70s, curtain bangs are now worn in a variety of modern ways and for every occasion. However, the retro touch still remains there to bring the charm of yesteryear to our hair. Curtain bangs  remain quite a popular choice among fashionable girls and have been causing a stir for a few months now. However, a dynamic variation of this classic cut promises to be all the rage in the weeks to come, too. I am talking about layered curtain bangs – a little-known version that has everything to please! Who is it for and how to wear it? Find out below!

Layered curtain bangs is THE 2023 women’s hairstyle!

layered curtain bangs layered hairstyles waves trendy haircut 2023

Short, long, layered… curtain bangs offers some chic variations that are always on trend. Popularized in the seventies, curtain bangs are now a fashion effect that seduces girls all over the world and even creates hybrid styles to die for. Such is the case with the Brachel cut, which not only aims to give a fresh look to manes, but also XXL volume. As you’ve probably guessed by now, it combines Brigitte Bardot’s iconic curtain bangs with Rachel Green’s (played by Jennifer Aniston) famous layered cut on the Friends series.

But today, I’m going to introduce you to the layered version which has the ability to soften the facial features and enhance the cheekbones. This 2023 bangs is characterized by longer strands that give the face some pep and will eventually blend harmoniously into the lengths. But who is it best for? Find out in the following paragraphs if you can benefit from it!

Who can wear layered curtain bangs?

layered curtain bangs medium length bob haircut bangs trend 2023


Can’t wait to wear the 2023 bangs? Here is the good news: layered curtain bangs flatter all face and hair types! Head to your hairdresser! Long or short, this remarkable bangs owes its charm to its non-structured appearance. Very easy to style, it allows us to change our look as we wish.

A real all-rounder, this type of bangs delicately frames the face and is worn rather voluminous for a very successful retro chic look. Another great advantage: it is very easy to style and does not require regular visits to the hairdresser.

Hair tip: Don’t hesitate to opt for one of our tips to add volume to your hair and thus best enhance your curtain bangs.

Layered curtain bangs tutorial in video

Believe it or not, you can cut layered curtain bangs yourself. Take a look at the video above where a YouTube user demonstrates how to accomplish this task with fairly detailed instructions. You will need hairdresser scissors and a comb. Do not use kitchen scissors, as they are sharp and not precise. Note that it is essential to cut on dry hair.

While the layered curtain bangs can be done at home without any hassle, I still advise you to visit a professional hairdresser. It’s actually the best option, because that way you don’t risk damaging your hair or ending up with a real hair disaster.

How to style your bangs?

Have you finally surrendered to the famous layered curtain bangs or are you still hesitating? Either way, it’s important to know how to style curtain bangs. Do not panic, because it is very easy and does not take much time. What’s more, there are a few different methods available to you. Traditional or layered, this year’s star bangs can be styled to your liking and look perfect in just minutes. With a straightener, with a hair dryer, flat iron or curling rollers… you’re spoiled for choice. Please check out the video above for several different ways to style your layered curtain bangs.

If you use one of the methods with heat, do not forget to apply a heat protection spray before the treatment. Also, nourishing care is a must. It is better to rely on keratin-based products to give your hair the best possible care.




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