Hair color trends 2023: Inspiring hair colors that will be in fashion in 2023!

by Anjelina

2022 is coming to an end, and everyone knows for themselves how it has been for them – good or not so much, it doesn’t really matter anymore, since there is a whole new year ahead of us! It is often the case that as the new year approaches, most people have an increased desire to make some positive change with themselves. For us women, this usually finds an expression into a desire to change our appearance, and in particular – our hair. We’re sure that if you haven’t booked an appointment at the salon yet, you will soon. We know that women are most likely to change their hair color! That’s why we thought we’d help you out by letting you know all about hair color trends 2023, so you can get some inspiration!

What will be the hair color trends 2023?

black hair with blonde highlights long wavy hair

The lifestyle of each of us requires us to have certain boundaries in mind. As a result, sometimes we have to stick to the classics, and at other times we can dare to impress with unconventional hair color. The good thing is that anything is possible and acceptable, because hair color trends 2023 allow for a wide range of choices. Interesting dyeing techniques such as money piece highlights or balayage will continue to be in fashion. Monochromatic coloring is not losing ground, either. Now let’s find out what will be the trendiest hair colors for 2023 and help women who follow closely the current trends in the beauty world.

Chocolate brown

chocolate brown hair color trending in 2023 long wavy hair


Warm chocolate brown hair color will be at the peak of popularity in 2023. Many celebrities have already said goodbye to their previous hair colors and opted for it. Chocolate is not just a dark brown tone, but a complex combination of natural shades, shine and depth. The best part is that this color will suit most women, perfectly highlighting their skin tone, while the eyes are the center of attention! Luckily, the ‘’sweet’’ palette is varied, and the options are many, so your personal hairdresser will make sure to pick the right shade for you. Chocolate hair tones captivate with their depth and shimmering beauty. Many people like their distinctly natural tone and the warmth of the undertones!

Ash blonde

Ash Blonde hair color trends 2023 medium length curled hair

The cool ash blonde hair color will be trendy in 2023. It has actually appeared relatively recently. For many decades, girls who dyed their hair blonde only got warm shades with honey and wheat tones. However, they don’t suit everyone. Fortunately, cool shades in blonde hair are now totally achievable in any beauty salon! When go for a particular hair color, the original one, i.e. the base, plays an important role. For example, if the desired color is lighter than the base color, the entire hair should be lightened initially. If you want a darker shade, you can go straight to coloring the hair. A silver shine can be achieved with all shades of blonde: dark, light, wheat, or brown. The results will vary, but each one is unique in its own way!

Pastel peachy blonde

pastel peachy blonde hair color medium length coloring trends 2023

As already mentioned, hair color trends 2023 will allow choosing classic natural colors or experiment with different shades. For example, we will see the return of the beautiful peach hair color, but in another form – pastel peach notes will be added to blonde hair. The combination is more than fabulous and eye-catching! It’s great that this trendy color is suitable for everyone, and actually, anyone can try it if they wish! Just keep in mind that it’s not advisable to dye your hair at home – it’s better to visit an experienced hairdresser who will take care of everything!

Copper red hair color

copper red color melt long voluminous wavy hair gorgeous look


Copper red hair color adds a lot of warmth to the look. It will continue to be trendy in the coming year. If you too want to say ‘’no’’ to monotone shades, the beautiful copper color is just for you. It has more gold pigments in it and is very suitable for women with cool skin tones and brown or green eyes. But even if you don’t have either of these characteristics, it’s always possible to find the right shade based on your natural look. Beauties with a darker skin tone can also choose this color, but it is preferable to just have it in the darker shades. Keep in mind that such a bright color draws attention to your hair, so it should be well-groomed, soft and always look good. Split ends will be even more noticeable, so make sure to have your hair cut regularly every 2 months.

Caramel Balayage

caramel balayage dark brown main color in fashion wavy medium length hair a-line bob

Balayage is a highlighting technique loved by everyone, and in 2023 we will see many variations, including different colors and shades. Caramel balayage is highly desired for its natural warm hues that give a flattering and modern look! Whether you curl your hair or decide to wear it straight, the color combination of dark main color and sweet caramel highlights will look just stunning!

Hair color trends 2023 – more inspiration

icy platinum blonde hair medium length bob haircut

Cherry red color

spiced cherry red color about to trend 2023 red copper hues

Caramel blonde hair

caramel blonde hair color trends 2023 long slightly curled voluminous hair

Mushroom brown

mushroom brown curly hair in layers with long bangs cute look

Gorgeous money piece highlights

gorgeous money piece highlights long wavy hair casual look

Winter white cool tones

winter white trending hair color for winter 2023 cool tones

Bronde hair color

bronde hair color brunette blonde combination eliminate brass and orange undertones


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