Wrapped gifts in checked luggage 2022: Can you wrap Christmas presents according to TSA regulations?

by Gabby

This time of year predisposes us to travel a lot. Whether it’s to check out the Christmas markets or to visit relatives who live abroad, there’s always a reason to hop on a plane and visit another country. Of course, you can’t come back empty-handed and most likely if you’re travelling over the holidays, you combine it with some Christmas shopping. If you are bringing gifts for your friends and family, where do you carry them? And the most important question is can you bring wrapped gifts in checked luggage in 2022? Today, we are going to check out what are the regulations and some of the best gift ideas to bring with you on the airplane!

Wrapped gifts in checked luggage 2022

wrapped gifts in checked luggage 2022 can you bring it on the air plane rules regulations

If you want to avoid all the stress, when arriving at airport, you have to know all the regulations and instructions when it comes to your luggage. When bringing wrapped gifts, you wouldn’t want them to be unwrapped for a further check up at the security gate. There are many things to take into consideration when traveling and bringing gifts, such as if the flights are domestic or international. How to absolutely avoid that? What are the best gifts you can bring with you? Let’s find out!

Can you wrap Christmas presents in checked luggage?

If you want to bring wrapped gifts with you when returning to your destination, it is best to carry them in your checked luggage. It is best to avoid the stress of having the TSA agents unwrap your gifts for a further check up at the security gate. This is most likely to happen and your wrapping paper and the money you spend will go to waste. To make sure your gifts will arrive safely, buy a bubble wrap and cover them really well.

can you wrap christmas presents in checked luggage TSA regulations rules gifts on air plane


Suggestions for wrapped gifts in the checked luggage

So what gifts can you bring in your checked luggage according to regulations? Let’s find some suggestions that will not give you stress and anxiety, and you will be sure that they will arrive safely.

  • Clothing and accessories – sweaters, pajamas, hats, scarfs, socks, cardigans, warm gloves, leggings, shoes, backpacks, purses, wallets
  • Traditional things from the country you are in – spices, tea gift box with different types of tea, a cookbook with all the traditional dishes, keychains, magnets, souvenirs that are not easy to break and put in a box, toys, sweets in a Christmas metal box, chocolates
  • Christmas presents – wooden Christmas ornaments, small blanket with Christmas elements, books with Christmas stories, journal or a planner for next year 2023, Christmas mug with a package of hot chocolate
  • For kids – crayons gift set, toys that are well-packed in a box, stuffed animals, books
  • Cosmetics – perfume, make up set, hand cream gift set, sheet face masks, lipstick kit
  • Others – photo frames, headphones, phone cases (they can be customized)

gifts in a suitcase check luggage carry on what present to buy for christmas and bring on the air plane

Does TSA check wrapped gifts?

If you wrapped your gifts before your flight, and you put them in your carry-on, the TSA will have to unwrap the gifts and do a further security check. Since, you already gave your time and money for the wrapping, try to avoid this stress. When packing for your return, make sure you leave space in your checked luggage, where you can put all the wrapped gifts. If you bought something that is unwrapped, you can put it in your carry-on if it fits the TSA regulations. Make sure to check the official TSA prohibit list, since if you bring a snow globe for example, the liquid inside should be less than 3.4 ounces (100 ml). Take into consideration that this applies for all the liquids in your carry-on.

does TSA check wrapped gifts how to avoid that carry on or checked luggage air plain traveling

Can you have wrapped gifts in carry-on luggage?

It is not recommended to have wrapped gifts in your carry-on luggage. Instead, you can bring them in gift bags, or gift boxes that will be easily checked by the TSA at the security gate. Another great idea is to bring your wrapping with you on the plane and wrap your gifts while flying. If you are wondering if you can bring scissors to the plane, the answer is yes. You can bring a pair of scissors and have fun while flying with the aircraft. Like that you are going to make sure that your gifts are well wrapped on your arrival, and your time on the plane will pass quickly. Make yourself a Santa’s workshop on the airplane and bring the festive mood with you!

can i bring wrapped gifts in my carry on luggage santa claus on airplane festive mood traveling TSA regulations

TSA rules to bringing Christmas gifts trough airport security

If you’re still feeling insecure and stressed about your gifts, watch this video for further explanation. There you’ll find the rules that explain what you can and can’t bring when it comes to Christmas gifts. My most important piece of advice to you is to check out the TSA’s official website very thoroughly, where you will find the prohibit list. This will ensure that you won’t have any problems at the airport when you go through security.

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