What hairstyles for dark brown hair to adapt this fall? 15+ ideas for all the stunning brunettes out there!

by Gabby

Walking into a new season, usually means we are going to get a new hairstyle trend. I personally always go through a crisis on whether I should change my personal hairstyle or not. There are so many trends to adapt this fall of 2022. For my beautiful girls that are proud brunettes, Deavita team gathered some information on the best hairstyles for dark brown hair for you to try out! Let’s see if you are going to choose one for yourself!

Hairstyles for dark brown hair to adapt in 2022

hairstyles for dark brown hair 2022 changing hair coloring trends to try

I have been a dark haired brunette my whole life. If I have to be honest, I have thought about changing that sometimes, however, I always go back to my natural brown color. It goes with everything and now it is so trendy that I would not switch it for anything. Of course, if we want some kind of change, we can always adapt a new hairstyle. It is a risk, but hey… why not? If you are a blonde who is feeling bold and want to try the dark shade, go for it! It goes with everything, and it will definitely give you a lot of fall and winter vibes. Please don’t confuse the dark chestnut brown shade to black. Chocolate shades are ideal for everyone! Let’s see some of the best hairstyles for this particular color! Some of the celebrities already tried them, what are you waiting for?

1. Straight chestnut brown hair with glossy caramel highlights

hailey bieber dark brown hair chestnut color autumn trends hairstyles


If you are wondering how to soften the look of your dark brown hair, this is the way to go. Add caramel glossy highlights to your ends, if you want to frame your face. This hairstyle goes with straight or curly hair and if Hailey Bieber is wearing it, you can be assured that it is trendy! It is also easy to maintain, and it goes with every skin tone and face shape!

2. Dark brown hair with subtle layers

dark brown hairstyle kendall jenner trends 2022 style ideas

Layers are absolutely in style right now and no matter what color your hair is, they will give it a texture and volume. Here, we see the gorgeous and classy Kendall Jenner rocking her usual dark brown hair color with some subtle layers. You can see that if you have light brown eyes or hazel eyes, this color will certainly make them stand out.

3. Dark brown hair bob

dark brown hair bob how to style it jenna dewan trends

Are you feeling bold, ladies? It is wrong to think that short hair will limit you from doing different hairstyles. Bobs are currently trending and with a good reason. They will give you this edge and make you effortlessly stunning. There are so many different bob hairstyles to choose from, depending on what you like and your face shape. The best thing here is that it will go so well with your dark brown hair. If you need to give your hair a new life, trying adapting a bob hairstyle.

4. Dark brown hair with money piece highlights

dark brown hair with money piece highlights hairstyle trend

If you want to frame your face a little bit and show your beautiful features, try money piece highlights. That is the current favorite coloring technique and many celebrities were fast to try it out. What makes the money piece highlights different from the rest? You are only coloring the front pieces of your hair with a lighter color than the rest. Try a caramel highlights or even subtle blonde, I am sure you will love it!

5. Hairstyles for dark brown hair with chestnut highlights

dark brown with chestnut highlights hairstyle trends ideas

This is one of my favorite autumnal and timeless hairstyle trends. Playing with different shades of brown will help you create this stunning chocolate glazed hairstyle. What makes it more magical is the red shimmers that will add more dimension. There are also different shades of chestnut, so you can opt for whatever hairstyle suits you most, according to skin tone and face shape.

How to maintain brown hair?

what are the best hairstyle for dark brown hair women trends

Whether you are a natural brunette, or you are dyеing your hair, a good maintenance is always necessary. If you have naturally dark brown hair, our experts suggest to use products that are silicone and paraben free. Opt for volume and shiny hair, as dark hair can look sometimes dull. If you are dyeing your hair in these chocolate shades, you should use the correct products for dyed hair. You should always apply a good hair moisturizer as hair dyes can sometimes be very drying and damaging. I always say that a good diet is also very important and that it will reflect on your skin and hair as well. You can also try to add hair vitamins to your everyday morning routine. If you decided to give yourself into the current trends and try highlights for the first time, I recommend going to your hairdresser.

Other ideas for trendy dark brown hairstyles

dark brown hair straight hairstyle trends shae mitchell how to style my hair women

Dark brown and chestnut hair bun

brunette brown hair dark bun style 2022 women trends

Dark brown hair with face-framing blonde highlights

dark brown hair with face framing highlights 2022 hair trends how to style my hair

Brown hair with lighter chestnut highlights

dark brown hair with lighter brown hightlights trendy colors women style

Dark brown ponytail hairstyle

brunette ponytail hairstyle women hair 2022 trends stylish

Brunette with a medium bob haircut

middle lenght bob hairstyle trendy hairdos for women in autumn 2022

Brown ombre with a bob haircut

brown ombre bob haircut selena gomez how to be trendy in 2022 what style to adapt

U shaped haircut with layers


u shaped haircut with layers trends ideas for hairstyle in autumn 2022 women

Dark brown with lighter brown highlights

brown hair with lighter highlights what hair trends to adapt this year women style

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