Samsung Galaxy X – look at the folding smartphone for the first time

Author: Kremena Ruseva

samsung folding screen galaxy x design

Samsung Galaxy X – the mysterious folding smartphone – has been kept a secret for quite some time yet the first images leaked and you can see what it will look like. The new concept looks a more elegant than the previous images, which we saw, probably because the display here gracefully curves around one of the sides of the smartphone. Thus, Galaxy X can be similar to a smartphone with two displays, the smaller of which is used to display application shortcuts, notifications and other relevant information.

Although rumors claim that Samsung Galaxy X will not be released within the next few months,  according to the Korean Herald, the experimental smartphone was shown just days ago during a private event at CES 2018. As per the newspaper, at the closed meeting of industry leaders, two models were shown – an inward folding and outward folding phone and the launch schedule for the device was also a presented at the meeting. The report also claims that Galaxy X is to have a 7.3-inch display, but nothing more exact is released about the launch date

The outward folding Samsung Galaxy X has been described as a “more advanced next-generation technology” although experts expect that the inward folding model will be the first one which we shall see from Samsung.


Samsung Galaxy X – the future of folding devices


samsung galaxy x price and launch date expected

The mysterious Samsung Galaxy X has been a subject of rumors and guesses for some time now. The concept received its name Samsung Galaxy X and in November 2017 when it appeared on an official support page on Samsung’s site but the page was taken down shortly after. From the patent designs and concepts it became clear that customers can expect Samsung Galaxy X to be a folding phone and tablet hybrid, yet the exact design and principle of work were not quite clear.

Samsung has shown curved and bendable screens but the public has not yet seen a truly folding option. People who follow the developments in the industry remember that in 2011 Samsung showed a prototype of a folding phone and the concept is not new to the company. The prototype impressed the public not so much with appearance but with the fact that after 100,000 folds it remained intact and only a 6% drop in brightness at the center where the actual folding action happened were registered.

The ambition of Samsung to go in the folding direction and develop the technology became official with the launch of a concept video which appeared later that year and featured a fully bendable mobile device which could fold out from a phone-sized screen to a tablet-sized one.


Is Samsung Galaxy X going to be a hybrid? Being a subject to many speculations and wild guessing, Samsung Galaxy X is expected to be a hybrid between a smartphone and a tablet. Rumours have quoted various screen sizes but obviously Samsung prefers to keep the public guessing.

In November 2017 some images appeared and showed a hinged device and instantly we saw opinions that the model will have a small cavity when folded over. Well, this is yet to be seen and confirmed after customers have the phone in their hands but certainly expectations are quite high.


Samsung Galaxy X – what to expect for the design, launch date and price?


samsung concept galaxy smartphone design launch date

Samsung Galaxy X is referred to as an unprecedented piece of smartphone technology, pushing the limits of display capabilities, and the company is likely to win the competition for presenting a foling phone.

The latest images that appeared allow us to have a look at Samsung Galaxy X although experts expect that designers may change its appearance trying to make it even more attractive. Judging by the images, the phone will be equipped with a single flexible AMOLED-screen, occupying 99% of the space on the front. The body is made of Kevlar composite material which allows the folding without the risk of damaging the device. Based on the photos, the new concept for the appearance with the curved edges gives an elegant look to the folding phone.

When folded, the diagonal of the AMOLED display is 5-inches with a resolution of QHD (2560 by 1440 pixels), while when unfolded the top mobile device turns into a tablet with an 8-inch display and a resolution of 4K (4096 by 3072 pixels) and HDR 10 technology will make the picture even more realistic.

A single main camera is located on the back and just below it there was a place for an LED flash and a couple of sensors. The usual fingerprint scanner is also located below. On the front side a speaker, a dual front camera and several sensors are located.

The price of Samsung Galaxy X, having in mind that the initial launch would be limited, is likely to be very high. Rumors quote a price tag of USD 1000 but given the fact that the phone has not been officially presented yet, any number is more of a wild guess.

Let us summarize everything that we know about the Galaxy X:

  • Possibly a smartphone/tablet hybrid with two screens instead of one (5in mobile screen and rumored 7in tablet display);
  • The device might be 4K;
  • Patented on screen hinge technology;
  • Folding screen anticipated;
  • Launch date expected 2018;
  • Limited output expected of 100,000 units at launch;
  • South Korea-only release.


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