Long hairstyles for men – fashionable and sexy ideas for your haircut

by Kremy

how to choose the right long hairstyles for men

Long hairstyles for men are not something new. Once upon a time this was common for men and almost everyone – from ancient heroes, warriors, medieval knights, and nobles of the 18th century to pirates and criminals – wore their hair long. Time changed and the symbol of masculinity changed to short haircuts and long manes were considered to be improper, rebellious and utterly inappropriate. Luckily, fashion follows a circle and men’s long hair is no longer claimed as indecent and we see many celebrities, musicians, athletes and actors wearing their hair in a variety of ways.


Long hairstyles for men – how to choose the right length?


shoulder length haircuts for men


Why do some men prefer to wear long hair? A good reason for choosing this hairstyle is the aristocratic look that it gives, on the other hand this haircut is still more or less connected with warriors (which explains the huge popularity of Vikings’ hairstyles) and at the same time this is a unique opportunity for men to express their character and individuality. Creative people also prefer long hair and we have seen many actors, musicians and artists wear it casually, even on the red carpet. Long hairstyles for men differ in length but undoubtedly, it looks incredibly attractive and sexy to many women.

trendy mens long haircuts

When choosing your hair length you should focus on several criteria:

  • Lifestyle and occupation – As far as creative people are concerned, there is little to be said I this case. But if your daily activities are in the business field and your image should correspond to the requirements of the company you need to think whether a your appearance will be appropriate.
  • Personal appearance – these would be your facial features, the shape of the head, nose, structure of the hair, etc. An experienced stylist and hairdresser should be able to give you the right advice.
  • Hair maintenance – you need to be aware that long hair always needs good care. This is something to keep in mind as your hair will require time and effort.


What are the most popular long hairstyles for men?


cool mens long hairstyles for casual look

Long hairstyles for men come in almost the same variety as women’s ones. Symmetrical and asymmetrical men’s haircuts, cascading haircuts which give hair volume and make it more vivid are among the most popular choices for men.

Shoulder length haircuts are hugely popular as well and this almost untidy appearance is the perfect choice for men who do not want any fuss in styling their hair. Shampoo and conditioner are enough to keep your hair soft and easily laid.

Undercuts, shaved sides with side-swept hair, braids, knot and buns are also a popular hairstyle for men with long hair, but they have nothing to do with the neat hairdos of women. On the contrary, men’s version is much more practical based on the simple need to remove hair from the face.

Look at the gallery and choose the style that you like best!


undercut ponytail hairstyle for men with long hair


shoulder length curly hairstyles for fashionable men

shaved side swept hairstyle for men

sexy long hairstyles for men

mens shoulder length messy hair

mens haircuts for long hair

mens haircuts fashion long mens hairstyles

long hairstyles for men with bun

long hair and beard casual haircuts for men

half up half down hairstyle ideas for men

hairstyles with undercuts for long hair men haircuts

fashionable half up half down hairstyle for men





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