Top 10 Messy Fringe Haircut Ideas for Men in 2023!

by Radost P.

Choosing a hairstyle with a fringe is great for two reasons – it emphasizes your facial features and changes the shape of your face. While this is a styling trick that truly transforms your appearance, you may still make a mistake that leads to an opposite result! For this purpose, experts say that you should consider the length, volume, and shape of your fringe before changing your hairstyle. In this article, you will find 10 ideas for messy fringe haircut that are trending in 2023. So, keep on reading to get inspired for your next hair salon visit. 

5 Messy Fringe Haircut Options That You Should Try Out in 2023!

messy fringe haircut options for 2023

Let’s be honest, choosing a haircut that truly resonates with your personal styles and values can be a real challenge! Especially when you add this to the fact that particular hairstyles are just not suitable for some face shapes and hair colors. Yet, if you reached the conclusion that a messy fringe is the perfect choice for you, you can check out the ideas below!

Edgy Option for Bold Men

edgy option for bold men


This modern and messy fringe haircut is suitable for men who prefer to express themselves and are not afraid to do so. Just make sure that you use quality hair products in order to protect your fringe.

Let The Haircut Reveal Your Personality

let your hair reveal your personality

If you have a beard, this might be the perfect haircut idea for you. You will definitely look confident in yourself and everyone will notice your new style.

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Short Brown Hair With Messy Fringe

short brown hair with messy fringe

A short brown hair with messy fringe is attractive since it puts an emphasis on your eyes and brows. Besides, this kind of hairstyle is relatively easy to style and maintain.

Stylish and Messy Fringe Haircut

stylish and messy fringe haircut

No matter your hair color or length, consider this option for your next date! I am sure that you will impress everyone around you. At the same time, do not forget that confidence is your best friend!

Trendy Hairstyle for This Season

trendy hairstyle for this season

While there are men who are wondering whether it is okay to have bangs, others just choose a tailored fit to their face shape and enjoy the benefits. With a bit of experimentation, everyone can find the right fringe for them!

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Bonus – 5 More Short Messy Fringe Haircut Ideas for Masculine Men!

short messy fringe haircut ideas

The effect that a fringe will have on your overall look depends on your face type. What experts suggest is – if you have a heart-shaped or oval face, avoid short fringe. On the other hand, a square face can be complemented with a short or angular fringe.

Overall, your choice of a messy fringe haircut depends on your style and preferences. Despite the fact that certain options are trending, you should always listen to yourself first.

Hairstyle idea for stylish men

hairstyle idea for stylish men

Light brown hair with a fringe

light brown hair with fringe

Long and messy fringe hairstyle for 2023

long and messy fringe hairstyle for 2023

Textured haircut that emphasizes your features

textured haircut that emphasizes your features

Short and messy fringe haircut

short messy fringe haircut

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