The 10 Outdated Nail Trends and What Modern Designs to Get Instead!

by Gabby

Oh, yes! We love to give you suggestions here for a new trendy manicure that will make you feel and look incredible, but… I think the time has come to talk a bit about all the nail designs you shouldn’t do in 2023! Times are changing, and with them the trends that are so different and colorful. Our experts say that a lot of them are coming back from the past too. But there are some we won’t see at least this year! Which are the 10 outdated nail trends and what modern designs to get instead? Scroll down to find out!

Find The 10 Outdated Nail Trends and What Modern Designs to Get Instead!

outdated nail trends 2023 what to avoid when doing your manicure

You are probably thinking: Well, if I like it why not? Yes, you should follow your heart even when it comes to the manicure choices. However, there are some that you should try avoiding, since they can look a bit strange in 2023… Which color nails to avoid in 2023? What nail shapes are outdated? Which are the worst nail trends? Today we are here to discuss these questions and give you the answers according to our nail experts.

Worst Nail Trends: Duck Nails

duck feet nails worst manicure trends outdated 2023


Starting off strong with the duck feet nails, which became really popular really quick… But we are going to see their downfall soon, because they look unnatural, uncomfortable, and well… too strange. People are more eager to find out how they look like, instead of wanting to try them out. These nails are also ranked as one of the worst nail trends out there, because of how hard are they to maintain.

long square nails combalt blue matte summer trends 2023

Something that you can try out instead are long square nails. If you are not a fan of the matte finish, you can do another shiny color that you like. Square nails are gaining more and more popularity lately, so you can guarantee yourself a stylish manicure design.

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Long Stiletto Nails

long stiletto nails pink manicure outdated trends 2023

Yes! Can you believe it? These nails were a trend once! I know it looks super uncomfortable and with a good reason. The long stiletto nails are one of the outdated manicure trends that we recommend you to avoid in 2023.

glazed french tip nails stilletto short summer manicure trends 2023

Stiletto nail shape can be adapted in a shorter version, if you love it so much! You see on the photo glazed French tip nails in stiletto shape, which is fashionable and great to wear in 2023!

3D Nails That You Should Absolutely Avoid in 2023

worst nail trends 2023 3d manicure stiletto shape

3D nails were one of the top hits from the past. When we discovered that we can put different decorations on our nails, we went all out! It is good to note that not all of the 3D nails are currently outdated. The only 3D manicure designs that you should avoid are the ones with too many things on them, as shown on the photo.

3d chrome nails summer trends 2023 square manicure

We present you the 3D chrome nails that you should try out in 2023! They look very fairy-like and can be adapted in different colors.

Are Melting Nails in Style 2023?

melting nails 2023 outdated manicure trends

Melting nails were very popular especially during Summer, because they remind us of melting ice cream. I admit that even I have tried them maybe once. Unfortunately, they are no longer in style in 2023!

abstract nail designs 2023 ideas summer trends

You like this abstract vibes that the melting nails were giving you? Then aim for something trendy like this abstract nail design. You can even try out abstract French tip nails!

Remember The Velvet Nails Trend?

velvet nails 2023 are they still in style manicure trends ideas

The velvet nails were a big trend, almost as big as the Hailey Bieber glazed donut nails. However, our nail experts say that for now in 2023, they are not going to return.

pink chrome nails 2023 summer manicure trends

Chrome nails slowly but surely replaced the velvet manicure trend. Now, you can see many versions and colors that you can adapt in 2023. Check out the chrome French tip nails for more inspiration!

Bubble Nails

buble nails trends outdated manicure design 2023

You have to admit that these nails look scary! Thankfully the trend is now outdated and nobody wants to adapt the bubble nails in 2023!

short round nail designs 2023 cobalt blue trendy manicure ideas

Do you still like the round shape of the bubble nails? Then opt for the trendy version instead. You can adapt a short round nail design in cobalt blue that will make you stand out in the Summer.

Pom Pom Nails

pom pom nails outdated manicure designs

Yes, I know that pom pom nails might look cute at first, but they are not a trend anymore. Having big pom pom on your manicure doesn’t look and feel comfy at all!

french tip nails with pearl decoration long stiletto shape

Ask your nail artist to create this stunning version of the French tip nails with pearl decoration. You can try it out in different shapes, if you don’t like the stiletto.

Lipstick Nails

lipstick nail shape manicure outdated trends 2023

Have you heard about the lipstick nail shape? It made a boom on the Internet and the reactions were mixed. But they quickly went out of style, because, well… You can seriously hurt yourself with them. I mean, look at the weird shape!

classic red nails summer 2023 almond shape

How to make your nails look like a lipstick? Just try wearing the classic red that is truly timeless! Which nail shape to wear this Summer 2023? The answer is simple – the almond shape is the one for you!

Say Goodbye to the Pop Art Nail Designs!

pop art nail designs summer manicure ideas 2023

I know that this can be sad for some of you out there that loved the Pop Art nail designs, however, this year we are going to say goodbye to them! At least for now, they are not a trend anymore!

matte summer nail designs 2023 green and yellow manicure

How to switch it up for Summer 2023? If you still love the matte finish, try something stylish for this season. Yellow nails will be a hit, but adding lime green will turn your manicure into a master-piece!

Pierced Nails

pierced nails ugly nail trends 2023 manicure

I understand that people love piercings, but pierced nails?! I will never understand how this became a trend, but now we will no longer see it!

aura nails summer trends manicure 2023 designs

Instead of putting real jewelry on your nails, make them look like they are one. Put tiny rhinestones that will make your hands look incredible this Summer!


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