Wednesday Addams nails 2023: Get the modern goth look with 15 Wednesday-inspired nail designs!

Written by Kristiyana Burdeva

Who hasn’t watched Netflix’s hit series Wednesday by now? The fabulous Jenna Ortega stars as Wednesday Addams from the notorious Addams family in the show, as she embarks on mysterious and troublesome adventures. The character of Wednesday has become a fashion icon to fans all over the world with her stylish modern goth look. You already have her signature long black braids and polka-dot dresses, but where are you without those Wednesday Addams nails? Here are 15 stunning Wednesday-inspired nail designs to get you started!

Stiletto Wednesday Addams nails

black nails designs_grunge nails

Let’s start our picks with this outstanding Wednesday Addams nails design! These stiletto nails feature an outline of Wednesday herself, and some sinister nail decorations like a spider and spiderweb. Perfect if you want to capture those creepy vibes from the show with your nails!

Classic Wednesday and Morticia nails

wednesday addams nails_gothic nails

Nothing can really beat the original! I mean, I love Jenna Ortega and Catherine Zeta-Jones, but this nail design featuring Christina Ricci’s Wednesday and Carolyn Jones’s Morticia (oddly from different versions of the franchise) is pretty tempting in my opinion. Especially with the added red sparkle and black and white decorations that greatly complement the characters’ images.

Black and white Wednesday jumper nails

wednesday addams nails_black and white nails

I mean, who didn’t love Wednesday’s chequered jumper on the show? Wouldn’t it be awesome if not only that you get a matching jumper as hers, but new nails to go with it as well? These square black and white Wednesday jumper nails are a more subtle way of showing your love for the show, and are super stylish!

Shiny black and red gothic nail design

black and red nails designs_black and red nails

Looking for something a bit more different and without decorations? You can still resemble Wednesday’s goth nail look without going for over-the-top nail art. Just look at these fabulous black and red gothic nails with a shiny finish!

Wednesday stained-glass window nails

wednesday addams nails_wednesday nails

The stained-glass window in the series was sooo beautiful. I am so glad that someone managed to capture its beauty with this stunning Wednesday-inspired nail design! I mean, really, if I had to pick out only one of these ideas, I would certainly go for this one. And your nails don’t even have to be that long to capture its beauty!

Subtle gothic black French manicure

halloween-nails_subtle gothic nails

So you want to get that trendy modern goth look, but without going full-on black? Why not give a try at this subtle, yet stylish black French manicure? The highlight of this design is definitely the black flame on the ring finger nail. You can’t go without it!

On Wednesdays we wear black nails

wednesday addams nails_goth nails

Ah yes, another Wednesday Addams nails design that I would die for! Gray, black and white perfectly capture the essence of the Addams family name. And where are we without a yet another outline of Wednesday?! I love the way the changed the classic pop-culture reference from Mean Girls from wearing pink to black on Wednesdays. Quite original!

Gothic red and black stiletto nails

gothic-black-and-red-stiletto-nails_stiletto nails designs

Chains and crosses, what’s not to like about this gothic nails design? Yet another fabulous red and black nail art featuring stiletto-shaped nails. These would perfectly go with your Wednesday-inspired outfit!

Addams family black nail art design

halloween-nails_wednesday addams nails

And what better way to capture the spirit of the Addams family, than by opting for images not only of little Wednesday, but Morticia and Gomez as well! Complemented by a bit of black sparkle, matte black and intertwined lines, this design brings out the goth in you, but is super fashionable at the same time.

Black flames design for short nails

black flames nails_short nails designs

In need of a Wednesday Addams nails design for shorter nails? I got you covered! For those girls who can’t grow too much length with their nails, or just prefer to wear them shor, opt for this black and white flames art! It’s cute, yet it brings out the dangerous in you.

Trendy gothic red and black ombre

black and red nails_ombrenails

Love, love, loveee these! I personally am more into a clean nail design, as opposed to a decorative one. And these gothic red and black ombre nails are a certain must-have! Plus, even though this is a long stiletto shape, you can easily embrace the design with shorter nails as well.

Amazing Wednesday Addams nail art

wednesday addams nails_gothic nails 2023

I mean, yes, I am more for cleaner nails designs. But I would be lying if I said that I am not astonished by once again an amazing Wednesday Addams nails art design! Here you have black and white stripes, sparkle, red embellishments, and Wednesday-inspired images. What more could you possibly want for top goth nails?

Classic black matte almond nails design

black nails_black nails ideas

Coming back to simpler nail designs, you can never really go wrong with classic black matte nails! An almond-shaped nail is my personal preference, but it doesn’t really matter which shape you go with in this case. The black matte colour would suit anyone.

Black and white Wednesday nail art

gothic nails designs_black and white nails ideas

And a Wednesday Addams nails design, that will definitely be among the top choices for most! The long coffin-shaped nails featuring a detailed black and white Wednesday-inspired art design will attract any eye to your nails. The shine gloss finish perfectly highlights the details of this stunning nail art.

Sparkly Wednesday Addams nails design

nail trends 2023_nail trends

And what about a more girly approach to gothic nails? If you want to get the Wednesday look, but with a heavier touch of femininity, opt for this sparkly Wednesday Addams nail design! It features some cute nail work of goth/emo hearts and a Wednesday outline. The touch of red surely gets the spotlight for this nail idea.

These stunning Wednesday Addams nails designs are a great way to show off your love for the show in a creative and stylish way. Whether you choose to recreate looks with the classic Addams family characters or go for a modern goth approach, I am sure your nails will stun everyone around you. Have fun selecting your favourite design girls!




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