20 Stylish and a Bit Spooky October Nails Designs for 2023

by Kristiyana

Which nail design would be perfect for the coming October month? How can you create a manicure that is both elegant and stylish, yet embodies some of the spooky and festive Halloween spirit? 20 October nails designs to rock in 2023. 

 Stylish and a Bit Spooky October Nails Designs for 2023

october nails 2023 designs

As we get ready for fall 2023 with our fresh gel nails designs in colours associated with the new season, we also have to take into consideration the upcoming Halloween festivities. Apart from classic fall and Halloween colours like black, brown, orange, red, purple, etc., it’s also time that we added a slight note of something sinister and creepy to our manicures. Hence, for anyone who is looking for an October nail design that is classy and elegant, yet gives a subtle nod to the spooky holiday, you’ve come to the right place!

Pumpkin Spice Metallic French Tips

october nails almond pumpkin spice metallics


Want a nail design for October that combines most of the classic fall colours? Try this beautiful and shiny pumpkin spice metallic French tip manicure. It’s a relatively simple, yet very elegant nail design, that combine a timeless manicure with a touch of the festive Halloween spirit.

Lightning Bolt Nail Art for Halloween 2023

october nails colors black autumn manicure

Let’s try something a little more spooky now, okay? For this lightning-bolt nail design you’ll need black, neon green and a deeper green nail polish. Start by painting your nails black. Leave them to dry, and then apply the deeper green hue in a rough lightning bolt shade. Once dry, use a fine paint brush to go over the dark green areas with the neon green shade.

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Witchy Sparkly Silver French Tip Nails

french tip october nails 2023

For a feminine October nail design with some witchy vibes, opt for this sparkly French tip manicure with white starts and crescent moons nail art. You can even try to make it yourself at home with a nude base nail colour, sparkly and white polish and a fine paint brush to create the unique design.

Deep Aura Autumn Equinox Manicure

autumn nails 2023

If I had to pick out among these amazing October nail designs, I would certainly go with the deep aura look. The combination between velvet red and dark blue reminds one of the fall equinox, making it a perfect manicure idea to pick for the beginning of the season and to wear it all through it.

October Nails with Spider Nail Art 2023

october halloween nails 2023

Why not try a simple and unique Halloween nail art for your new October manicure? This design can easily be achieved by yourself at home with the help of a fine pain brush, a sparkly dark green polish and a black one, and a little practice. The pointy tips further emphasize the sinister look of this manicure.

 More Stylish and a Bit Spooky October Nails Designs for 2023

october french tip nails 2023

Matte black & white October nails with snakes

black and white october nails ideas

Sparkly October nails design with black line

halloween nail designs 2023

Classy bloody nails for Halloween 2023

dark red october nails ideas simple

Fall ombre October nails short design

october nails short ombre design

Stunning black manicure for October nails 2023

black halloween nails 2023

Simple Halloween-inspired French tip nails

simple halloween nail designs

Sophisticated nails with subtle spider nail art

october nails ideas with subtle spider nail art

Cute & simple pumpkin nail art for October

cute october halloween nail ideas

Dark red October nails design 2023

elagant red halloween nails

Pointy black Halloween-inspired cat eye nails

october halloween nail designs

October nails ideas simple 2023 

orange french tip coffin halloween nails

Matte black marble nails with gold for Halloween

the best october nails in 2023 simple elegant ideas for halloween

Witchy orange French tip nails for October

october french tip nails in orange for halloween

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