Mystical Unicorn Nails Designs that Will Transport You Into a Real-Life Fairytale

by Stephanie Yankova

We’re all probably familiar by now with the infamous Hailey Bieber “glazed donut” nails that caused a cultural furor. It’s no secret that holographic and chrome nails are currently having a big moment. We went from minimalist shimmery manicures to bold, mystical metallic nails, and we’re still not ready to let go of the magical iridescent hues. As the weather is getting warmer, people are starting to lean more toward brighter, pastel colors and nail trends are no exception! Spring and summer are often a time when we reminisce about the past and our childhood, and there’s something magical about that period, filled with fairy tales and endless daydreaming. Unicorn nails – the latest manicure trend is definitely an attempt to bottle up that nostalgic feeling, and the results are nothing short of mesmerizing! Take a look at our selection of enchanting holographic unicorn nails and find inspiration for your next “main character” manicure!

purple chrome powder unicorn nails long stiletto shape manicure

 What are Unicorn Nails?

Unlike chrome or glazed donut nails which are made by rubbing powder into the nail on top of a clear or black color base, unicorn nails are made by applying shimmering multicolored powder. It’s spread on top of various base colors that help create a specific undertone. The “Unicorn” powder leaves an iridescent rainbow finish that reflects light which is what makes these nails look so magical.

Trendy Ideas for Unicorn Nails

pink chrome powder acrylic unicorn nails long square shape


What’s really great about the Unicorn nails trend is that it’s just as mesmerizing as it is easy to create both at home and the nail salon. While there are many nail polishes on the market that mimic the effect of this nail design, the best way to achieve it is by using nail powder. The glossy finish looks quite similar to the finish of the “glazed donut” nails. However, instead of sheer chrome, the unicorn powder has a white base which makes the nails flash in different pastel colors like green, purple, orange, and pink. Let’s see what that looks like!

Rainbow Ombre French Tip Unicorn Nails

holographic rainbow unicorn nails long stiletto shape clear base ombre tip

We saw the emerging craze around metallic ombre nails earlier this year, and it’s becoming clear that this trend is here to stay! These rainbow unicorn ombre French tips look like they’re taken straight out of a fairy tale!

Ombre Unicorn Nails with Pink Tips

ombre pink silver chrome unicorn nails long almond shape manicure

As if it’s dipped in unicorn dust, this manicure is an absolute show-stopper! By blending pearly white powder at the bottom of the nail with the radiant hot pink at the top we get this stunning gradient effect with a mirror-like reflective glossy finish.

Rainbow Gradient Nails with Holographic Geometric Accents

pastel rainbow gradient holographic triangular details unicorn nails

Steer away from the norm and try this bold design that blends together two super fun trends that you’re yet to see more of during the upcoming warm months. The mismatched rainbow gradient nails in pastel colors and glittery top coat are reminiscent of another colossal nail trend – the fairy nails. In combination with the geometric reverse French accents in holographic unicorn-like colors, we get a truly magical combination that’s definitely worth trying out!

Pink and Blue Unicorn Nails with 3D Gel Art

pink blue chrome unicorn nails raindrops 3d gel nail art

Magic just oozes out of these ethereal unicorn nails! In order to achieve this effect, for the pink nails the powder is rubbed on top of a clear base. For the blue nails the same powder is applied to a dark blue base color, which creates a darker undertone. Where things get exciting is the use of clear builder gel to create the stunning 3D art on top of the unicorn nails which mimics the look of running water and raindrops.

Unicorn Nails Design for Short Nails

rubber gel aurora unicorn nails textured accent detail purple nailpolish short oval shape manicure

Here we can see the base lavender color on top of which the holographic powder is rubbed in order to create the mirroring light-reflecting effect. If you don’t want to go full chrome, you can create a 3D application like the one above with clear builder gel. The swirls create a textured design reminiscent of a unicorn’s horn!

Pearly Unicorn Nails

ombre white powder unicorn nails long oval shape manicure tanned skin

A more simple and chic way to approach this trend is by creating a minimalist gradient by blending clear and white base. Then apply a holographic powder that reflects only one or two colors, as we notice on the manicure above.

Unicorn Nails for Women Over 50

unicorn nails women over 50 rounded square shape manicure

Who said that fun nails are only for the youth? The unicorn nails are perfectly suitable for women of all ages! In fact, this manicure is incredibly versatile and depending on the way you match it to your skin tone it can really elevate your appearance!

Satin Chrome for Minimalist Unicorn Nails

satin chrome unicorn nails short simple chic elegant wedding manicure

These elegant reflective milky white unicorn nails might just be the most stunning interpretation of this trend I’ve seen so far! The golden reflection matches perfectly with the skin tone which makes the tips of the nails appear like little jewels extending from the fingers!

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