What Are Fairy Nails? 10+ Designs and All You Need to Know About the Latest Nail Trend of 2023

by Kristiyana

Is it time yet? About what, you ask? Well, only to introduce you to the latest nail trend in 2023 that will have you running to the nail salon asap! Or even to get it by yourself at home… Welcome, Fairy Nails! This trend is as new as it gets, but social media is already picking up on it as fast as it can. Do you want to know what fairy nails are and how to get them? Just keep on reading!

What is the fairy nails trend 2023?

hailey bieber nails_how to get hailey bieber nails

Picture the perfect sparkly, yet subtle nails that would make you look like a fairy princess. This is what exactly you should have in mind when talking about fairy nails. This fresh nail look, like many before it, of course comes from Hailey Bieber, as the top picture is even from her own fairy nail art. They are the perfect nails you can sport as an everyday look, yet are elegant enough to be worn to a special event. A classic clean nails design, combined with some sparkle. What more could you possibly want?

How to get the trendy new look?

sparkly designs_sparkly nail art


Fairy nails are super easy to get. You can even do them by yourself at home! Just pick out a favourite sparkly, glitter or shimmery polish and paint your nails. Or you can even just add a shimmery top layer over your preferred base nail colour. Either way, you will achieve the fantasy fairy look. How many layers you decide to put on is solely your choice. One of the things that’s got people so crazy over this nail trend, is exactly how easy it is to get. No need for often visits to the nail salon.

Fairy nails 2023 ideas to inspire you

nails trends 2023_nail trends

Did I already convince you that this is THE nails look you must wear for spring? Alright! Get this classy champagne sparkle nail art, that is simple enough to maintain, yet can easily be worn on your next night out.

Pink sparkle fairytale nails

pink sparkle_peach pink nail art

Oh, I just love me some pink! Anything in pink, really. And you must know that pink is the most trending colour in 2023. Fashion, makeup, and of course, nails! To achieve these sparkly nails, you will have to use at least 2 or 3 layers to really make this colour pop.

Baby blue fairy nails 2023

baby blue nail art_light blue glitter

Or if you are more of a fan of blue nail art, try the baby blue fairy nails. For this look, you might need just 2 layers of the beautiful polish. Not only a fairy, but you might get the look of a serene mermaid.

Pearly white shimmery nails

pearly white_white nail art ideas

The white nails look never goes out of style. It’s a timeless classic, and gives your nails rich girl vibes, especially when worn with golden jewellery. Opt for pearly white fairytale nails and wear them to a classy event.

Subtle purple fairytale nails

subtle glitter nails_fairy nails ideas 2023

Or what about trying some subtle purple sparkle for your new spring nails look? Depending on the polish you choose, you might not even have to layer too much. These nails will give you a very feminine and romantic look.

Short nude glitter nails

naked shimmer nails_sparkly nude nails

Think that nail trends are only for those which a longer shape? Well, sorry, but you are wrong! Short nail designs are really trending in 2023. Hence, you shouldn’t worry about wearing a beautiful nail colour, like the fairy nails one, if you have shorter nails.

Shiny & mesmerizing fairy nails

shimmery nails_pearly nails

This design is one of my favourites! I really like the way the colour catches the light coming though and makes your nails sparkle. An elegant, classy and very chic look, great to sport anytime.

Pastel green fairytale nails

green fairy nails_light green sparkly nails

When talking about the fairy nails trend, we can’t forget to mention the focus on pastel colours. You already saw pink and blue, but now it’s time to shed some light on pastel green fairy nails! They are a great choice for any girl who likes to experiment with colour, and is not afraid to stand out.

Stunning almond-shaped nails

sprarkly peach nails_nude glitter nails

The almond nail shape is set to be one of the most trendy ones for 2023. For any girl who can pull off a long nail, this shape offers you with space for your nail art, yet is also feminine and not eccentric. Create the fairy princess look with this beautiful light glittery peach pink nail polish.

Dreamy & glossy fairy nails

pearly white nails_white fairy nails

And why not try a fairy nails look with a glossy finish? This will create a mesmerizing and dreamy look, worth of the many complements you will surely get for your nails. And, you can easily combine them with any choice of outfit or makeup.

Pastel purple fairytale nails

pastel purple nails_sparkly pastel purple nails

More sparkly pastel nails? You bet! For anyone looking for something even more eye-catching than the previous purple nails shown here, opt for the sparkly pastel purple design. Ideal to wear both in spring and summer.

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