Clean nails 2023: Get into the “clean girl” aesthetic with your next manicure!

by Gabby

Are you tired of all the decorations and colorful nail polishes? You want something super natural to go with all of your outfits? Today, I am giving you the secret to the trendiest manicure in 2023! You probably have noticed that in the fashion world, minimalism is currently prevailing. That is why I am going to ask you, what do you think about that “clean girl” aesthetic? I am in love with it! This is exactly the vibe that “clean nails” are tapping into. What are clean nails exactly? How to achieve them at home? Let’s find that out today!

Clean nails 2023: The minimalistic manicure that all needed!

clean girl nails 2023 trends minimalistic manicure ideas

You are probably thinking “oh another trend…”, I can assure you that this one is a game changer. If you don’t have the time to run to the nail salon this month, you can even create these clean-girl nails at home. Sometimes, our nails need a little break from all of these coats of gel and nail polishes. It can get pretty rough sometimes, if you don’t give them a little bit of time to heal. However, we still want that shine and glow! This is where this trendy manicure comes in! Let me tell you more!

clean nails manicure Hailey Bieber trends 2023


What are clean girl nails?

The “clean girl” aesthetic has recently gained a huge popularity on TikTok and with that came also the clean nails. What are they exactly? You can recognize them by the semi-translucent nail polish that subtly highlights the natural color of your nail bed. Your natural nail tips will peek trough in a subtle way, or you can create bigger ones by using a lighter color. I would describe this manicure as the “no makeup makeup” trend, but for nails, since it looks like you have nothing on them, but they are glossy, healthy and chic. They will look perfectly for every skin tone out there.

clean girl nails minimalistic manicure trends 2023 glossy effect hailey bieber

How to do the “clean nails” at home?

As I already mentioned the clean nails are perfect to do at home, if you don’t have the time for a nail appointment. In 5 minutes you can create the perfect manicure! This sounds amazing for a busy lady like me. To be completely honest, I am not really good at decorating my nails, but a clean manicure like this one, I can make for sure! What you are going to need for the tutorial is:

  • nail polish remover
  • cotton balls
  • a nail file
  • cuticle pusher
  • cuticle trimmer (optional)
  • base coat
  • a sheer nail polish of your choice
  • top coat

If you have nail polish or gel currently, make sure you remove it very carefully. Your nails should be super clean before starting this. Clean your cuticles and if your nails aren’t healthy enough you can use a treatment. Now you have to shape your nails in the way you like. Every type of shape goes with this clean girl manicure. How to continue? Watch the tutorial for the steps and enjoy! And if you are into this elegant classy vibe, you can also check the old money nails!

What is the perfect shade for this trend according to my skin tone?

perfect shade for the clean girl nails 2023 how to do a minimalistic manicure at home

The best way to adapt this new trend is to choose a nail polishes that compliments perfectly your skin tone. First you have to learn your type if you don’t know this already. Then it is going to be a piece of cake!

  • For skin with neutral undertones choose a transparent nail polish with a peachy kind of shade.
  • Skin that has cool undertone will best be complimented with a sheer pink nail polish.
  • If your skin has that warm undertone, then choose a nail polish with a milky finish.

You can also achieve “the clean girl” aesthetic with the Vanilla French nails, which are Kiley Jenner’s favorite!

What is the best nail shape to try out?

clean nails 2023 minimalistic trends manicure ideas elegant chic

Credits: iramshelton

There is no doubt that these nails will go amazingly with all shapes since they are as natural as possible. However, if you want them to look as sophisticated as possible try adapting them in almond shape. It will make your hands look really gentle and feminine. It is certainly one of the most flattering shapes and it will always be a hit among the “it girls”, just like our favorite Hailey Bieber! She also tried the “clean nails” trend and yes, she also choose the almond shape!

Squoval nails

squoval nails clean girl aesthetic manicure trend

If you are a “square nails” type of gal, don’t worry! You can still try the clean girl nails trend, however my suggestion is to switch it up a bit with squoval nails. What is this shape exactly? This shape is the perfect hybrid between square and oval nails. Essentially, the manicure looks square, but the edges are rounded. This will make your nails more subtle and flattering.

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