Old money nails: How to make your manicure look luxurious?

by Gabby

It’s that time again when you have to choose a new nail design. You look through hundreds of pictures but nothing grabs your eye? You know I love to catch you up on the latest nail trends, that’s what I’m going to do today! Valentine’s Day is over and so are all those pink manicures with lots of hearts and decorations. I personally cannot wait to get rid of mine and to get a new fresh one! Heart decorations are old news so it is time to make room for old money nails! What are they exactly? What is the old money style? I will explain everything!

what is the old money aesthetic

What is the old money style?

What is this Old Money aesthetic? It is related to the luxury, wealth, nobility and minimalism. People that are related to this category are from the upper class and have earned their spot in society. They prefer the minimalistic designer pieces and you will never see them wear these bright neon colors. When I hear old money, I immediately think about princess Diana. I think her style is the definition of this trend. The “old money” people always choose colors like beige, white, navy blue, sage green. Their looks are always timeless! The outfits are related to golf, horse riding and tennis, because they are considered as the sports for the rich.

what is the old money style


Old money nails: How to make your manicure look luxurious?

old money nails nude glazed minimalist manicure

Of course, we are starting with these nude nails! When it comes to the old money aesthetic, I already mentioned that it is all about the minimalism. How to make your nails look luxurious so you can fit in that vibe? Make them nude, but with extra shine. The shape can be whatever you prefer, except square nails. They don’t really fit into that trend. Old money nails are never too long, they are short or medium length. You should focus on making your nails look really neatly done. Take care of them and make them minimalistic but trendy. This type of nail color is perfect for the rich girl nails trend, which J. Lo’s nail artist created. It is certainly very chic and elegant!

Vanilla French nails

vanilla French nails trends 2023 manicure ideas

Vanilla French nails are all that the “it girls” are wearing right now! They are this new approach to the classic French manicure, but with a twist. The tip is slightly larger, and the base is kind of with a milky, or creamy finish. It has this minimalistic vibe that we are expecting from an old money manicure. How to adapt the vanilla French nails in 2023? Just ask your nail artist and show them this picture. They already know what to do, since Kylie Jenner showed her nails on Instagram and she tried out the new trend. Everybody knows that if Miss Kylie is wearing something, all the girls will want that!

White nails

white nails old money trends aesthetic tiktok

White is probably the most chosen nail polish during the spring and summer time. It will certainly never go out of style! There is something behind this simplicity that is so eye-catching! The white nails will perfectly highlight your summer tan and will give you that needed glow. Is it minimalistic? Yes! Does it go into the category of the old money trend? Absolutely!

Old money nails: Micro French nails

minimalist french manicure nail trends 2023

If you want something discreet and subtle, then I introduce you to the micro French nails! They are classy, simple and the reason they are called micro is because of the French tip, which is really tiny. It will frame your nail shape and in the most subtle way possible. This nail design is definitely for medium length or long nails. Check out some of the trendiest French manicure in 2023 for more inspiration!

Burgundy red nails 2023

burgundy red nails trends 2023

I know that I said Old money people don’t really wear a lot of colors. But when it comes to red, they love the deep richness of the burgundy. It is perfect for the ladies that love to experiment and have a job at the office. It will go perfectly with most of your outfits. This wine color combines both red and brown shades. The trendy wine nail design is becoming a hit lately. The wide popularity of the color is due to its characteristics: it symbolizes aristocracy, elegance and a simple chic. If you are going to make your nails in the old money style and still want some color, I suggest you try this red nail polish!

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Other old money nails ideas

old money nail design 2023 brown and white manicure

Classic red for old money vibes 

red nails old money aesthetic

Black French tips: Donut glazed nails 

black donut glazed nails manicure trends old money 2023

Brown French manicure 

french manicure brown nail tips

Donut glazed nails 

old money nails 2023 minimalistic manicure ideas

What nail polishes to use for the old money aesthetic? 

old money nails shades

Navy blue nails 

navy blue nails old money aesthetic

Beige old money nails 

nude nails minimalistic manicure trends

White glazed nails 

white donut glazed nails old money hailer bieber style

Black French manicure 

black french manicure trends 2023

Nude pink: Old money nails 

nude pink nails old money manicure trends 2023

Trendy French nails 

trendy french manicure ideas decorations 2023

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