Old Money Nails for Fall 2023: 15 Ideas for an Opulent “Rich Woman” Manicure!

by Stephanie Yankova

Old money aesthetic is the single most impactful fashion and beauty trend of the year, and we’re far from being done with it! If you’re not a fan of bold, dark nails, or abstract designs, but still want to stay in sync with the season’s theme, we’ve got you covered! Turn your hands into your favorite accessory with our selection of opulent old money nails for fall 2023!

Old Money Nails for Fall

clear glazed short squoval old money nails design fall 2023

Old money is all about having a minimalist and refined approach to the way you decorate yourself. Nothing is too bold, too flashy, or too large. A short square nail shape is really on-trend at the moment, as it gives your hands a clean and presentable appearance. And you can never go wrong with a classic nude glaze, am I right?

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Glossy Burgundy Manicure

short square glossy burgundy old money nails fall colors


Burgundy is like the more edgy sister of the classic crimson red nails. This is a very rich and sophisticated color that looks especially good on tanned skin, or people with a cool undertone.

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Black Glazed French Tips

short almond black french tip glazed nails old money fall 2023

If you love a classic French manicure but want something a bit more moody for the fall, this elegant set of black tips with a shimmer glaze is a definite must-try!

Dark Emerald Green Nails

short dark emerald green old money nails 2023

Another really rich and luxurious nail polish shade that makes your hands look really beautiful and elegant is dark emerald green. If you’re someone who likes to wear gold jewelry, you’d be especially fond of the way they pair with these nails!

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Lip gloss Nails with Gold Details

lipgloss nails minimalist gold curve design old money

If you like to wear your nails long, but you still want to give them that old money appearance, experts suggest you choose a really minimalist and  dainty design. Lip gloss nails are basically an elevated version of the natural color of your nail bed, which makes them look super clean and feminine. In the spirit of the golden fall, add a few really fine gold glitter lines and voilà!

Burnt Orange Nails

burnt orange short squoval fall old money nails 2023

If we assume that each season has its own shade of nude, burnt orange is the one that belongs to fall! It’s really warm, aesthetically pleasing, and looks absolutely fabulous on every skin tone!

Classic Short Square Red Nails

classy short square red nails old money manicure trends 2023

When it comes to red nails the line between effortless classic and alluring femme fatale looks is rather thin. To stay in the first range, opt for a short square or oval nail shape that’s going to give your hands this minimalist and elegant appearance.

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More Old Money Nail Ideas for Fall 2023

long oval mocha nails fall old money manicure ideas 2023

Short Oval Ombre French Tip Nails

oval ombre french tip fall old money nails

Short Square Burgundy Dot Nails

burgundy dot nails old money manicure fall design ideas

Short Oval Emerald Green French Tip Nails

emerald green short oval french tips old money nails

Minimalist Glossy Chocolate Brown Nails

short square chocolate brown old m oney nails fall manicure ideas

Short Oval Rose Pink Glazed Donut Nails

rose pink glazed donut nails old money fall manicure

Short Oval Rosy Brown Old Money Manicure

short oval rosy brown old money nails fall 2023

Long Oval Matte Glazed French Tip Nails

matte glazed french tips old money nails fall trends

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