TOP 15 Old Money Nail Colors 2023: Quiet Luxury That Radiates Elegance

by Gabby

The Old Money aesthetic is something that we all want to dive into. There’s something about this clean and quiet luxury that looks incredible. So, are you wondering what are the Old Money Nail colors this year? What should you try next?

TOP 15 Old Money Nail Colors 2023: Quiet Luxury That Radiates Elegance

old money nail colors 2023 golden decorations ideas

Do you know what the term Old Money refers to? It refers to people who come from well-known families and rich inheritance. The entire aesthetic around this Old Money trend is that people who fit into that category doesn’t “dress to impress”. Instead, they prefer the minimalistic style and the quiet luxury, where there’s no big logos, or bright colors. That transfers to the way they do their nails as well. The beauty of the simplicity is that Old Money nail colors still look absolutely stunning, if you are into the “clean girl” vibes. But, what are the colors to adapt this year? Even if you don’t fit into that Old Money category, you can still adapt their looks and manicure style! So, let’s check out the shades that you should try!

Starting off with the first one that you see on the photo. It is a transparent nude base with hues of gold, which is done in a simple kind of way. Decorations are not forbidden when it comes to Old Money nails. If you are going to adapt the golden color, opt for something very minimalistic.

Old Money Navy Blue Nails

navy blue old money nails 2023 fall manicure autumn


As you know, autumn is already knocking at the door and you need to be ready with your next manicure to match the colors of the season. That’s why the Navy Blue is in second place in our category. It undoubtedly belongs to the Old Money trend colors and we can’t help but show it to you. It goes great with beige, brown, white, black and nude, so you’ll be able to pair it with your fall outfits too.

Milky White Nails 2023

milky white nails 2023 old money manicure ideas

Speaking of simplicity, we can’t forget to mention the color white, but we’re mainly talking about the milky whites that has become super popular lately. This creamer version of the shade is now one of the top choices for a manicure among it-girls and women who love the minimalism. When it comes to Old Money, it is essential to wear something simple, but elegant and chic at the same time. If you need more inspiration, check out what are milk nails and why should you adapt them in 2023.

Burnt Red Nail Color: Fall Manicure 2023

red old money nail colors fall manicure 2023 ideas

If you are going to hop on the Old Money trend, should you opt for red nails? Yes, but make it burnt. We definitely don’t recommend doing a hot or bright red color, since that’s not in sync with the Old Money vibes. We are talking about this burnt red shade that has a brown undertone and it looks delicious and luxurious! It is the best autumn color that makes you feel elegant and chic.

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Black Nails 2023 Old Money Style

fall black nails 2023 almond shaped old money color trends

Are black nails still in style in 2023? I don’t think they will ever go out of fashion. Since Madonna showed up with black on her nails in the 90s, the color has become a staple for all the baddies out there. Does it fit into the Old Money category? Yes, since it is simple, but looks absolutely chic. But, if you want to be completely in sync with the trend, opt for short square black nails, even though the long almond shape looks amazing as well. Also, check out how to make your nails look luxurious with these Old Money nails inspirations!

Strawberry Milk Nail Color

strawberry milk nail color 2023 old money manicure trends ideas

As we already mentioned the milk nails are a total hype right now! Have you heard about the strawberry milk nail color? It is this light baby pink shade that you can use as a main nail color, or as a base for your French tip nails or ombre manicure. It is perfect for every season out there.

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Popular Old Money Nail Colors 2023 Ideas

light pink nail color trends 2023 old money style popular

Eggshell White Nail Color Ideas 2023

egg shell nail color old money 2023

Glazed Donut Nude Nail Colors 2023

glazed donut nails nude color manicure old money trends ideas 2023

Redwood Nail Color with Grey Undertones Old Money Style 2023

ash rose nail color old money trends 2023 manicure ideas

Brown Nail Color Trends 2023 Old Money Manicure Ideas

brown nail colors 2023 autumn manicure trends old money

Purple Nail Colors 2023 Fall Manicure Ideas

purple nail colors 2023 old money style ideas trends

Ash Rose Nail Color

purple grey nail color old money manicure ideas 2023

Light Coral Nails for Dark Skin

light coral nail colors for dark skin 2023 old money

Forest Green Nails 2023

emerald green nails old money short square manicure

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