TOP 10 Color Trends Fall 2023 To Turn You Into a Fashion Icon

by Gabby

Autumn is just around the coroner, and I can help but wonder that’s the coziest season has in store for us. Aside from the pumpkin spice lattes that we all can’t wait for, let’s focus on fashion! What are the color trends Fall 2023 that everyone will be wearing? How to incorporate them into our personal style?

TOP 10 Color Trends Fall 2023 To Turn You Into a Fashion Icon

top 10 color trends fall 2023 that everyone will be wearing

Are you ready to watch Gilmore Girls, drink spiced coffees and wear cozy sweaters? Honestly, I can’t wait! I know that for most people there is nothing more exciting than hot summer days, but for me there is something magical about autumn that brings pleasant nostalgia and warm feelings. Enough daydreaming, now it’s time to talk about fashion to inspire us in the coming season. There are definitely fall colors that will remain timeless and we can’t pass them by. But this fall, there will be colors that will surprise us and make us experiment with our style. There will definitely be a palette of colors with something for every taste. Let’s check out the TOP 10 Fall shades!

Fashion Color Trends Fall 2023: Warm Grey Tones

fashion color trends fall 2023 autumn warm grey


Maybe grey seems like the most boring possible choice for autumn, but it’s far from it. This autumn, opt for greys that have warm undertones to make your skin look rejuvenated. Warm grey colors will help you create the best fall outfits in 2023. You can easily match them with other shades as well.

Fall Fashion Trends 2023: Military Green Color

color fashion trends autumn 2023 military green

We see military green almost in every Fall fashion catwalk so far. Does this make you wonder, when is this shade going to be out of fashion? Well, apparently, this time hasn’t arrived yet! The military green will be trending and you can adapt it with ease this autumn 2023!

Off-White Shades: Monochrome Fall Outfit 2023

monochrome fall outfits 2023 off white colors

They say that wearing all-white is a bold move. But off-white is the color you need for this Fall 2023! You can create monochrome outfits with it, or match it with bold colors. This color goes with everything and it looks incredible on everyone!

All Black Everything

black fall outfits 2023 color trends fashion

Sometimes, you don’t feel like wearing any colors, right? We get this mood, but thankfully there’s the black shade – the one that will never go out of style. I know that many of you will say “oh, but black isn’t a color”. No, no! It is one of the best colors for an outfit that screams “I’m not trying, but I look classy!”.

Viva La Magenta Color of the Year 2023

viva la magenta color fashion trends autumn 2023

Did you really think we are going to skip mentioning the color of the year – Viva La Magenta? This lively shade will be in the top color trends this Fall 2023, and we are loving it! How to wear it so it does not look over the top? Match it with black, or denim for a casual look.

Burnt Orange Hues

burnt orange color trends 2023 fashion autumn

Who’s favorite color is also orange? We all love this shade, but how to make it fall? Burnt orange is what everyone will be wearing this Fall season 2023. It is easy to match with beige, brown, nude and even yellow and white. It looks create on brunettes and blondes as well. If I have to think about the ultimate autumn color, then that will be it!

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Muted Floral Colors

muted color trends 2023 fall minimalistic

What do we mean by muted floral colors? Well, look at this sweater and its romantic vibes and you’ll get the idea! Fall is definitely a romantic season and floral colors and motifs will be included in the fashion trends. Muted floral shades can be ash rose, baby pink or baby blue.

Spicy Brown Colors: Fall Season Fashion 2023

spicey brown colors 2023 fall season fashion

Spicy colors are always in style when it comes to Fall season. But rumors has it that this clay shade will be included in a lot of fashion collections this year. You will see dresses, pants, tops, shirts and even shoes in this color. If you want to match it properly, opt for muted brown colors or nudes. For the bolder ladies out there, you can also create a monochrome outfit with it.

Electric Green

should we wear green in fall 2023 color trends fashion

Should we wear green in Fall? Isn’t this a Spring color? It turns out that it’s not! This specific electrical green color was super popular during winter this year, and we are going to see it more during the Fall season 2023. It goes well with denim, black, grey and white.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Color Combo: Fall 2023 Fashion Trends

pumpkin spice latte outfit ideas color fall trends 2023

No doubt we’ll be talking a lot about our favorite autumn drink, the pumpkin spice latte. But have you considered if you should rep the latte with your outfit? What would the colors be? Just the ones you see in the picture – caramel, brown, orange, etc.

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