Kids Hairstyles for Girls: Cute and Easy Styling Ideas!

by Kremy

If you love trying out beautiful kids hairstyles for girls on your daughters for the first day of school or any other occasion, then this article is for you!

As the first day of school approaches, so does the children’s excitement to see their classmates after the long summer break. Of course, special occasions require a special hairstyle. In this article we have collected simple, effective, quick and really beautiful children’s hairstyles for girls that you and your daughters will surely like because they are extremely cute! Plus, you can make them yourself at home!

Kids Hairstyles for Girls – twisted ponytail

kids hairstyles for girls twisted ponytail

This is a very easy ponytail that you can do at home. Here’s how. First, make a low ponytail, then loosen the elastic band. After that, put your finger in the hairline of the ponytail and push the ponytail hair through the hole. Finally, pull out the elastic like you would with a regular ponytail.

Cute Pigtails Hairstyle

simple low pigtails decorated with pretty bows will make your princesses even cuter


Sometimes simplicity pays off: simple low pigtails decorated with pretty bows will make your princesses even cuter. All you need are two rubber bands and bows to tie them. The rest is clear – divide the hair into two equal parts and comb it nicely. For an additional effect, you can put hair rollers on your little girl beforehand to get nice wavy pigtails.

Space Buns

kids hairstyles for girls space buns

Space buns are another option that you can pin with rubber bands and decorate with two bows. Among the kids hairstyles for girls, this one is perfect for those with shorter hair. Why? Because then you don’t have to wrap the hair to get a bun. All you have to do is grab the hair tightly with the elastic and pull it up as far as the length allows.

Simple Braided Hairstyle

simple braided hairstyle for little girls

Nowadays you can see all kinds of braids on the internet. And although they are very beautiful, most of them are difficult to do at home. So, for those of you who don’t have the skills or time to braid your daughter’s hair into an elaborate look, here we have this easy braiding hairstyle that our grandmothers taught us. Simply braid a long side strand behind the ears into a braid, then secure with a bobby pin to mimic a headband.

Bubble Braids

childrens hairstyles for girls bubble braids

Bubble braids are extremely simple but really impressive and cute. All you need is a few rubber bands. Simply make two side ponytails, thread the elastics and gently pull the hair in each section to create the bubble effect.

Updo with Bun Sponge

kids hairstyles for girls updo with bun sponge

A high bun is always a good idea as it is very pretty and stays neat for a long time (you can also mess it up a bit). For this hairstyle you use a bun sponge that is threaded into the ponytail. The hair is then flipped so that it completely covers the bun sponge and secured at the base with an elastic band. The protruding strands are stuck into the bun with bobby pins. The bow is a gorgeous, cute accent to this girly look.

Braids with Pink Ends for Rock Girls

braids with pink ends for rock girls

For rebellious and rocking girls, a simple, slightly messy and slightly punk hairstyle: pigtails with pink ends! They can be temporarily colored with hair chalk that will come off with the first wash.

Create a Heart-Shaped Hairstyle

this hairstyle for little girls is extremely simple but very spectacular

This hairstyle is extremely simple in execution but very spectacular. Parting your daughter’s hair in a heart shape takes a little patience, but it’s not difficult at all. Then braid a simple braid and combine it with a heart clip to pin the braid.

Tips for Kids Hairstyles for Girls with Short Hair

tips for childrens hairstyles for girls with short hair

While there aren’t that many hairstyle options for short hair, that doesn’t mean they’re any less beautiful. In this case, there are wonderful accessories that can highlight a beautiful short haircut, such as a bob. You can buy a dainty hairpin, headband or tiara for your daughter and use it to create a simple yet adorable hairstyle. If you twist her hair with curlers to make waves, that would be the perfect touch.

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