Old Money Winter Outfits to Copy for Your 2023 Rowification Era!

by Stephanie Yankova

In times of excessive consumerism, a refreshing new aesthetic has quietly emerged. Forget all about big logo brands and flashy statements. Timeless garments and high-quality basics are the new normal everyone seems to be slowly embracing. Let’s look at a few old money winter outfits that define this trend’s core values and aesthetic qualities! 

long baggy coat wide leg pants white adidas samba baseball cap winter old money outfit inspo 2023 2024

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “luxury”? Lots of gold, crocodile leather, diamonds, and pearls? While some people may still choose to flaunt their wealth with extravagant fashion and jewelry pieces, current leaders in the fashion industry seem to be more focused on the actual quality of the garments and whether their designs will stand the test of time. A new wave of “old money” fashion is rapidly taking over the closets of people of all ages and redefining luxury as we know it. What defines this aesthetic, and how can you incorporate it into your winter wardrobe? Let’s find out!

What is an ‘Old Money’ Style?

brown long silk skirt oversized knitted sweater minimalist old money winter outfit

Old money aesthetic is defined by high-quality fashion pieces that have a clean, minimalist design and classic silhouettes. This new aesthetic is starting to get more and more people interested in pre-loved and vintage fashion, which seems to be an antidote to fast fashion’s overconsumption.

beige coat classic jeans white tee old money essentials 2023

This understated style has completely redefined the way we perceive fashion. Rather than following new trends with a limited shelf life, the ‘old money’ styling approach invites you to invest in timeless clothing that you know you’re going to love and wear for years to come. Forget all about glitter, diamonds, and logo patterns, and welcome the age of refined minimalism!

cozy old money gray winter outfit idea 2023

Old money celebrates the beauty of class and restraint. It’s as much about lifestyle as it is about aesthetics. So how do you organically integrate it into your everyday attire? Focus on buying clothes in earthy, muted tones that you can easily create various combinations with. Stop following the latest trends. And most importantly – you must feel comfortable in every clothing item that touches your skin.

minimalist brown old money wide leg pants turtleneck

In order for your clothing to last over the next decade, it needs to be made of high-quality fabrics. Look for organic silk, linen, cashmere, wool, and genuine leather.

simple fall winter old money outfit 2023

As adaptable as this style is when it comes to sustainability, there are still some aspects of it that remain pretty luxurious. Over the years I’ve learned that the only 3 fashion items that are really worth investing in are shoes, bags, and jackets/coats. That being said, if you decide to treat yourself to a designer pair of stilettos or a handbag, remember – clean lines, no logos!

classic wide leg trousers long black coat white tee old money street style winter outfit 2023

When it comes to the world of fashion, oftentimes the simplest things make the biggest impact. A few brands that you can browse through for inspiration are:

  • The Row
  • Max Mara
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Ferragamo
  • Bottega Veneta
  • Proenza Schouler
  • Erdem
  • Khaite
  • Hermes

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Old Money Winter Outfits: Essential Items

street style fall winter old money casual outfit baggy jeans gray bomber baseball cap

Now that we’ve learned the fundamentals of old money fashion, it’s time to take a look at a couple of styling inspos for the upcoming winter season!

Cozy Knitwear

v neck beige wool sweater leather pants loafers simple old money fall winter outfit

Who doesn’t like feeling warm and cozy during the winter? Having a high-quality wool or cashmere knitted sweater that you can comfortably layer over a tee or a shirt is an absolute must! Opt for neutral colors such as beige, white, gray, black, or brown.

A Black Coat

oversized long black coat trend old money winter outfits 2023 2024

Undoubtedly one of the biggest trends of the season is the long black coat. I guarantee you, it will become your new best friend. It’s timeless and versatile, you can wear it with literally everything, and it’s such a quick and simple way to elevate even the most simple of outfits.

long striped oversized black coat old money winter trend 2023 2024

Bold patterns are a no-go zone in the real of old money fashion. However, a classic pinstripe is more than welcome!

An Oversized Trench Coat

classic beige trench coat blue jeans white shirt old money outfit 2023 2024

I recently bought my first trench coat and I can confidently say that it’s the best transitional garment I have ever owned! You can wear it all the way from fall through winter and spring and style it with pretty much everything.

long brown velour trench coat quiet luxury winter trend

If you already own one, you can spruce up your closet by investing in a trench coat made from a more extravagant fabric, such as velour or leather.

A Blazer

black oversized fit blazer old money fall winter fashion

We’ve completely embraced wearing a suit paired with sneakers on a casual Sunday afternoon, which instantly made the blazer an essential item in every modern woman’s closet. Opt for oversized silhouettes in either black, dark gray, or brown.

elegant black silk skirt oversized blazer leather boots fall winter old money outfit idea

Once you get used to the fit, you’ll be surprised to see how versatile the blazer is. You can effortlessly dress it up with a satin skirt and a pair of leather boots. Or dress it down with a hoodie and baggy jeans. The combinations are endless!

Classic Blue Jeans

classic blue jeans baggy blazer white tee old money fall winter outfit idea

Everyone needs a pair of classic blue jeans in their closet. But not just any jeans. I’m talking about THE perfect pair. A fit that hugs your curves so well that you don’t have to worry about how much you’re going to eat at Thanksgiving.

old money wide leg jeans trend 2023

I personally love a high-waisted wide-leg pair of jeans. It looks just as good when paired with stilettos as it does with sneakers. Because they tend to make a pretty big statement of their own, all you need to finish off the look is a white shirt or tee, and a nice handbag!

Wide Leg Pants

minimalist brown high waisted wide leg pants white shirt old money fashion 2023 2024

Just like with denim, a wide-leg pair of pants is another must-have item that I guarantee you will wear to death!

A Classic Shirt

classic blue shirt old money essential items fall winter 2023

I believe that there are two shirts that are essential for every woman’s closet – a blue and a white one! I suggest you opt for a slightly oversized fit. In terms of fabric, go for organic cotton or linen.

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