Old Money Zara Outfits 2023: How to Dress Like a Rich Girl on a Budget?

by Gabby

Are you in a desperate need to change your style and clothes for the upcoming season? You want something minimalistic, but luxurious? However, let’s face it… Not all of us have the budget to spend on luxurious brands! We have found the perfect solution, if you want to dress like a rich girl, but your bank account says otherwise! What are the Old Monet Zara outfits that you can recreate this Fall 2023? How to style them? 

Old Money Zara Outfits 2023: How to Dress Like a Rich Girl on a Budget?

old money zara outfits 2023 fall trends fashion

We all love scrolling through the Internet to find inspiration for fashion, nails, hair, makeup, etc. For this, you probably already know that everyone is in love with the Old Money style, which has taken over the whole Internet space and now almost every fashion guru and Instagram influencer implements it. Well yes, Old Money is usually associated with minimalistic luxury and expensive brands, that we can’t always spend tons of money on. The real question is – can we look like Blair Waldorf, but on a budget?

Here come the budget friendly brands like Zara, H&M, Mango, etc. Today, we are going to talk about Zara, because they have fashion pieces that will turn you into a rich girl, without breaking your wallet. The good thing about the Old Money style is that it is all about not showing big brand logos. And at Zara you can find clothes that look the same as some of the luxurious ones. With that being said, you can easily recreate outfits and be in sync with the Old Money trend! Let us show you some of the best ones!

Old Money Fall Outfits 2023

old money fall outfits 2023 zara jacket pants style


How chic is this Zara Old Money outfit? These bomber jackets became such a hit on TikTok, and some people loved them, while others say they are too expensive. However, you are still not going to spend THAT much money if you have to buy it from a luxury brand. So, you are basically saving, right? Girl math! Of course, you can still wear these khaki pants with sandals, but if it is already colder where you are, you can pair them with boots.

Casual Old Money Zara Fall Outfit for Women

casual chic fall outfit zara old money women trends 2023

There are so many ways and so many occasions where you can dress in this outfit! These Zara blazers are such a high quality and they go with everything. You can pair them with shorts and boots for Fall, or long pants and go to the office in a chic outfit. We highly recommend the basic shirts from Zara. Their fabric is amazing and they are a nice piece, if you have built a capsule wardrobe.

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Simple Fall Old Money Outfit

simple fall old money outfits for women zara clothing trends 2023 style

These Zara cardigans are always a hit in the Fall season. They are easy to style and it turns out that they fit perfectly into the Old Money style. You can pair them with shorts and boots, or with simple mom jeans and loafers. Don’t forget that you can still put on some accessories, as long as they fit into the minimalist vibe of the Old Money.

How to Wear a Skirt in Old Money Style?

chic fall outfit with a skirt old money style zara trends 2023

Did I tell you that you can create a Blair Waldorf outfit on a budget? Zara has everything you need. Starting with the main character – the skirt! This mini black skirt is what you need for the start of the Fall season, since it goes amazingly with loafers, boots, sneakers and heels. However, our favorite look is definitely with the chunky loafers, since we think it is something that Hailey Bieber would wear.

The Best Old Money Zara Jeans to Wear in Fall 2023

zara jeans outfits fall trends 2023 old money minimalist style

You know what’s the best thing about Zara jeans? They have all kinds of silhouettes and models that you can choose from! According to many, this Fall season the best pair will be the wide leg jeans with a softer fabric. They look effortlessly beautiful on every body shape and you can find them in different colors. Also, they will leave you one step closer to looking like a rich girl!

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Zara Suit with a Skirt and a Blazer: Old Money Fall Trends 2023

zara women suit with a skirt and blazer old money style chunky boots fall trends 2023

Women have started wearing suits on a daily basis, even casually with sneakers at the office. Zara is one of the best brands that offer suits of any kind and color that you can mix and match. Recently, many girls have become fans of the skirt and blazer suits that you can pair with boots, heels, or loafers.

Old Money Zara Outfit Ideas 2023

rich girl outfit fall zara blazer pants old money fashion style

Zara Blazer Paired with a Corset and Cargo Pants

black zara outfit for fall women outfit trends 2023 old money

Short Zara Trench Coat with Mom Jeans

old money zara outfits 2023 jeans trench coat

Zara Mini Skirt and a Blazer Matched with Leather Boots

fall outfits for women 2023 with skirt quiet luxury old money

How to Style Zara Sweater Vest?

blair waldorf outfits for fall 2023 trends fashion zara sweater vest

Office Zara Old Money Outfit Idea for Women

how to wear old money outfit for women fall autumn trend

Trench Coat with a Mini Skirt from Zara and Loafers

how to style a zara mini skirt old money outfits

Monochrome Black Zara Outfit with Leather Boots

monochrome outfit black zara fall trends 2023 old money

Casual Chic Outfit Ideas for Women

zara casual fall outfits 2023 old money quiet luxury minimalistic

Zara Trench Coat with Loafers: Old Money Fashion Trends 2023

trench coat with loafers zara old money style outfit fall 2023

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