How to Build a Quiet Luxury Capsule Wardrobe for Fall 2023? 20+ Pieces You Must Have

by Kristiyana

Fall is just around the corner, and I myself think it’s high time we all started searching for some fall outfits inspirations. Speaking of which, why not even create the perfect capsule wardrobe with staple items that will make you look fashionable at all times? And all the better if this fall wardrobe happens to be influenced by the quiet luxury aesthetic.

How to Build a Quiet Luxury Capsule Wardrobe for Fall 2023?

hailey bieber quiet luxury sunglasses

You know, you can still look your best even if you don’t always buy the latest trendy clothing items. That’s what a capsule wardrobe is all about! Most trends are long forgotten by the start of a new season, but there are some pieces that withstand time and remain classic. Such can be combined together to create polished, clean outfits that make you look like you don’t even bother with looking at price tags. Which are they? We dive into the must-have pieces you need to build a quiet luxury capsule wardrobe for fall 2023.

What Is Quiet Luxury Fashion?

To explain briefly, quiet luxury fashion is about picking out clothing items that are focused on being of high quality, in muted colours and minimalist. This fashion aesthetic is the opposite of popular designer brands that are focused on bright patterns and huge logos. With quiet luxury, the aim is to create a timeless look that can also be achieved quite easily on a budget.

The Must-Have Pieces to Build a Quiet Luxury Capsule Wardrobe

black leather heeled boots for fall 2023


Let’s now focus on drawing inspiration for the perfect quiet luxury fall outfits 2023 by building your very own capsule wardrobe. Here are the pieces you must have:

Quiet Luxury Staple Turtleneck Tank Top

build quiet luxury capsule wardrobe with black tank top

A turtleneck tank top in black is a must when it comes to quiet luxury. Such an item can be easily combined with the rest of your attire to give you a sophisticated, rich look. And if you are wondering from where you should shop for your capsule wardrobe, here are the quiet luxury brands that are actually worth your penny.

Classic Light Blue Denim Jeans

classic quiet luxury jeans

Apart from the old-money sunglasses, heeled pointy leather boots and black turtleneck tank top, another item you must have to build your quiet luxury capsule wardrobe for fall is a classic pair of jeans. Light denim jeans like these can be paired with a buttoned-down shirt, leather handbag and chunky jewellery for a standout outfit.

The Statement Brown Leather Handbag

brown handbag stample piece

Sure, a black leather handbag is a must when it comes to the quiet luxury style, but you shouldn’t forget about brown leather as well. Invest in a high-quality brown leather handbag to be your staple piece for many season to come. Such an item will never go out of style.

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Trench for Quiet Luxury Capsule Wardrobe

quiet luxury trench coat for fall

Speaking of style, where will you be this fall if it isn’t for your quiet luxury trench coat? You will need to layer that muted tone luxurious outfit with something that brings it all together, won’t you? I piece like this one can work as your subtle pop of colour.

Quiet Luxury Fall 2023: Mary Jane Flats

quiet luxury mary janes

And finally, shoes! While the fall winter 2023 shoe trends call for Mary Jane heels, the flats won’t be far behind either. Such shoe wear is the perfect comfortable, yet stylish pair to combine with the rest of your fall quiet luxury capsule wardrobe.

More Quiet Luxury Capsule Wardrobe Items for Fall 2023

a quality black leather hangbag is a must with quiet luxury fashion

Small chunky gold hoop earrings

elegant small chunky hoop earrings

Staple quiet luxury grey shirt 

stample quiet luxury grey shirt for your capsule wardrobe

Black leather gloves for fall 2023

quiet luxury black leather gloves for fall winter 2023

Classic white sneakers

quiet luxury sneakers

Quiet luxury leather midi skirt

how to build a quiet luxury capsule wardrobe for fall 2023 long leather skir piece

Luxurious slip dress

luxurious quiet luxury slip dress

Wrap knit cardigan 

how to build quiet luxury capsule wardrobe with wrap cardigan

Wide-leg tan trousers

quiet luxury outfit ideas

Chunky gold chain necklace

chunky gold chain necklace to build your quiet luxury capsule wardrobe

Buttoned-up white shirt

quiet luxury capsule wardrobe for fall 2023

Classic black leather Tote bag

black leather tote bag quiet luxury style

A mid-waist leather belt is a must

a leather belt is a must

Sophisticated grey trousers

quiet luxury fall 2023 style grey trousers

A timeless fall quiet luxury outfit

how to build a quiet luxury capsule wardrobe for fall 2023

Cashmere black sweater

a black cashmere sweater is also a must with this style


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