Muted French Manicure: The New Aproach to the Good Old Classic

by Gabby

Are you ready for another hot brand-new French manicure trend? We always are! Grab your coffee and let’s get started, because we have prepared something that you are going to fall in love with! What is a muted French manicure? Why is everyone talking about it? How to adapt it easily?

what is a muted french manicure 2023

What Is a Muted French Manicure?

The French manicure will always be a timeless nail art. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t diversify and adapt it in different ways. So, the newest hit among the nail art world is definitely the muted French manicure. For classic French nails, we adapt tips that are clearly differentiated from the base color, making it very distinct. You know that the base is usually clear and the tips white, or another shade. While for the muted French manicure, the base has the same finish or color as the tips, which gives this monochromatic vibes. For example, if you are going for white tips, the base should be milky white, creating this smooth transition. If you want hot pink French tips, then the base should be a lighter pink color. Now, we are going to show you some of the best muted French nails that you can try adapting in 2023.

almond shaped milky french manicure muted nails


Muted French Nails with a Twist

french nails with a twist chrome web manicure

We are starting off strong with a muted French manicure, but with a twist. If you are already a fan of this new trend, but want to spice things up, then try adapting it with a chrome web. This chrome swirl effect also called a web, among the manicurists, is always very fashionable at the moment and you can adapt it in different colors as well. The silver one is our current favorite and it goes nicely with his light lavender nail polish.

Faded French Nails

faded french manicure 2023

The muted French manicure is also called “faded”. You can see it a lot on the Internet, since we already mentioned it is the current hype. According to nail experts, we can call a muted French nails everything that have the same hues for the tips and for the base, which creates this faded blending. They don’t have to be the exact same colors, but they should be close.

Donut Glazed Muted French Manicure

donut glazed muted french nails stiletto shaped

Does it come like a surprise to you that the donut glazed nails are making their way into this new trend as well? I didn’t think so. They are still on the horizon and this time more elegant than ever. For the ladies that are not a fan of this glowy chrome effect of the classic donut glazed nails, this is something to try in 2023. Let’s say that with this muted donut glazed manicure, you are simply going to “dip your toes in the water”. I personally think that you are going to love this way MORE!

Chrome Faded French Nails

chrome faded french manicure nails almond shaped blue

I know that you might feel tired and bored of all the chrome nail art lately, but buckle up, because they are not going anywhere. I’m sure that the girlies that love something minimalistic, but with a twist, will love this chrome muted manicure. And the best part is that you can adapt it in any nail polish color that you want. This particular nail design on the photo is an example of how the base can be with a similar finish as the tips.

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Wedding Milky White French Manicure

chrome wedding muted french manicure almond shaped nails

Are you planning a wedding soon? If we managed to influence you with this stunning muted French manicure, then you should definitely show this photo to your manicurist. The chrome finish is so elegant and feminine, and the pearl decorations are just the cherry on top. I love that the French tips are abstract as well. This adds a nice touch to the nail design.

Why Is The Muted French Manicure So Trendy?

With the growing popularity of the minimalistic luxurious barely-there manicure trends, it is normal for the muted French manicure to be a trend. A lot of the it-girls are adapting these subtle nail design that are certainly considered as the “no makeup makeup” in the manicure world. If you are a fan of the minimalism, get an appointment at the salon and ask for the muted French manicure ASAP!

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almond shaped pink faded french nails

Muted French Manicure Ideas 2023

stiletto shaped muted french manicure

Chrome Square Shaped White Muted French Nails

lavender muted french tip nails square shaped

Pink Chrome Faded French Nails Almond Shaped

pink chrome muted french manicure

Purple Muted French Manicure

purple square shape muted french manicure

Short Almond Muted French Manicure

short almond muted french tip nails faded manicure

Ombre Muted French Manicure

ombre muted french manicure almond shaped

White Muted French Manicure with Decorations

white muted french manicure square shaped with decoration

Pink Almond Shaped Muted French Tip Nails

pink muted french manicure almond shaped

Simple Almond Shaped Donut Glazed Muted French Nails

faded french manicure almond shaped nude fall nails trends 2023

Coloured French Tip Acrylic Nails

french tip nails with a twist muted black manicure

Milky White Muted French Pedicure

milky white muted french pedicure

Wedding White Muted French Tip Nails Almond Shaped

stunning white muted french tip nails

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