DIY Custom Painted Jeans: 3 Easy Ways to Upcycle Old Denim Pants This Weekend!

by Kremy

Denim has always been, and probably always will be incredibly popular – it is practical, comfortable and versatile. Custom painted jeans were a huge trend a couple of years ago, but their popularity is growing and it looks like painted denim is returning in style.

diy custom painted jeans 3 easy ways to upcycle old denim pants this weekend

Are you tired of your blue/black jeans? How about add some zest and transform a dull pair of denim pants into something original? Here are the coolest ideas for DIY custom painted jeans that you can do at home. And no, you do not have to be a skilled artist to create a unique pair of hand painted jeans.

Custom Painted Jeans – An Easy DIY Project to Get You on Top of Fashion Trends

hand painted denim easy diy ideas


There are many ways to customize a pair of jeans – from embroidery to patches, adding rhinestones or lace and all of these were fashionable at some point. However, the easiest option is painting. And even if you absolutely do not know how to draw, it is not a problem.

how to paint on denim upcycle old jeans 3 diy projects

Hand-painting is a great way to add exclusivity to your favorite jeans. Choose a motif that inspires you and then use a simple technique – stamps, stencils, templates, redraw your favorite picture, etc. You can paint only one pocket of the pants, if you want to stay on the discreet side. We shall help you, of course, with DIY instructions and tips so that your custom painted jeans are absolutely unique.

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How to Paint on Jeans?

how to paint on jeans upcycle old jeans

Free hand painting on denim sounds like a real challenge. However, even you’re not really good at drawing, if you take your time, it can be really easy. Choose a simple pattern and try it on another piece of fabric first. Then you’re ready to go!


  • A pair of jeans
  • A pencil
  • Paintbrush
  • Acrylic or fabric paints in colors of your choice


  • Use a pencil to outline the design of your painting – flowers, leaves, etc.
  • Use the paint brush and paint and go over the outline with the respective color. Then fill in the design with the colors that you selected.
  • Leave the paint dry completely, preferably overnight.
  • Use an old pillowcase or a piece of clean cloth and lay it on top of the painted area. Iron over the fabric to make sure the paint sticks to the denim. Optionally, you can use a blow dryer, as heat helps the paint set.

Use Stencils for Your Custom Painted Jeans

custom painted jeans easy diy projects to get you on top of fashion trends

You are not skilled at drawing and your artistic skills are next to zero? Don’t panic! With the help of a stencil and a sponge you can hand paint denim pants without any problem at all! Here’s how to do it:


  • A stencil – you can draw a simple pattern like flowers or hearts or find a suitable motif on the Internet Cardboard
  • Fabric paint
  • A sponge

diy custom painted jeans tutorial


  • Transfer the selected pattern on the cardboard and cut it.
  • Protect the fabric. Make sure to have polyethylene inside the leg/pocket so the paint doesn’t print onto the opposite side.
  • Mark the place where you want to apply the pattern with a tiny dot.
  • Place the stencil over the marked area.
  • Dip the sponge in the paint. Make sure you do not use too much paint. Wipe it off, if necessary.
  • Paint your jeans with the help of the stencil. When done, carefully lift the stencil and move to the next area that you marked.
  • Leave the paint dry overnight.
  • Place an old sheet or a piece of fabric over the jeans and iron them so that the paint sets.
  • Wash with cool water.

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DIY Paint Splatter Hand Painted Jeans

diy paint splatter hand painted jeans

One of the best things about painting on denim is that you don’t need to be perfectly neat. You can smear the paint on the fabric and still have a unique look. How to make paint splatter custom painted jeans? Just follow these steps!

What you need:

  • Fabric paint or Acrylic paint in colors of your choice
  • A pair of jeans
  • Brushes
  • An old toothbrush
  • An old sheet


  • Place the old sheet under your jeans to protect the table (floor) from paint.
  • Lay the jeans on top of the sheet and use the brushes and the toothbrush to splatter paints in a chaotic manner.
  • Leave the jeans to dry overnight.
  • Use an old pillowcase or a piece of clean cloth and lay it on top of the jeans. Iron over the fabric to make sure the paint sticks to the denim.
  • Wash the painted jeans with cool water.

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