How to Reuse and Upcycle Old Jeans in the Garden – Useful and Decorative Ideas to Copy!

by Kremy

Everyone has at least one pair of jeans stashed in the closet, which you kind of like, but for whatever reason no longer wear. Well, it is time to clean the closet and finally find a better use for them. How about using the jeans to make garden decorations or other useful things for outside? We’ve put together a few creative and practical ideas which will show you how to reuse and upcycle old jeans. So, what can you do with an old pair of jeans?

how to reuse and upcycle old jeans original ideas for the garden

How to Reuse and Upcycle Old Jeans – DIY Flower Pots

plant bags on a rustic board for decorating balcony and garden with flowers


This is a great idea to reuse and upcycle old jeans. Although this craft project requires some sewing, it’s not a difficult task, so even a beginner can try the idea. If you don’t feel like sewing, you can use glue instead. To make these original flower pots you will need:

  • old jeans – one trouser leg per pot
  • one belt loop per pot
  • big plastic bottles
  • wooden plank
  • nails and hammer
  • needle and thread
  • textile glue
  • wood varnish and brush
  • sandpaper
  • hook
  • scissors

DIY Flower Pots from Old Jeans – Instructions

upcycling old jeans diy mini herb garden

Sand the plank and then paint it with any paint you like. Since you will be using the decoration for the garden, you should also use a varnish that will protect the wood from the weather. Then let the paint dry. In the meantime, you can reuse and upcycle old jeans and make flower pots:

Using scissors, cut off the plastic bottles about 6 inches/16 cm high. Now cut off the lower part of the pants legs as well. These should be about 1 inch/ 2.5 cm longer than the cut bottles. Turn the cut jeans legs inside out. Cut the bottom corners to make them more rounded. Then stich or glue the bottom.

sew a pouch from a pant leg and use a plastic bottle as a pot

Now you can turn the pouch you made inside out again, sew on a belt loop and place one of the cut bottles inside. The bottles play the role of planters and are intended to catch excess irrigation water. Accordingly, you can put your flowers or plants directly into the bottles with their pot.

upcycle old jeans diy wall decoration for the garden with herbs in pots

Once the painted plank has dried you can screw the hooks into place. Use the plank vertically or horizontally as you like. You can then screw the board directly to a wall or attach a hook and hang it up temporarily. In this example how to reuse and upcycle old jeans, herbs were used for a DIY mini garden. If you decide to take advantage of this idea, you can label strips of fabric with the respective spice names and glue them on the jeans pockets.

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Reuse and Upcycle Old Jeans and Make a Garden Apron for Tools

how to reuse and upcycle old jeans easy craft ideas diy garden tool apron

Anyone who likes garden work will know the problem: Carrying all those gardening tools around can be very annoying. But in a box you have to dig out each tool first. How about such a practical apron, with which you have everything you need right at hand? To reuse and upcycle old jeans you will need:

  • an old pair of jeans
  • sewing machine (alternatively textile glue)
  • cloth scissors
  • seam ripper
  • pins
  • optional: bias tape

How to Make a Garden Apron from Old Jeans – Here’s How It’s Done:

how to make a garden apron for tools from old jeans

If you want to try this idea to reuse and upcycle old jeans, first cut off the pant legs. Now cut the front of the resulting shorts along the side seam up to the waistband, but don’t cut the waistband. Then continue cutting along the bottom edge of the waistband until you reach the other side seam where you will cut down again. Leave all belt loops intact when cutting. What should now be left is the part with the back pockets and the entire waistband.

how to reuse and upcycle old jeans diy garden apron instructions

Use the seam ripper to remove the belt loops and fix them with pins anywhere on the apron. Since these loops are intended for hanging tools, you should attach them horizontally. Then sew them in place with a simple hand stitch. If you like, you can now sew (or alternatively glue) bias binding along the edges. To do this, pin it to the hem at smaller intervals and sew with a sewing machine with a jeans needle. You’re done! You can now easily tie the apron around your waist using the existing button and buttonhole.

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Quick Upcycling of Old Jeans – Bench Decoration with Flowers

garden decorating ideas how to upcycle old jeans

This idea for a denim garden decoration using old jeans takes a little getting used to and might even be creepy for some. But if you do enjoy upcycling old jeans, you can do it in just a few minutes. Here’s what you need:

  • A pair of old jeans
  • Any flowers or plants
  • Bubble wrap
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors
  • Belt
  • Old shoes
  • Flower pot bottom tray

How to Reuse and Upcycle Old Jeans – Plant Flowers In the Pants

how to reuse and upcycle old jeans diy garden decoration fill legs with bubble wrap

How to plant flowers into old jeans? Make rolls out from the bubble wrap and the adhesive tape. Wrap the flower pot with bubble wrap in the same way and place it on the bottom tray. In this way, you will prevent the pants from getting wet when watering. Now insert the rolls into the trouser legs to shape the legs. You can choose different poses. Just experiment.

creative idea for garden decoration upcycle old jeans

Place the pot inside the pants at the hip area, thread a belt through the belt loops and buckle it. Now place the trouser legs in the prepared shoes and your extraordinary garden decoration is ready.

how to reuse and upcycle old jeans diy flower stand

Tip: If you insert wooden slats, sticks or metal rods in the pants legs, you can also create standing jeans and decorate other areas in the garden in this way.

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