How to Repurpose Old Bed Sheets? Here Are 10 Creative and Useful Ideas!

by Radost P.

You probably have at least one set of bed sheets in your wardrobe that you do not use anymore, right? Yet, you maybe do not feel like throwing it away since this is a favorite thing that reminds you of childhood memories. Or, you just do not have the time to declutter all this stuff after a busy day at work. Whatever the case might be, no worries. We have collected top creative and crafty ways to repurpose old bed sheets! So, if you are curious, keep on reading.

What To Do With Old Bed Sheets? 10 Crafty Ways to Repurpose Them This Season!

what to do with old bed sheets feel like throwing it away since this is a favorite thing that reminds you of childhood memories do not have the time to declutter stuff

Think about it for a second – there are so many benefits of repurposing your old items that you should definitely take advantage of! For example, if you are a creative person or aim to improve your creativity, repurposed projects can bring you inspiration. Also, most crafting activities are done in the company of your family or friends. So, they can actually help you strengthen those relationships! Last but not least, reusing your old items is one of the best things you can do for the environment. So, let’s check out some creative ideas on repurposing old bed sheets!

Comfortable Pajama Pants

One way to reuse your old bed sheets is to turn them into comfortable pajama pants. The good thing is that they are easy to make, and you can wear them while sleeping. If the sheets do not have patterns on them, you could add some, according to your preferences.

Stylish Curtains

what should i do with old bed sheets


Summer is coming, and you need new curtains for your windows? In this case, your old bed sheets can come in handy! If you have kids, they probably prefer themed curtains with their favorite characters. Well, why not put into use the sheets instead of buying brand-new curtains?

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Laundry Bags

Feeling tired of always dividing the clean clothes from the dirty ones on your own? Make some laundry bags out of the bed sheets that you do not use anymore! They will make the laundry process easier for you, since you will not waste time in categorizing the clothes.

DIY Tents for Kids

how to repurpose bed sheets

I bet that all kids love spending time in tents while playing outside! Besides, having a one or two of them in your backyard can protect your children from sunburn. Instead of investing resources in buying new tents, you can repurpose your old bed sheets by using a plastic hula hoop.

Repurpose Old Bed Sheets in Plant Protector

When the cold months come, your plants need to be insulated and protected from the low temperatures and wind. One way to provide them with a comfort is to use your old bed sheets. By covering the plants, the risk of freezing decreases significantly.

Reusable Cloth Napkins

reuse of old bed sheets how to repurpose bed sheets

Repurposing your old bed sheets into cloth napkins can actually save trees! According to experts, most paper napkins and towels cannot be recycled due to food grease. Reusable cloth napkins or dish towels are a great and sustainable alternative that you should definitely consider!

Pillow Case

This is probably the easiest hack – make several pillow cases out of your bed sheets. While you do not plan on using them as they are, you could save some money on buying new pairs of pillow cases.

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Bed for Your Pets

how to repurpose bed sheets reuse of old bed sheets

No matter if you have a cat or a dog, I guess that they will love the idea of having a warm and cozy place to play and sleep in! So, why not reuse those old bed sheets? In this way, you will be sure that your pet’s bed is safe and comfy!

New Tablecloth

Need a new tablecloth with colorful and fresh patterns? Well, you could easily cut the bedroom sheets down to the size that you prefer and use them as an outdoor tablecloth!

Simple DIY Hammock

how to make a hammock out of old bed sheets

Let’s be honest, who does not like to relax on their hammock throughout the sunny summer days? Fortunately, you can make a hammock on your own by repurposing old bed sheets. You just need to use a strong cord that will support the hammock, so that it cannot fall on the ground.

In conclusion, instead of throwing away your old bed sheets, why not try to repurpose them? There are so many sustainable and creative ideas that you may consider, and that is why we decided to help you out a bit! We hope that this article was useful to you in the way that you will actually take an action after reading it!

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