What Color to Avoid with White Hair and Which Ones to Prefer? Fashion Tips for a Chic Look!

by Kremy

Are you tired of hair colors that make you look trendy, but are harsh and end up weakening your hair? Determined to opt for natural grayness, you’re faced with a challenge. Which color to favor and which color to avoid with white hair? Because it’s not the same thing to be blonde and opt for cold colors! It’s more difficult to find the right palette for your clothes when you let your hair grow naturally. Let’s take a look at the possibilities!

What Color to Avoid with White Hair? Is It Crucial for the Look?

what colors to wear with white hair and which ones to avoid

It’s not rocket science to follow trends in fashion and design. When it comes to the flagship Pantone color that influences interior decoration, we adopt lightly. Whether it’s Viva Magenta 2023 or the Very Peri purple of 2022! The desire to bring a breath of fresh air to your interior can only lead to a beautiful result. But is it the same when you want to wear a trendy garment in a trendy color and you’ve got silver hair? Why the knowledge which color to avoid with white hair can be crucial for our good look?

what color to avoid with white hair and which ones to prefer


Bored by the frequent transformations and the waste of time and money, you decide to go natural. But this will lead to changes in the wardrobe. The good news is that it will be forever or at least for a long time. There are colors that will rejuvenate you, others will make you look unhealthy, and some shades that will make you invisible. Which ones to choose or not to choose with the aristocratic white locks? (Remember the white wigs that nobility once wore!) Betting on contrast is a trick that will never fail you!

What Color to Avoid with White Hair That Make You Invisible?

what color to avoid with white hair

Playing with colors is almost an art. The main rule to remember is that if you wear pale or neutral shades, you will look livid and highlight your grayness and not your beautiful features. What color to avoid with white hair? Say goodbye to mustard, olive green, camel and rust! These colors tend to make you invisible and depersonalize you.

On the contrary, when the color of the garment is in harmony with the complexion of the face and the white hair, you will look elegant and dignified How about an anti-aging haircut that enhances silver locks and a garment that goes perfectly with them? How to succeed?

What Are the Best Clothes Colors to Wear with White Hair?

what colors to wear with white hair fashion tips for older women

Flatter yourself with navy and teal blue, which ideally complement gray hair, as well as dark purple.

Let’s continue the list with lilac or lavender which are noble colors. And finally, the tartan red which magnifies gray hair.

Now I’ll tell you a secret! The easiest way to choose the colors for your clothing is to keep in mind that gray hair is enhanced and highlighted by jewel-toned colors.

What Color Should the Accessories Be?

what colors to wear with white hair match color accessories jewelry

Anything that can age and yellow the skin should be avoided, especially yellow or gold jewelry, amber, coral or yellow topaz. If your goal is to look dazzling, choose white gold, silver and platinum instead.

What about the glasses? Avoid tortoiseshell and bronze, and opt for frames in burgundy, steel blue or pewter shades.

Cinnamon brown is not suitable for handbags, boots, wallets and belts. Instead, opt for pink or white in summer and burgundy leather accessories in winter. These colors will go well with your gray hair and make even the most boring outfit fun.

Keep in mind that all of the above are suggestions and some of the recommended options may not work for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and don’t hesitate to ask a friend for advice. You should also take selfies so you get an objective view of your color choices and fashion decisions.

Let’s generalize that the winning formula is in contrast: white or gray hair with black, navy blue, sapphire, royal blue, ruby, fuchsia, magenta and purple. Chic!


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