Fashion Guide: How to Dress at 80 and Not Look Like a “Granny”?

by Kremy

How to dress at 80 to look young and fresh? What is the ideal wardrobe at this age? What colors should you choose and what colors should you avoid when your hair is gray or white? Discover our tips and fashion ideas to be beautiful and chic in 2023!

Age is just a number and yet… As the years go by, we women sometimes tend to neglect style over comfort. Yes, our body may not be the same as it was at 30 or even 50. Still, that doesn’t mean we can’t be chic and stylish, while choosing comfortable pieces! How to dress at 80 to avoid looking like a “granny”, then? What principles should we follow to avoid outfits that make us look older, and instead opt for looks that rejuvenate and refresh our appearance? What do stylists think?

What Is the Ideal Wardrobe for an 80-Year-Old Woman?

the perfect wardrobe to look chic at 80 2023

How to dress at 80 and look chic and elegant? First of all it is extremely important to choose your clothes in the right size and avoid and avoid shapeless pieces. If possible, prefer pieces that are tight around the waist to emphasize it: wearing a belt is always a good choice.

Regarding the type of clothing, dresses are a great classic, but opt for straight models that go to or a little below the knees and with sleeves. V-necklines are a very flattering detail for women over 70. Straight and long pants made of quality materials are also suitable for an elegant and chic look.

What Colors to Wear and How to Dress At 80 When You Have Gray Hair?

how to dress at 80 what colors to wear with gray hair


No matter how old we are, neutral colors are always a good choice! There is really nothing better than classic combinations like white and black or beige and white to feel beautiful, elegant and really chic in your clothes when you have white hair! Monochromatic outfits are also a great idea for chic women in their 80s! In addition to white, black and beige, also opt for grey, brown, camel or gold for a touch of glamour!

On the other hand, if you’ve embraced your naturally gray and silver hair, pink, purple and smoky shades will suit you just fine. For white hair, bright shades like teal or magenta purple are a great choice. Jewel shades like royal blue, ruby red and purple are a great classic that exudes elegance and are perfect to choose for dressing an 80 year old woman and looking younger.

What Colors Should You Avoid So You Don’t Look Too Pale or Bland with Gray or White Hair?

how to dress at 80 ideas chic wardrobe 2023

Generally speaking, olive green, mustard, coral, amber or yellow shades should not be worn close to the face by mature women with gray or white hair. They are likely to make the face look yellowish.

How to Look Chic and Elegant When You Are 80 Years Old?

how to dress at 80 years old woman chic ideas dress

No matter how old we are, simplicity is always a key factor when it comes to looking elegant and chic. And, if at 30 years old wearing too many accessories could sometimes be very fun, at 80 years old, it’s something that should be avoided! The same applies for shades that are too bright, floral prints or even dresses that are too wide and flowing. Stylists advise finding pieces that give you a simple, yet feminine look, are of good quality and suit your lifestyle well.

What Type of Pants to Choose at This Age?

what pants for an 80 year old woman

As mentioned earlier in the article, straight pants in neutral or rather dark shades are a good choice for ladies who wonder how to dress at 80. Suit pants are also very elegant, but choose materials that fall well on the body and flatter the figure.

And, can you wear jeans at 80? Yes, absolutely, if you choose the right cut! As with the pants, the straight cut is perfect for mature women. Choose models with an elastic waist to feel more comfortable in them and avoid faded colors.

What Shoes to Wear After 70?

trendy shoes for 80 year old women

Although comfort often comes first when it comes to choosing shoes, sneakers and athletic shoes are a big NO if you want to look stylish and chic in your 80s! Opt instead for a pair of classic and simple shoes, whether they are flats or with heels. Subtle designs are always easier to wear with everything and much more versatile! Forget big patterns and flashy colors that will ruin your look!

Image Gallery for Inspiration

how to dress at 80 ideas for mature women

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how to dress after 70

Do Not Forget the Accessories to Make Your Look More Interesting

how to dress after 80 and look chic

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how to dress when you have grey hair

Don’t Be Afraid of Patterns and Prints!

chic modern look mature women 75 years old


Dress with Floral Patterns in Black And White

dress for mature woman

Casual Outfit Idea for The Holidays

casual outfit women over 70 80 years of age

Navy Is Always a Good Choice When It Comes to Colors

modern clothes how to dress at 80


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