20+ Long Gray Hairstyles for Women Over 50 – This Is How to Wear Your Silver Mane!

by Kremy

Should women over 50 wear long hair? Does long hair make you look younger or older? You will hear that at mature age this is inappropriate, but we do not think so! Even if you have gray hair, it is not a reason to go for a short haircut. There are many ladies who, even after 50, do not want to part with their gorgeous hair. If your hair is healthy and you take good care of it, there is no reason to cut it, right? Get inspired by these long gray hairstyles for women over 50!

Does Long Hair Make You Look Younger or Older After 50 Years of Age?

20+ flattering long gray hairstyles for women over 50

A long, beautiful and thick hair after 50 is a proof of health, and a body full of strength. Yes, gray hair care is important for the shiny look of your strands. Every self-respecting lady knows that a well-chosen hairstyle can help adjust the shape of the face, hide broad cheekbones, wrinkles or other age related problems. Long gray hairstyles for women over 50 accentuate your mature beauty and charm. In addition, gray hair is trendy! See how many options are available for any occasion! If you do not have problems with the health of your gray hair, then feel free to wear any of the hairstyles that we shall show you in this article.

Straight Long Grey Hair

straight long grey hair trendy hairstyles silver hair


Nothing makes long gray hair shine more than a simple straight hairstyle. The smooth and sleek locks make your silver hair look gorgeous.

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Side Swept Long Silver Hair

side swept long silver hair long gray hairstyles for women over 50

Straight or wavy, side swept long silver hair is sexy and fun! If you’re looking for a Hollywood vibe, you will love this look!

Long Gray Hairstyles for Women Over 50 – The Ponytail

long gray hairstyles for women over 50 the ponytail trend

Ponytail hairstyles are a huge trend in 2023. Do you think that this hairstyle is not for you? You are wrong! A sleek high or low ponytail is perfect for your long silver locks! The ponytail is a versatile hairstyle for every day and for special occasions and you can wear it with confidence!

Long Gray Hairstyles for Women Over 50 – Soft Waves

long gray hairstyles for women over 50 soft waves

Soft waves, beach waves, Scandi waves – long silver waves are gorgeous! This casual hairstyle is perfect for every day. Remember to use nourishing masks, conditioners, oils and moisturizers to maintain your silver hair well-groomed and healthy.

Voluminous Curls for Long Silver Hair

voluminous curls for long silver hair trendy long gray hairstyles

A voluminous wavy hairstyle is perfect for women with thin hair, as it will give volume and texture.

Long Shag Haircut for Women over 50 with Gray Hair

long shag haircut for women over 50 with long gray hair

A long shag haircut that frames your face beautifully is flattering for older women and will make you look younger. Its structure emphasizes the cheekbones. The long shag cut is perfectly combined with curtain bangs.

Rejuvenating Haircut with Long Feather-Style Layers for Women Over 50

rejuvenating haircut with long layers for women over 50 with gray hair

Feather layers add volume and structure to the hair, but they also make you look younger. The layers frame the face and you can combine the hairstyle with long bangs.

Long Layered Gray Hairstyles for Women Over 50

long layered gray hairstyles for women over 50

Long layered gray hairstyles are the perfect choice for thin hair. Layered hairstyles are always flattering for older women as they add texture, volume and movement to the silver strands. These hairstyles are a good choice for thick hair as well as they will remove weight and your hair will not look flat and lifeless. With or without bangs? As you know, a fringe is the easiest way to change your appearance and in addition, bangs can make you look younger, so do not be afraid to go for a fringe!

Elegant Bun Hairstyles

elegant bun hairstyles for women with long gray hair

Classic low bun, high bun, half up, French twist – there is no doubt that bun hairstyles are suitable for every age and in any situation! A bun is quick to style, neat and comfortable to wear and looks incredibly stylish!

Long Gray Hairstyles for Women Over 50 – Trendy Braids

long gray hairstyles for women over 50 trendy braids

A small detail can transform any hairstyle. Even a simple braid can give you a fresh look. Braid your long silver hair on one side, and the careless touch will emphasize your natural beauty. How about a classic French braid? Or a fishtail braid? You can even combine braids and bun hairstyles. Isn’t that great!

Updos for Long Gray Hair

updos for long gray hair

An updo is of course, the perfect hairstyle for special occasions. You can choose a sleek hairstyle or add an artistic flair with some loose strands that will only add to your charm.



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