Gray Hair with Highlights: The Most Beautiful Looks to Spice Up Your Silver Mane!

by Kremy

Are you getting tired of constantly re-dyeing your gray hair? You don’t have to! Instead, how about showing off your silver mane by spicing up gray hair with highlights?

spice up gray hair with highlights cool hairstyles for women over 50

When we look at the hairstyle trends for fall 2023, it immediately becomes clear to us – gray is the new black! Gray hair is nothing to be ashamed of and thankfully the days of hiding it are long gone. It’s not just mature women who are proud of their age – younger girls are also dying their hair in the trendy color and showing us how cool gray hair actually is. So embrace your natural beauty and learn how to spice up gray hair with highlights.

Spice Up Gray Hair with Highlights: You Have These Options

covering gray hair with highlights cool hairstyles for women over 50


Whether it’s a classic bob for older women or sassy hairstyles for gray hair over 60, we at Deavita believe that age is nothing more than a number. There is no age limit for a cool look and every one of us wants to look beautiful. From classic highlights to subtle baby lights to herringbone highlights – the options for covering and sprucing up gray hair with highlights now seem endless. So call the hair salon quickly because you will soon find your new favorite look – we promise!

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Classic Highlights for Gray Hair

gray hair with highlights cool hairstyles for older women over 50

Hairstyle trends are a dime a dozen, but there are some classics that you can always rely on. Traditional, but by no means boring and a great eye-catcher – classic highlights are a tried and tested method to spice up gray hair with highlights and achieve a multidimensional look.

rejuvenating hairstyles for women over 50 spice up gray hair with highlights

To give the hair more dimension and vibrancy, the highlights are applied evenly from root to tip.

balayage for gray hair long hairstyles for women over 50

To make the strands as close as possible to your original hair color, it’s best to go for cooler shades such as ice blonde or ashy tones (which, by the way, are one of the biggest hair color trends for fall 2023). It looks particularly beautiful if you spice up the hairline with lighter sections of hair.

Refresh Gray Hair with Balayage

balayage for gray hair modern hairstyles for women over 50

Subtle, elegant and yet a great eye-catcher – for years now, the balayage coloring technique has been setting the tone when it comes to hairstyle trends. To achieve the most natural and flattering look possible, the hair color is applied freehand and the highlights bring plenty of movement and dynamics to the hair.

balayage for gray hair how to conceal gray hair with highlights

In contrast to classic highlights, the roots of balayage for gray hair are not colored. The result is a super gentle color transition that actually makes our hair look longer.

which hair length for older women to spice up gray hair with highlights

To spice up your silver mane, it’s best to work with cool and ash gray shades that reflect light. If you want a more radical change, you can bring gray hair to life with ice blonde and silver highlights.

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Spice Up Gray Hair with Lowlights

what are lowlights gray hair with highlights

Lowlights are slightly darker highlights and the coloring technique has become increasingly popular over the years. This method is also a great option to spice up gray hair with highlights and achieve a youthful look.

babylights for gray hair pictures which hair length makes you younger

To create great accents and add more dynamism to the hair, we work with shades that are one or two shades darker than our natural hair color. The contrast between the lighter and darker areas of hair creates more depth and provides a wonderful shine. And the best? Since the hair should not be lightened beforehand with lowlights, they are much gentler on the hair structure than balayage.

Babylights and Gray Hair

gray hair with highlights what are babylights

Discreet and subtle, babylights are ideal for those who want just a slight change and add a vibrant touch to our hair. These are very fine and tiny strands that run gently downwards and create a dynamic look. Usually they don’t start directly at the hairline, but a few inches below and therefore look much more natural.

what are babylights hairstyle trend fall 2023 hiding gray hair with highlights

To emphasize our facial features, the front sections of hair on the sides of the face are accentuated. To achieve this natural glow, only light and barely visible light effects are applied to the remaining hair. Just like with balayage, babylights are applied by hand with a brush and the gentle color gradient really looks great.

Herringbone Highlights as a Hairstyle Trend in Fall 2023

herringbone highlights hairstyle trend fall 2023 spice up gray hair with highlights

Highlights are no longer just highlights and there are now a variety of techniques to refresh our hair. Herringbone highlights are the newest phenomenon in the beauty world and are being hailed as one of the biggest hairstyle trends for fall 2023. Those of you who want to emphasize their natural beauty and subtly spice up your gray hair with highlights will love the trend.

what are herringbone highlights hairstyle trend 2023 spice up gray hair with highlights

It’s not about hiding our silver mane, but rather cleverly showcasing it. To achieve these flattering looks, the hairline itself is used as a highlight and blended with the appropriate shades. However, the foils are not attached directly on top of each other, but rather at a slight angle, like in the herringbone pattern – hence the name. And the best? Since the highlights blend in naturally with the rest of your hair, you don’t have to go to the hairdresser every 4 weeks.

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