How to Wear Dress Pants After 50? – 15 Chic Fashion Trends to Copy for Fall/Winter 2023!

by Stephanie Yankova

What pants should a woman wear in her 50s? Aren’t you tired of rocking the same form-fitting skinny jeans? How about adopting a new modern silhouette that will transform completely your fall wardrobe? Are you ready to learn how to wear dress pants after 50? Discover 15 chic must-have trendy pairs that every woman should own for fall/winter 2023! 

Women’s Dress Pants – This Season’s Must-Have!

dress pants woman 50 years old

The dress pants, usually considered rather masculine, are the newest fall/winter 2023 fashion trend for those who want to look chic for this cozy season! For some time now, we’ve seen that they are not strictly reserved for business attire, and are gradually becoming a fashion staple. More and more women are gravitating towards them to create exciting looks that are both casual and elegant.

Furthermore, we’ve evolved way past the black, gray, brown, and stripe classic dress pants! Nowadays, they can be found in many bright and joyful colors, various patterns, and textiles! Over time, their silhouette has also been adapted to the female figure in a way that flatters the feminine curves. The high-waisted wide-leg fit hugs the hips and elongates the legs beautifully, making this a well-suited garment for all body types!

If you want to bring a touch of refinement and effortless elegance into your wardrobe this season but aren’t sure how to wear dress pants, our styling guide will help you learn how to build a fabulous modern look with minimal effort!

How to Choose Tailored Pants for Women Aged 50 and Over?

styling dress pants after 50 years woman trench fall 2023


The dress pants aren’t very different from all the other ones you wear: they can be found in a variety of colors, materials, and different cuts. Here are some tips on how to choose the best ones for you:

  • Consider your body type: Although this piece of clothing flatters most body types, if you’re slim and petite expert stylists suggest you opt for a silhouette that’s more oversized a la palazzo, which will optically elongate your figure. If you have a muffin top you want to hide, opt for a high-waisted pair that will immediately remove a few pounds from your hips and waist!
  • Pick a color: Red is the trendiest color of the season and is a brilliant option for a woman in her 50s who wants to stand out and make an impression! However, colors such as pink, and blue, as well as neutral earthy shades would also work really well! If you want to try out a funky pattern, swap the classic stripes for playful polka dots!
  • Pick a fabric: Contrary to what some may think, satin remains a favorite material of fashion designers for fall 2023. However, if you have a fuller figure, it’s better to avoid it and opt for one that doesn’t accentuate your curves. Cotton or wool are great organic alternatives!

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How to Wear Dress Pants After 50 and Achieve a Modern and Rejuvenating Style for Fall?

dress pants 60 years old woman modern look rejuvenating

How should dress pants be worn? Well, there’s certainly no strict rule that any of us must follow, especially in 2023 when we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of the status quo! However, there are a couple of advantages to wearing this particular garment over 50 that will instantly turn it into your newest favorite wardrobe staple! They’re timeless, suitable for every body type, elongate your frame, and also conceal a multitude of imperfections in the lower part of the body. Scroll on to discover some super easy and trendy ideas on how to style them for the fall!

What to Wear with Women’s Dress Pants? – A Shirt, Of Course!

how to wear dress pants after 50 years woman trend fall 2023

Are you tired of wearing boring work attire consisting of black tailored pants and a basic white blouse? This fall we’re saying ‘yes’ to bright, energetic, and rejuvenating colors! Style your classy pants with a tucked-in oversized shirt for an effortless youthful look!

What Jacket to Wear with Tailored Pants?

how dress pants should be worn 50 year old woman

Depending on your own personal style (and climate) you can easily style tailored pants with an oversized blazer, a modern trench coat, leather or denim jacket. And don’t forget the appropriate accessories for the season, such as a beautiful scarf, or a smart hat to finish off your outfit.

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What Shoes Should 50-Year-Old Women Wear with Dress Pants?

wardrobe perfect woman 50 year rejuvenate 2023

Almost any shoe style can be worn with tailored pants. Depending on their length, you can opt for ballerinas, trendy loafers, a pair of pumps, or heeled ankle boots. To elongate your silhouette, choose the same color shoes as your pants. This will create the optical illusion of longer legs.

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Other Fashionable Outfit Ideas to Try

modern look woman 50 years trend fall winter 2023

Casual Chic Outfit Idea for Fall

casual look chic women 50 years fall winter 2024 tailored dress pants

Tailored Pants Paired with a Blazer

look feminine modern blazer oversize fashion trends fall 2023

Dress Pants Styled with a Denim Shirt

modern look woman 50 years fall 2023 jeans jacket

Denim Tailored Pants with an Oversized White Shirt

how to wear dress pants after 50 years woman

Elegant Look in Black

dress pants trends 2023 2024 fall women over 50

Effortless Baggy Black and White Outfit

trendy dress pants fall winter 2023 woman 50 years old

Elegant Suit for Women Aged 50 and Over

style dress pants woman 50 years old

Stylish Old Money Outfit Idea for Fall 2023

modern fashion trends women over 50 fall 2023 2024

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