How to Wear Aura Print? Dress in Colors That You Connect With!

by Gabby

Dressing super well for the day can really elevate our sprites and put us in a good mood. Of course, we all want to look and feel good right? That is why we try to keep up with the trends even if they are changing every season and there is always something new coming up. Speaking of uplifting our spirits, have you heard about the aura print? If you saw the spring print trends 2023, then you probably know that this is going to be a hit that we have to try out! How to wear the aura print? What is it exactly? Let’s find out!

What is the aura print?

how to wear aura print 2023 fashion tips women spring summer trends

Have you ever thought about auras? Some people believe that they can even see them and every aura has a different pattern of colors. That’s sounds kind of cool! According to some researches, we all radiate very low levels of electricity, which can be considered as an electromagnetic field. This energy is certainly invisible to the human eye, but most of the time you can actually feel it. It is surrounding all living things. The AuraCam 6000, which was developed in the 1980s, popularized aura photography, which purports to show the electromagnetic field surrounding a subject. A more conventional Polaroid portrait is given a vibrant tint as a result.

Each hue of the aura has an archetype, in other words a feeling that you can connect with the color itself. It is possible to identify with a color without wearing it from head to toe by identifying with the energy it conveys. You might be drawn to particular colors on different days.

aura print dress outfit inspiration spring summer trends for women


What is the aura print essentially? It is wearing an aura photography on your clothing. People believe that you can actually embrace and transfer the energy of the shade you are wearing. Aura prints are everywhere right now and with a good reason! It feels like you are wearing a unique piece of art while looking absolutely stylish! How to wear aura prints in 2023? Well, you have your first example from the photos. You can wear a stunning dress for the spring/summer season that will make you stand out from the crowd!

How to wear aura print in 2023? Check out our fashion inspirations!

aura print women suit nina ricci collection 2023

Are you ready to jump into this trend? If you are feeling bold, the best way to try out this new pattern is to go for a monochromatic look. Yes, you have to wear it from head to toe for the full experience, if you want to look incredible this season. Don’t hesitate to match it with colorful earrings or shoes that will go with the print. Check out this suit from the Nina Ricci collection, it truly looks like a piece of art that will look amazing for a special occasion. I don’t think there is someone brave enough to wear it at the office…

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Aura print outfit 2023

aura print shirt spring women trends fashion ideas 2023

I know that I said you should try the monochromatic outfit, however for the ladies that are not feeling that bold yet, you can wear a top with aura pattern and march with some trendy jeans. The bootcut will give you this elevated look and the aura print will be the cherry on top. If you want to check out something for more inspiration, discover how to wear women’s bootcut jeans in 2023!

Mini dress with aura pattern

aura mini dress with green and blue outfits for the summer

How to adapt this trend if you want to look absolutely chic? Forget about the classic mini black dress for a second and let’s focus on something that will instantly make you feel like an it-girl. Aura print mini dresses are something that you can wear easily in the summer!

Aura tie-dye clothes

aura tie dye dress fashion runways spring trends 2023

Aura tie-dye can is something that we saw a lot on the runways for the spring/summer fashion season. The designers really got super creative with this trend and we see the results – artwork! On the picture, you can see that there are different colors matched perfectly. So, don’t be afraid to experiment and try to go all out!

How to wear aura print in the spring/summer 2023?

how to wear aura print trends 2023 ideas for women outfits tips and tricks

For this year’s spring, my advice is to go for the bright colors. If you are a fan of the pastels, try to wear them with a bright or neon colors in a perfect mixture. The aura print will allow you to choose the perfect nuances.

Aura print nails

aura nails 2023 manicure design for the spring

How to wear aura print? If you think clothing was your only option, you are wrong! The aura pattern will fit perfectly as your next spring manicure. It is one of the top picks at the moment and you should already get an appointment at the nail salon. I can even inspire you more with these aura nails 2023 designs!

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