Trendy Swimsuits to Hide Your Belly: 6 Models with Great Tummy Control

by Kremy

Swimsuits that hide the belly are getting more and more popular and 2023 is no exception. After all, not all women manage to put their figure in order for the beach season, but they want to look good at the sea. Are you looking for a bathing suit to hide your tummy bulge? If you think that the area of the abdomen is a problem, this is not a sentence and not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure of going to the beach. Let’s have a look at the best swimsuits to hide your belly!

Swimsuits That Hide the Belly for Women of All Ages

trendy swimsuits to hide your belly 6 models with great tummy control

The number of women with an impeccable figure is not that big. The beauty standards imposed from catwalks and pages of magazines are often unachievable for the majority of us, ordinary women. Being a plus size lady is not a cause for concern. A properly selected bathing suit can help us visually correct our figure and that is one of the main reasons that many women are looking for tummy hiding models or models for big bust. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are curvy or overweight. Even women with a small tummy are often hostage to the complexes associated with it.

swimsuits that hide the belly for women of all ages


Swimsuits that hide the belly can help you if you need to conceal a surgery scar, pregnancy stretch marks, C-section mark, etc. So, bathing suits with a twist come to the rescue, allowing you to hide certain flaws in your appearance. We will talk about these models in detail today – trendy swimsuits to hide your belly.

How to Choose a Swimsuit to Hide Your Belly and Look Slimmer?

choose a swimsuit to hide your belly and look slimmer

In most cases, a swimsuit that hides the stomach helps to solve the problem of extra pounds. It can be either one-piece swimsuit or two piece swimsuit. Many brands offer slimming swimsuits that provide optimal support where you need it most. Here are some guidelines for choosing the best swimsuit to hide your belly and look slimmer:

  • Horizontal stripes are also not the best idea, as they make the belly bigger. Opt for vertical stripes.
  • Choose a model flattering to your body shape.
  • A swimsuit with frills or bows will draw attention away from your belly.

swimsuits with a v neckline for curvy women 2023 trends

  • Swimsuits with a V-neckline are the perfect choice for curvy women as they make you look slimmer.
  • If your purpose is to hide a small belly, it is better to avoid white and other light colors, because they visually make the figure look bulkier.

plus size swimsuits colors and prints to look slimmer

  • Dark colors make you look slimmer and hide a little more than light colors. Black swimsuits have always been trendy but you can go for other dark colors – burgundy, color-block (a combination of different colored blocks), asymmetrical horizontal patterns, etc.
  • The quality of fabric is very important, especially when we talk about swimsuits to hide your belly. The fabric should be elastic, but at the same time dense and not stretch in the water.

What Are the Best Swimsuits to Hide Your Belly?

what are the best swimsuits to hide your belly

Before buying a new swimsuit, it is better to try different models and compare the way you look in them. Do not forget that you look for comfort, quality and appearance!

High-Waisted Bikinis are Incredibly Flattering

high waisted bikini are incredibly flattering and hide the tummy

One of the most suitable swimsuits to hide your belly is high-waisted bikini bottoms. They conceal the belly and emphasize the waist, which gives you a beautiful hourglass figure.

Swimsuits to Hide Your Tummy – Tankini

trendy tummy hiding bathing suits tankini

Tankinis are ideal for women who would like to wear a two-piece swimsuit but don’t dare over a big belly. They come in a variety of models – with shorts or skirts, and are very comfortable. Tankini models look attractive on young girls and are perfect for women over 50 as well.

One Piece Swimsuit – A Must Have Bathing Suit to Hide a Tummy

one piece swimsuit a must have bathing suit that hides the belly

One piece swimsuits that hide the tummy are a must have item in the closet of the modern woman. The market offers offers a wide variety of models with a tightening effect in the abdominal area. Color plays a crucial role when choosing a one piece swimsuit. Stripes, prints or solid colors? Designers offer stylish and trendy models from classic black to the most creative and fashionable animal, geometric and floral prints.

One Piece Swimsuits with Fringe

trendy one piece swimsuits with fringe flattering plus size bathing suits

This is another great model that easily hides the stomach, especially if the fringe is at the chest. The fringe diverts the attention from the waistline and attracts the eye at the chest area.

One Piece Swimsuits with Ruffle Trim

one piece swimsuits with ruffle trim plus size swimsuits that hide the tummy

In addition to the fringe models, you can hide your tummy with the help of ruffles. Asymmetric one-shoulder models are exceptionally flattering for women with curves.

Swim Dresses – The Perfect Choice of Tummy Hiding Bathing Suits

swim dresses plus size tummy hiding swimsuits

A swim dress is the perfect choice for women who want to hide not only the belly, but also the buttocks or thighs. Swim dresses look very feminine and definitely have a place in the closet of any lady who wants to hide her belly.

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