One Piece or Two Piece Swimsuit for Women Over 50 to Choose?

by Kremy

It is very easy to get lost in the plethora of swimsuits that brands offer on the market. Do you wonder what to choose? One piece or two piece swimsuit for women over 50? Which models are better and more flattering? Unfortunately, many women often buy something just because they get tired of searching for a suitable model. Very often we choose a budget friendly model but we compromise on quality. But if you learn what kinds of women’s swimwear exist, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each model, you can choose the perfect swimsuit, which will please you with design, good quality and most importantly, you will look good in it!

One Piece or Two Piece Swimsuit for Women Over 50? Choose in Accordance With Your Figure

choose a swimsuit in accordance with your figure

A lot of questions come to mind when we prepare for the summer days and leisure time at the beach. What swimwear is trendy this year? What is better – one piece or two piece swimsuit for women over 50? What are the fashionable colors, prints and patterns? What accessories do we need for a stylish look? Yes, we agree, these are important questions. However, when you choose your swimsuit, one of the most important factors is how you look in it.

how to choose a swimsuit for women over 50


Choosing a swimsuit in accordance with your figure is a clever approach. If you have wide hips, you wouldn’t want a model that is cut too high on the leg. Taknini or a swim dress will be a better choice than bikini, right? If you want to high your belly, you need a tummy control model. Yes, as much as we accept ourselves, the truth is that very few of us are blessed with the perfect body, especially after 50. We have to be realistic about our figure and choose our swimsuits wisely! Remember that you should feel comfortable and confident in whatever model you choose! There is nothing wrong with trying different models and styles. Actually it is a very clever thing to do!

Is a Two Piece Swimsuit Suitable for Women Over 50?

is a two piece swimsuit suitable for women over 50

There are women who, even in their 50s maintain an athletic figure. In such case, wearing a bikini swimsuit is perfectly ok! Do not let age stop you! If you love bikini and you feel confident, just go for them!

What about the rest of us who are far from perfect? Is a two piece swimsuit suitable for women over 50 when we do not want to expose a large bust and when we want to hide our tummy? Now, the good news is that there are good options that can be flattering for not-so-perfect bodies! It is tankini and swim dresses I am talking about. Even high waist bikini are a good option for mature women.

What Are the Disadvantages of a Two Piece Swimsuit?

disadvantages of a two piece swimsuit for women over 50

When we talk about a two piece swimsuit for mature women, we have to admit, that bikini models are the best choice if you want to get a good tan. However, there are some disadvantages that you should keep in mind when shopping for a new swimsuit.

  • Bikini models have no tummy control and you cannot hide back fat either.
  • Thin straps can be very inconvenient and dig in the skin which looks quite unsightly.
  • Tankini tops may ride up the body which is not flattering to the tummy area.
  • Most tankini and swim dress models do not have strong bra support.

What Are The Advantages of One Piece Swimsuit for Women Over 50?

Trendy one piece swimsuit for women over 50

It is a fact that most mature women choose a one piece swimsuit. Why? Because this option offers a number of advantages.

  • One piece swimsuit makes you look slimmer and more elegant. This is the perfect choice for curvy women of all ages, actually, because it hides a few of the extra inches on the waist.
  • These models can help hide your tummy.

one piece or two piece swimsuit for women over 50

  • Your legs look better in a one piece swimsuit. Is that possible? Just think about it! Chest, waist, tummy – all the body is covered and only long legs are in the spotlight.
  • One piece swimsuits are very comfortable to wear. They are perfect for any summer activity – from lying by the pool, to playing games on the beach.
  • If you have a large bust, one piece swimsuit with good bra support is the perfect choice for you. Just make sure you go for wider straps.

 how to choose the best swimsuit for women over 50

In conclusion, we have to say that the answer to the question “One piece or two piece swimsuit for women over 50?” is up to you. Simply choose a bathing suit that makes you feel comfortable!

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