The Best Beach Cover Ups for Over 50: 10 Ideas for a Stunning Look This Summer

by Kremy

What are the best beach cover ups for over 50? With the fast approaching beach season, what do we need? That’s right – to be beautiful, look great and feel comfortable. Beach fashion is not just about swimwear. Many people associate beachwear only with swimsuits, but it is not so. There is a huge number of beach clothes and trendy beachwear is the best way to complement your look.

Beach Cover Ups for Over 50 – Why Do You Need One?

the best beach cover ups for over 50 dazzling ideas for your summer look

Beach cover ups offer a lot of advantages to mature ladies. They conceal any flaws of the figure, like wide hips or a large belly. In addition, they help you look beautiful and allow you to walk to the store or cafe directly from the beach. Another plus of beach cover ups is that you can cover the shoulders and chest so you do not get burned in the sun. It should be noted that for the beach we should buy special clothing that will protect our skin from the ultraviolet rays. So, what are the best beach cover ups for over 50?

Beach Kimono Cover up

beach kimono cover up for over 50 summer fashion beachwear


This lightweight robe can be worn over a swimsuit. Beach kimono cover-ups look very stylish and come in different lengths so you can choose long or midi version. A kimono is suitable for all body shapes and comes in numerous bright colors and fashionable prints. This type of beachwear is not only functional, but also very beautiful and is the perfect choice for women over 50 if they want to look elegant at the beach.

An Oversized White Shirt

a white shirt looks good with any type and swimsuit style

A white shirt looks good with any type and swimsuit style, it also protects the body from the burning sunlight. The main thing is to choose a product made of natural fabric.

A Beach Tunic

beachwear trends tunic cover upfor over 50

Another beachwear trend is the tunic. This is a great choice for ladies who prefer the loose cut and appreciate the convenience and comfort of the tunic. Beach tunics are not only practical, but also very feminine and fashionable. They are perfect to wear over a swimsuit in windy weather and you can wear them for a coffee or a drink at a beach bar or lunch at a beach restaurant.

Crochet Dress

crochet dresses are really attractive as a beach cover up

Crochet dresses are returning to fashion and they look really attractive as a beach cover up. The market offers numerous models in different lengths and styles. It is recommended to avoid designs that are too extravagant and will expose more than you want to show. Midi or maxi length will help you look classy and chic.

Beach Button Down Shirt Dress

beach button down shirt dress for over 50

It may sound as a simple solution but shirt dresses are a fantastic beach cover ups for over 50. A midi lightweight shirt will cover your back and shoulders and emphasize the beauty of your hips and legs. You can opt for a maxi version as well. Shirt dresses are a great option to stop by the seaside cafe and order a cocktail at the bar.

Sarong Beach Cover Up for Over 50

sarong beach cover up for over 50

Of course, there are a thousand and one ways to tie a sarong. The sarong is a super versatile type of beachwear, because it can easily be transformed into a skirt, a strapless sundress, a strappy dress over the neck, as well as easily used as a cape and a shirt. It not only acts as a stylish accessory. It is also a way to hide problem areas. For example, to disguise large hips or accent your waistline, you can tie a sarong just below the waist and place the knot to the side. Sarong cover ups come in a huge variety of models – from just a piece of light fabric with a print to models decorated with beads, lace, etc.

The Best Beach Cover Ups for Over 50 – A Caftan

kaftan dress women over 50 beach wear

Very beautiful, lightweight and versatile- a kaftan made of airy, flowing fabric is one of the best beach cover ups for over 50. It is super comfortable to wear and suits every body shape. Caftans look so closed, wrapping up the body, but create the effect of lightness and airiness and you will certainly not feel hot when wearing one at the beach.

A Maxi Dress

beachwear for mature women maxi dress cover op for over 50

Maxi dresses are extremely popular and the beach is one of the places where they look best. Choose a maxi dress in a soft, comfortable fabric that can be rolled up and tossed into a beach bag if needed.

Swimsuit and Cover Up Set

swimsuit and cover up set

The easiest and, quite often, the most beautiful option is a set of a swimsuit and cover up. This means that the elements of your beachwear will be combined with each other just perfect. Usually sets are made in same style, so you do not have to worry whether things will go together.



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