Glitter French Tip Nails: The Best Manicure Design Ideas for Women with Style and Exquisite Taste

by Kremy

Glitter French tip nails are a great option for a stylish and original nail art which is suitable as a daily and festive option. Even a small amount of glitter can refresh your manicure and add visual interest to your hands. Glitter nails are always enchanting. They attract the attention of others to the graceful female hands. Manicure with glitter is suitable for nails of any size.

Glitter French Tip Nails – Chic Designs That Will Make You Stand Out From the Crowd

glitter french tip nails the best manicure design ideas to make your hands shine

No matter how trends change, the elegant and beautiful French manicure will always be fashionable because it has become a real classic of nail art. But this does not mean that this nail design is not subject to new trends and changes. Glitter French tip nails can transform the look of any manicure design. Thanks to the wide color palette of glitter you can choose the best option that will complement your outfit, style and overall look. One of the main advantages of glitter French tip nails is that they look very chic, delicate and feminine. You can combine different shades and texture or even use additional décor, like rhinestones, for example, that will emphasize your individuality, style and exquisite taste.

Glitter French Tip Nails for Short and Long Nails

glitter french tip nails for short and long nails


French manicure with glitter tips is suitable for long and short nails. When you choose a design for short nails, make sure to keep the lines thin. Transparent, muted background shades will be a great backdrop for your glitter accents.

french manicure with glitter tips

If you want to decorate your long nails with glitter tips, then you can choose from a variety of design ideas that combine different techniques, for example swirl nails, ombre, etc.

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White and Glitter French Tip Nails

white and silver glitter french tip nails

For the fans of the classics, there are variations with white nail tips and glitter which will satisfy any taste. You can apply the design on all fingers or decorate only one finger, depending on the occasion and the style of your outfit. For this design, choose a nude or transparent base.

Milky French Nail Design with Glitter Tips

milky french nail design with glitter tips short square french manicure

Milky French nails look stunningly beautiful. This manicure is suitable for any occasion and the delicate silver glitter adds a festive touch to the design.

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Pink Glitter French Nail Tips

pink glitter french nail tips

The shimmering pink glitter emphasizes the beauty of the hands and nails. The design is suitable for short and long nails with square, almond or coffin shape. The nude base makes the glitter tips stand out beautifully.

Black Glitter French Nail Tips

black glitter french nail tips

Sometimes, to make a unique manicure design you need one expressive decoration. If you haven’t decided on the color of your nail tips yet, look at these black glitter nail art ideas. By designing your nails in this way, black in your manicure will not look moody. Glitter French tips can be done on short and long nails with oval or coffin shape. Thanks to the nude base the black looks stylish without being obtrusive.

Red Glitter French Tip Nails

red glitter french tip nails

Red nails are one of the all-time favorites of women no matter their age. For a more delicate and minimalist design, opt for red glitter French tips nails. You need a festive manicure for your little black dress? Go for the red! You need a festive Christmas nail design? Red glitter will give you the right amount of joyful mood!

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Summer Nail Art – French Tip Nails

summer nail art gold glitter french tip nails

Are you looking for a trendy summer nail design? Yes, you guessed right! Glitter tips! This idea works great for long nails and the soft yellow shade is perfect for the summer months. The gold glitter tips and the nude base make the design suitable for any style and any occasion.

Gold Glitter French Tip Nails

gold glitter french tip nails

What looks more luxurious than gold? Do you need a special design for a special occasion like a wedding? Gold glitter French tip nails will certainly be a great choice to complement a long guest of wedding gown or an elegant maxi skirt outfit.

Blue Glitter French Tips on Short Oval Nails

chic manicure ideas milky french nails with blue glitter tips

Glitter French Tip for Long Nails

glitter french tip for long nails

Glitter French Tip for Almond Shape Nails

glitter french tip nails almond shape nails

Black and Silver Glitter French Tips on Coffin Shape Nails

glitter french tip nails coffin shape nails

Nude French Nails with Glitter Tips

nude french nails with glitter tips

Matte Pink Nails with Glitter Tips

pink glitter french tip nails

Silver Glitter Tips and Rhinestones

silver glitter french tip nails

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