Short nails 2023: discover the most beautiful nail designs that are trending this year!

by Kremy

In our opinion, the hands of a woman are the ultimate form of self-expression. From the right nail shape to hygiene and nail design – hands can actually say a lot about a person and it is not for nothing that they are considered as our business card. A chic manicure is also the easiest way to experiment with our look by playing with colors, designs, textures and shapes. Long nails are always a great eye-catcher, but they are not for everyone. Short nails, on the other hand, are often more practical in everyday life and are becoming increasingly popular among fashionistas. The next visit to the nail salon is just around the corner? Then you’ve come to the right place! To help you get the most from your fingernails, we have compiled the most beautiful ideas and trends for short nails 2023! So read on and find your new favorite look below!

Short Nails Ideas 2023: Lip Gloss Nails

what are chrome nails designs for short nails 2023

Short nails are boring? Well, we don’t think so! They may not be suitable for complicated and eye-catching nail designs, but they can still be a great highlight! Ever since Hailey Bieber presented her glazed donut nails at the Met Gala, the look has taken the fashion world and our hearts by storm. Lip gloss nails are being hailed as one of the biggest nail trends for 2023, and for good reason. The slightly shimmering, metallic finish looks super elegant and transforms our short nails into real eye-catchers. And the best? You can easily do the nail design at home. All you need are matching nail polish colors in soft pastel shades such as powder pink or baby pink.

Micro French Nails as a nail trend in spring 2023

Reverse French Nails 2023 manicure trends


This year’s fashion trends are focusing more than ever on minimalism – this also applies to short nails in 2023. Whether as a nail polish color to go with an engagement ring or for a simple look – French nails are a timeless classic that will probably never go out of style. However, the popular nail design gets a small upgrade for the coming season and is much more minimalistic. Micro French Nails are undoubtedly the perfect idea for short nails and they look really great.

Micro French Nails manicure trend short nails 2023

As the name suggests, the nail strips are much thinner, which ensures a very subtle and at the same time elegant finish. And when it comes to color choice, absolutely anything is possible. Keep it classic in white or add a fun pop of color with bright colors like blue or pink.

Nail jewelry for short nails 2023

short nails 2023 ideas nail jewelry trends

Nail jewelry in all kinds of variations is probably the easiest way to spice up short nails. Think of nail piercings, small pearls, rhinestones, etc. – the choice is really huge and there is definitely something for every taste and style.

Glitter Nail Design Short Nails 2023 trends

Whether it’s French nails with a touch of glitter or an accent nail with several rhinestones – nail jewelry will be big this year and will transform even the simplest manicure into a sparkling eye-catcher.

Geometric Nail Designs

Spring nail trends 2023 nail designs for short nails 2023

Geometric nail designs for short nails 2023 are a great choice for women who like chic and discreet designs. The geometric designs are created using a range of shapes, making them wonderfully adaptable to suit any taste.

Short Geometric Nails 2023 ideas

Depending on your preference and how much attention you want to draw to your hands, you can make the geometric shapes as dramatic or subtle as you wish. Geometric nails look the most beautiful as a nail trend in contrasting color combinations such as black and white or gray and nude.

Short nails 2023: The color blocking look is back

Color Blocking Nails Trend 2023 short nails

Can’t decide on a specific nail polish color? You don’t have to! The color blocking look is making a huge comeback this year and the designs are just made for short nails! Whether pink and red, orange and pink or whatever you want – the color combinations are really endless and the nail trend creates a good mood in no time. So get creative and don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors.

Mix and match nails

Mix and Match Nails short nails 2023 trends

Colorful, fun and a great eye-catcher – mix and match mails are clear proof that short nails are anything but boring in 2023! Mixing and matching different patterns and colors always makes for a fun and creative manicure that immediately catches the eye. If you don’t want to commit to one look, you can choose a different one for each fingernail.

Nail polish colors spring 2023 trends short nails ideas

The index finger gets little flowers and the middle finger has several dots? Then the ring finger remains in one color and the little finger gets vertical lines? Such nail design is definitely fun and there are no rules as to what you can or cannot wear. Anything you like is allowed!

Short nails 2023: The most beautiful nail designs to choose from

2023 short nails trend Short Ombre Nails

Swirl nails will remain the nail trend in spring 2023

Swirl Nails trend nail designs for short nails 2023

Viva Magenta nail polish color for a happy look

Viva Magenta Nail design ideas short nails 2023 trends

Small dots as a minimalist nail design for short nails

Polka Dots Nail design short nails 2023 ideas

Or how about smiley faces for a chic manicure that immediately gives you a good mood?

DIY nail designs short nails 2023 Trends

Short color block nails

Short nails 2023 ideas nail design spring trends

Bright colors are perfect for spring

short nails 2023 ideas minimalist nail designs trends

Red short nails are a timeless classic that always looks outstanding

short nails 2023 ideas nail polish colors trends spring

French nails with a difference for a colorful manicure

Nail designs for short nails 2023 nail polish colors trends spring

Rhinestones are probably the easiest way to spice up your manicure

Ideas for short nails 2023 nail polish color trends spring summer 2023

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