Lip gloss nails are the minimalist nail trend for 2023 that soon will be everywhere!

by Anjelina

Glazed donut nails, comic nails or classic French nails – the nail trends for 2023 are more versatile than they have been in a long time and are really fun! After all, the feeling of walking out of the nail salon with freshly painted nails is really great, and a chic manicure is the icing on the cake in our outfits! At we’re always on the lookout for the latest trends in the fashion world and over the past few days, a new nail trend has caught our attention. Beautifully glossy, super minimal yet eye-catching – lip gloss nails are expected to be the nail trend for Spring 2023, and have already captured social media and our hearts. Find out exactly what they are and which are the most beautiful nail designs to copy! What are you waiting for? Read on and call the nail studio today!

Lip gloss nails as a nail trend in 2023: What are they exactly?

Pastel pink nail polish trend lip gloss nails trend-2023

Lip gloss nails have just become one of the biggest nail polish trends for 2023, currently going viral all over social media like TikTok and Instagram. And no – we’re not wearing our lip gloss on our nails while doing so, because that will lead to a total sticky mess. As the name suggests, they are all about mimicking that glossy and soft finish of lip gloss on our lips.

minimalist nail designs for short nails lip gloss nails trend


The nail design is refreshing and trendy and is perfect for all the fashion girls who prefer to keep it more. Similar to the glazed donut nails that were all the rage last year, lip gloss nails work with our natural nails as the base. To achieve this effect, soft shades of pink are used, such as powder pink, rose pink or baby pink. Romantic shades provide a fresh finish and literally make our hands glow.

It’s so easy to make lip gloss nails yourself

short nails classic manicure soft pink color

Unlike most nail designs, which are very complicated, you can do lip gloss nails easily and quickly yourself at home. Since there are no decorations and patterns, the nail designs will be perfect even for beginners. And here’s a quick guide on how to achieve a natural look.

  • Clean and tidy nails are an absolute must.
  • Shape your nails into the desired shape and carefully remove any excess cuticles.
  • Also make sure to remove any leftover nail polish completely.
  • After shaping your nails, apply a thin coat of base coat.
  • Allow the base coat to dry completely.
  • Next, apply a coat of pink nail polish.
  • Then apply two coats of glossy top coat on top and voila – that’s how easy and quick it is to get glossy nails!
  • Here’s a little tip – to add extra glamour to your manicure, add a clear glossy polish with glitter.

Even the celebrities love the nail trend

french manicure new design lip gloss nails

First introduced by TikTok, lip gloss nails are becoming increasingly popular among celebrities as a nail trend in 2023. But we are not surprised, because naturalness continues to be one of the most important fashion trends of the season. Fashion icon and pop diva Jennifer Lopez discovered nail design for herself and wore lip gloss nails at the premiere of her new movie “Shotgun Wedding”. The subtle manicure perfectly matched her dress and nude lip gloss and completed the outfit perfectly.

The nail trend for a minimalist look

Nail polish colors trends spring lip gloss nails trend 2023


Minimalism and sustainability have been big in the fashion world in recent years, and lip gloss nails are the perfect nail design for those who like it simpler. The look is not only super easy to recreate, but looks great on absolutely all nail shapes and lengths. Whether for short nails, in almond shape or fancy stiletto nails – lip gloss nails are always a great eye-catcher and give our hands a neat and timeless touch.

nail designs for short rounded nails 2023


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