Rich girl nails: Check out J. Lo’s trendy minimalistic manicure in 2023!

by Gabby

As the first month of the new year gradually comes to an end, new trends continue to invade the world of fashionistas around the world. What’s new in the nail art trend 2023 box? After showing you some daring novelties in my previous articles, today I’m revealing a minimalist manicure called rich girl nails ! The credit goes to Jennifer Lopez and her nail artist Tom Bachik, whose clientele includes several Hollywood stars. So, what exactly is it and how to adopt it to stay on top? Can we do it at home? I will explain everything to you!

Trendy nails 2023: The spotlight is on the “rich girl nails”!

rich girl nails Jennifer Lopez nail trend manicure 2023 simple nude (1)

The big manicure trend of the moment, we owe in particular to Jennifer Lopez who recently displayed a subtle and very chic gel nail decoration. But what is it exactly? Let me explain! It’s a full coverage creamy beige nail polish that creates a natural and neat nail art. Tom Bachik created this one rich girl nails. Don’t panic, because every girl can adopt it! No, it is not at all necessary to be a multimillionaire or a Hollywood star to have such nails. Indeed, they are super easy to make, and you can do it at home, I swear. You can also check the February 2023 nail trends.

manicure 2023 nails trends rich girl tom bachik artist


If you want to try out this trendy 2023 manicure that advocates minimalism and simplicity, I can tell you how to achieve it. Nothing could be simpler. Start by cleaning your cuticles well. Then apply a coat of gel base coat and nails cure. Then, put two coats of beige nail polish, drying each one under a UV lamp. Finally, finish with a high gloss topcoat, put under the lamp again, and you’re done! I told you: it’s not rocket science. If the glossy effect does not appeal to you, do not hesitate to try the matte finish for an even more sophisticated look. But what nail shape should you bet on to appropriate the new 2023 manicure trend? Find the answer in the following paragraphs.

What nail shape looks best with the “rich girl” trend?

winter 2023 nail trends rich girl manicure square shape beige polish

As you can see in the first image, Jennifer Lopez favored square and slightly rounded nails. This shape is particularly reminiscent of the famous ballerina nails or the so-called “coffin nails”. Take into consideration also that J. Lo has chosen false nails for his new manicure, but you can totally adopt it on your natural nails. It doesn’t matter if they are short, mid-length, long, square, rounded, almond-shaped or even in a stiletto version… the rich girl nails are suitable for all shapes and all skin tones.

What’s the best time of year to rock rich girl nails? Indeed, this could be an excellent winter 2023 manicure, but they can be worn in spring as well as in summer and autumn. In short, this gel nails trend will reign throughout the year. All you have to do is choose a slightly lighter or darker shade of beige depending on the season. Adding glitter to this trendy nail art is also allowed.

Want to adopt the rich girl nails ? Don’t wait any longer and discover our gallery of hot ideas, from the most classic to the most twisted. Room for inspiration!

Check out these hot ideas for a trendy manicure!

rich girl nails trendy manicure ideas for winter 2023 nude beige brown simple

Do not hesitate to adapt the matte finish for a more subtle look!

matte nails 2023 nude beige manicure trends

Decorations are also allowed in the rich girl nails trend!

decoration for nude nails ideas 2023 winter trends

The rich girl nail trend on short nails

simple manicure ideas beige nude nails trends 2023 subtle look jennifer lopez

Try them with golden chrome decoration!

long nails almond shape decoration ideas chrome nude beige

Glitter nails 

glitter nude nails gold decoration trends 2023 how to do my manicure ideas

You can try a different shade of beige for your next manicure!

chic nail decoration very simple and easy to make manicure trends 2023

Try a subtle Valentine’s Day decoration on your “rich girl nails”!

simple valentines day manicure with only one heart decoration in black nails

Minimalistic nail art is for every season!

how to do jennifer lopez nails easy simple beige nail polish gel square round shape

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