Pineapple tattoo 2023: What is the meaning behind it? 17 trendy designs to choose from!

by Kristiyana

Pineapple tattoos are a popular choice for those looking to express themselves with an eye-catching and visually appealing design. Not only do these tattoos look great, but they also carry a lot of symbolism and meaning. Pineapple tattoo designs can be anything from minimalistic line-work pieces featuring just the outline of the fruit to large scale watercolour creations oozing with color. You could even take it a step further by adding additional design elements like flowers or leaves to create an even more intricate look. No matter what type of design you pick, there’s no denying that pineapple tattoos have become incredibly trendy due to their vibrant hues and undeniable charm. Keep on reading to discover the meaning behind the tattoo and 17 designs to choose from!

What does the pineapple tattoo mean?

realistic tattoos_realistic pineapple tattoo

Pineapple tattoos are often associated with hospitality, friendship, welcome, and prosperity. This makes them the perfect choice for people who want to represent those values in their body art. The prickly skin of the fruit is thought to represent protection, while the sweet fruit inside signifies a warm welcome for all who enter. Pineapple tattoos also express celebration, and good vibes. However, upside down pineapple tattoos have a whole other meaning… Keep on reading to find out what it is!

Pineapple tattoo designs

wrist tattoo ideas_wrist tattoo


Interested in looking through some amazing pineapple tattoo designs? When deciding on placement for your new ink, many opt for places like the arm or wrist where it is easily visible. It also gives easy access for touch ups if desired down the line. Some may prefer locations such as the ankle or thigh, as this gives you more room to play with size and detail. Such a location will also give more visibility for your tattoo during warmer weather. To make your choice of placement and style easier, here are some 2023 designs to choose from!

Sliced pineapple tattoo

pineapple arm tattoo_sliced pineapple tattoo

Starting our top picks with this super cute and original sliced pineapple design. When you are tattooing a fruit piece onto your skin, no one said you couldn’t add a few slices to it to make it even more eye-catching. The additional light colours further enhance the charm of this tattoo.

Black and white design

black and white tattoos_black and white tattoo designs

Or maybe going with a unique black and white pineapple design? The size of this tattoo is quite bigger than the first one, so getting it on your ankle would give it the space it requires to fully display.

Heart-shaped pineapple

heart-shaped-pineapple tattoo_heart tattoos

I just loved heart-shaped tattoos! Don’t you? They are super cute and show you have a little bit of romance to you. And you can make things even more interesting with a heart-shaped pineapple tattoo!

Pineapple thigh tattoo

thigh-tattoos_thigh pineapple tattoo

Who knew pineapples can even be sexy! I know a lot of girls would go for a thigh tattoo, as they greatly emphasize the beauty of your legs. And this pineapple design, featuring geometric shapes, will show off your fun and adventurous side. Just be careful not to get the upside down version of it, as it has a peculiar meaning…

Tiny & cute tattoo design

tiny tattoos_tiny tattoo ideas

Looking for more cute tattoo ideas? How about adding a little smiley face to your pineapple ink art? Super adorable!

Ankle pineapple tattoo

ankle tattoos_colourful ink

Another super original pineapple art tattooed on an ankle. Add even more good vibes to the meaning of this tattoo with some tropical florals and leaves.

Upside down pineapple

upside down pineapple tattoo_upside down pineapple tattoo meaning

Hello, hello, we have arrived to the upside down pineapple tattoo! This particular design has been popular among a lot of women, but let me first mention that this tattoo has a hidden meaning… The upside down pineapple tattoo meaning is that it actually signals to people looking for a partner swap, a.k.a. swingers. This symbol has been used by swingers to secretly identify each other. The symbolism behind the upside down pineapple tattoo has recently received a lot of attention, as many women on TikTok got it tattooed without knowing the meaning behind it…

Moral of the story is, always first check out the meaning behind a symbol before getting it tattooed to avoid these kinds of situations! Yikes!

Ribcage tattoo design

ribcage tattoo_ribcage pineapple tattoo

Ribcage tattoos are super elegant and feminine. And a pineapple ribcage tattoo would be super cute for the summer. Just make sure you protect it from the sun!

Tropical flowers tattoo

tropical flowers tattoo_floral tattoos

Super intricate and beautiful tropical flowers featuring a pineapple tattoo design. If you are looking for those fun and easygoing surfer vibes, you found them!

Behind the ear pineapple

behind ear tattoos_pineapple tattoo behind ear

For those of you who prefer a tattoo design that is more or likely hidden, this behind the ear pineapple is just what you need.

Temporary pineapple tattoo

temporary tattoos_henna

Temporary tattoos are said to be among the top tattoo trends for 2023 by many tattoo artists. So why not opt for some temporary pineapple ink art?

Finger tattoo design

pineapple finger tattoo_pineapple tattoo meaning

A pineapple design can be shrunk down to fit any body placement. Getting it on your finger creates a very playful and original look.

Mandala pineapple idea

pineapple tattoo meaning_flowa pineapple tattoo

I have always been obsessed with mandalas! They are just so mesmerizing and intricate. But I never thought I would see a pineapple mandala tattoo design! Stunning!

Unique pineapple tattoo

fun tattoos_unique tattoos

Love love lovee this! Such a unique pineapple tattoo design, created from tiny pink hearts, and complemented with an ice cream stick. Super cute!

Cool pineapple tattoo

small tattoos_cute designs

And this is so cute! No better way to show off your good vibes than with this cheeky cool dude pineapple design.

Hope you liked these designs! Now it’s time to pick out your favourite one and hit the tattoo studio, so you can be ready in time for summer with your new pineapple ink!

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