How To Protect Your Tattoo in the Sun – Simple Rules and Practical Tips

by Kremy

It is not a secret that the sun is potentially dangerous to our skin. However, the lack of sun also affects our body negatively. For tattooed people who are very fond of sunbathing, summer is a real problem. The sun has a negative effect on the ink, tattoos begin to fade and lose color. What to do? How to protect your tattoo in the sun? There are some simple tips that will help you get a great summer tan without harm to your health and your tattoos.

How Does the Sun Affect Tattoos?

How To Protect Your Tattoo in the Sun Simple Rules

Tattoo care on sunny summer days is a must because it will keep the beauty and intensity of their colors for longer. As much as we love the sun, it can do great harm. We have to keep that in mind and make sure that we take care not only for our hair during the summer, but also for our skin. In addition to the risk of skin cancer, skin aging and hyperpigmentation, the scorching sun’s rays can affect the appearance of a tattoo.

The same ultraviolet rays that cause skin hyperpigmentation affect tattoos and make them fade faster. The sun literally destroys pigment particles and UV radiation can cause serious skin problems if you have a fresh tattoo, which can delay the healing process significantly and that is why it is so important to protect your tattoo in the sun.

How to Protect Your Tattoo in the Sun – Apply Sunscreen

How to Protect Your Tattoo in the Sun Apply Sunscreen


Protecting your tattoos in the sun should be your daily routine, especially if the tattoos are in places such as neck, arms, legs, back, i.e. body parts, which we expose most to the sun. Applying sunscreen helps prevent skin cancer, wrinkles, patchy complexion, and other skin damage. SPF is very important for protecting your tattoo from UV rays. Get a fragrance-free sunscreen with an SPF of 30-50. It is important to apply sunscreen to tattooed skin at the right time. Apply it just before leaving home. You need to re-apply the sunscreen every couple of hours and after swimming. However, this rule is not valid for a fresh tattoo! You must not apply sunscreen on a fresh tattoo.

How To Protect Your Tattoo in the Sun – Cover Your Tattoo

wear clothes covering your tattoo in the sun

It is strongly recommended that you wear clothes covering your tattoo if you need to stay in the sun longer. Choose lighter fabrics (such as cotton) that will both protect it and allow your skin to breathe.

Tattoo Protection Tips – Hydrate Your Skin

Hydrate Your Skin Tattoo Protection Tips

It is essential to keep the skin around your tattoo constantly hydrated. This can be done by applying a suitable cream or moisturizing lotion two or three times a day. We advise you to consult your tattoo artist to choose the right product. In addition, tattooed skin should be well nourished because it is much more susceptible to drying. Do not forget to drink plenty of water! As simple as drinking water is, this is one of the best summer skin care tips.

How to Protect New Tattoos in the Sun?

How to Protect New Tattoos in the Sun

It is important to remember that new tattoos are actually wounds on the skin and need time to heal. This means that you must follow all the recommendations of the tattoo artist, including protecting the image from the sun. Since fresh tattoos are more vulnerable, it is better not to experiment with creams and sprays, but simply protect the skin from the sun with clothing. Any good tattoo artist will tell you that it will take at least two weeks before you can expose your tattoo to the sun. Do not ignore the care instructions given to you by professionals, and remember that even the already hardened “drawing” should not be exposed to direct sunlight for the first one or two months. To enjoy a beautiful tattoo for a long time, be patient and allow it to heal properly.

How to Treat a Sunburned Tattoo?

How to Treat a Sunburned Tattoo

Even when you try to protect your tattoo in the sun, mistakes can happen. If your tattoo gets sunburned, moisturize the skin. Apply a cold compress to the skin, apply a moisturizer, drink a lot of water and carefully observe the tattoo. If necessary, visit a doctor.

Avoid Getting Tattooed in the Summer

Summer tattoo protection tips and tricks

Summer is not the best time to get a tattoo. Winds, water as well as sun are not beneficial to the skin healing. If you really want to get a tattoo in the summer, wait until you know that you won’t be going on vacation for about a month. If you already have a tattoo, try to cover it for the first few days when you are exposed to the sun.


Despite the fact that modern inks withstand exposure to sunlight and UV rays, it is not recommended experimenting with sun exposure. Following these simple rules will help you protect your tattoo in the sun and enjoy the beautiful summer weather and the beach!




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